The Best Thing On The Internet Today: 1/6/14 – HITRECORD ON TV


In preparation for the start of this site, I spent a lot of December posting the best thing I had seen on the internet that day on my personal page. It was an interesting exercise that I’m hoping will translate well to this website.

The Best Thing on the Internet Today
HITRECORD ON TV – Episode 1 

I do love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He’s really been great in everything I’ve seen him in that I can remember off the top of my head, and he has consistently made great or interesting choices. Additionally, he seems to be a very interesting guy in his personal life.  While HITRECORD (his open collaborative production company that lets thousands of people collaborate on projects) could be chalked up as a “professional” project and not a personal one, I don’t think this is something someone would take on without a personal calling.

HITRECORD has made 10 short films, and served as a production company on JGL’s great 2013 feature, Don Jon, as well as published books and music cds, but it seems like this moment is exactly what HITRECORD would be perfect for: A television show.


HITRECORD ON TV is a new TV show that will be on a new cable channel called PIVOT and launching on January 18th, but they have put the first episode on youtube to watch for free more than a week before its official debut.

Apparently each episode will have a theme, and since this is the first episode, it is centered around other firsts, including a first kiss and the first time someone saw the stars. It also features JGL singing a song called “You’re Not The Only One”.

This episode (which I just finished watching) is great. It’s got great pacing and stays interesting throughout. It’s very arty, but stays rooted. I can’t wait to see more.

Watch the episode here:


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