Opening Tracks – 1/13/15


Rocknowski is listening to and reviewing the opening track of every new release we find interesting or worthy, for as long as he keeps his sanity. These reviews and ratings are for the opening tracks only.

Last week’s new music releases included Justin Townes Earle, Guster, Mark Ronson, Meghan Trainor, Panda Bear and more.

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Guster – Evermotion – “Long Night”
– Early Neil Young meets mid-career U2. Beautiful, but also kind of boring, a pretty girl you’ll never meet who came THIS CLOSE to being cast in a soap commercial.

3 stars: Might listen to the rest.

Justin Townes Earle – Absent Fathers – “Farther From Me”
– Bookish honky tonk. “Cosmic American” for the Starbucks set. This is sort of how I imagine Ethan Hawke‘s ex-roommate’s band would’ve sounded like in the movie Boyhood, if we’d gotten to hear them more.


3 stars: Might listen to the rest.


Mark Ronson – Uptown Special – “Uptown’s First Finale”
– If you close your eyes and listen real hard, you can see the film Blade Runner as it might be re-imagined by a young Spike Lee. I’m going a little further into this album, but only because I find this first track an interesting failure.


3 stars: Might listen to the rest. 


Meghan Trainor – Title (Deluxe Edition) – “All About That Bass”
– I found myself loving this song, and hating myself for loving it so. But that’s more about the SST Records vs. B96 pop tripe war that’s constantly being waged in my soul. I truly believe that a someone who finds this an irresistible dance floor masterpiece ( With an equally inspiring message of self love and acceptance) and a someone who would find it crass and contrived would both be right.

4 stars: Will definitely listen to the rest. 


The Ting Tings – Super Critical – “Super Critical”
– Speaking of B96 pop tripe. This record was clearly whelped by a recording artist who has as much fun as I do inside their memories of first hearing early ’80’s synth driven R&B quasars like Prince and Teena Marie. This track is only half as good as album filler by either one of those two, but that’s still reason enough to keep going.

3 stars: Might listen to the rest. 



Benjamin Gibbard – Laggies (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Soundtrack] – “Main Title”
This is probably the exact right mood music for f$cking Keira Knightly [or Zooey Deschannel?], but nah.


2 Stars: Will not finish listening. 


Various Artists

Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of Inside Llewyn Davis – Punch Brothers – “Tumbling Tumbleweeds”
– Yeah, it’s just more Barnes & Noble/Starbucks folk shit. But I do like just about everything Gene Autry. So, I can hang in there for another song or two.

3 stars: Might listen to the rest.



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