New Music Releases – 8/26/14


Ariana GrandeMy Everything
Cymbals Eat GuitarsLose
Gemma RayMilk For Your Motors
J MascisTied to a Star
MC FrontalotQuestion Bedtime
New PornographersBrill Bruisers
Shovels & RopeSwimmin’ Time
The Bad PlusInevitable Western
The RentalsLost in Alphaville
Ty SegallManipulator

__ –
Bach: The Art of Fugue
__ –
Music for 2 Scordatura Violins and Basso Continuo [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
__ –
Crescentini & Giuliani: Songs for Soprano and Guitar
__ –
Mozart: Chamber Music
__ –
Fantasia Mexicana – Mexican Guitar Music
__ –
Carlo Tessarini: Violin Sonatas
__ –
Bach: Complete Organ Music, Vol. 2 [Box set]
__ –
Entartete Musik
__ –
Johannes Schenck: Tyd en Konst-Oeffeningen, Op. 2
__ –
Alfredo Casella: Complete Piano Music
__ –
Paris 1937 – A Homage to “”Trio d’anches de Paris
__ –
Austrian Chamber Music
__ –
Respectus – Music for/with Guitar
__ –
Jaan Rääts: Marginalia
__ –
Violino – Austrian Violin Music Around 1680
__ –
Matthaeus Pipelare: Masses
__ –
Schubert: Piano Sonatas D. 960 & D. 664
__ –
Bach, Schumann, & A.M. Wagner: Works for Piano
4-Way Split –
We Were Skeletons/Kids/Paxton/Florence & Libby LP
5 Royales –
King A-Sides & B-Sides
5 Royales –
Complete Apollo Recordings
A 16 Song Step-Guide On How To Lose –
Our Sunday Affairs CD
Abigails –
Adia –
Behind Enemy Lines
Adrenaline Rush –
Adrenaline Rush
Alan Fullard –
Out of Nowhere [Import]
Albert Ayler –
Spiritual Unity
Aled Jones –
Essential Aled Jones [Import]
Aleya Dao –
Light Body Sound Healing
Al Green –
Don’t Look Back [Import]
All The Elefant Recordings, 1999-2003 –
Vacaciones CD
Almighty –
Free ‘N’ Easy-The Almighty Collection [Import]
Always End –
Midway Still CD
Amelia Curran –
Trojan Horse [Import]
Ana Raquel Pinheiro –
Andre Previn –
Haydn: Symphonies Nos.92 & Nos.96 [Import]
Andre Previn –
Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade [Import]
Andre Previn –
Mozart: Piano Concertos Nos.17 & 24 [Import]
Andre Previn –
R.Strauss: Metamorphosen. Etc. [Import]
Andre Previn –
Haydn: Symphonies Nos.102 & 104 [Import]
Andre Previn –
Dvorak: Slavonic Dances Op.46 & Op.7 [Import]
Andre Previn –
R.Strauss: Sinfonia Domestica. Parergon [Import]
Andre Previn –
Mussorgsky-Ravel: Pictures at an Exhibition [Import]
Andrew Cyrille –
Angela Johnson –
Naturally Me [Import]
Anita O’Day –
Four Classic Albums Plus [Import]
Anton Sanko –
Jessabelle [Soundtrack]
Arab Spring –
Literature CD
Ariana Grande –
My Everything
Armin Van Buuren –
State of Trance Year Mix ’04 [Import]
Ashrae Fax –
Never Really Been Into It
Asia –
High Voltage (CD/DVD)
Astor Piazzolla –
Suite Troileana [Import]
Avenged Sevenfold –
Waking the Fallen: Resurrected
Barbara Pennington –
Disco Recharge: Out of the Darkest Night Plus [Import]
Basement Jaxx –
Junto Deluxe Edition [Extra tracks]
Bastard Sapling –
Instinct Is Forever
Battle Trance –
Palace of Wind
B.B. & the Blues Shacks –
Businessmen [Import]
Bela Lugosi –
La Sombra Del Lobo [Import]
Benno Kusche –
Cologne Collection – Franz Lehár: Paganini
Berlin Philaharmonic –
The Karajan Official Remastered Edition – German and Austrian Orchestral Recordings 1970 – 1981
Berlin Philaharmonic –
The Karajan Official Remastered Edition – Classical and Early Romantic Recordings 1970-1981 [Box set]
Bernard Haitink –
Bruckner: Symphony No.3 [Import]
Bernard Haitink –
Bruckner: Symphony No.4 ‘Romantic’ [Import]
Bernard Haitink –
Bruckner: Symphony No.8 [Import]
Bernard Haitink –
Bruckner: Symphony No.5 [Import]
Beth –
Acoustic Session 2 [Import]
Bill Evans –
Explorations [Import]
Billy Talbot Band –
On The Road To Spearfish
Birgit Nordin –
Moses Pergament: The Jewish Song
Black State Highway –
Black State Highway [Import]
Blackwolfgoat –
Drone Maintenance
Blood And sand –
Bear Trade CD
Blossom Dearie –
Essential Recording [Import]
Bluetree –
Worship & Justice
Bobby Timmons –
Easy Does It [Import]
Bob Dylan –
Together Through Life/Tempest [Import]
Brad Paisley –
Moonshine In The Trunk
Brain Juic –
Super Garlic White CD
Brandenburger Symphoniker –
Entdeckungen Bearbeitungen [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Brand New Heavies –
Brand New Heavies [Import]
Brian Hyland –
Let Me Belong To You [Import]
Bruce Hornsby –
Solo Concerts
Buckcherry –
Fuck [Import]
Buddy De Franco –
Four Classic Albums Plus [Import]
Bug –
Angels & Devils
Calogero –
Les Feux Dartifice [Import]
Cameron Carpenter –
If You Could Read My Mind (CD+DVD)
Canda –
Figur Yoga (Deluxe Version)
Canda –
Figur Yoga – Die besten Yogaübungen
Capris –
What’s In A Name
Cash Out –
Lets Get It
Catriona Mckay –
Seavaigers [Import]
Charles Aznavour –
Aznavour-Chanteur D’Amour [Import]
Chayanne –
En Todo Estare (Deluxe Edition)
Chelsea Wolfe –
Cheryl Lynn –
Cheryl Lynn: Expanded Edition [Import]
Chin Injeti –
Reverb the [Import]
Chlopcy Kontra Basia –
Oj Tak!
Chorus of Opera North –
Walton: Troilus and Cressida
Chorus of the Cologne Opera –
Cologne Collection – Johann Strauss II: Wiener Blut
Chris Bacon –
Bates Motel [Soundtrack]
Chris Pope –
All Aboard the Promised Land [Import]
Christian Morin Art Quartet –
Blue Indigo
Christoph Von Dohnanyi –
Berg: Lulu Suite/R.Strauss: Salome [Import]
Christoph Von Dohnanyi –
Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.4. 1812 Ove [Import]
Christoph Von Dohnanyi –
Mendelssohn: Symphony No.2 [Import]
Christoph Von Dohnanyi –
Beethoven [Import]
Christoph Von Dohnanyi –
R.Strauss: Don Juan. Metamorphosen. [Import]
City of London Sinfonia –
Britten: Rape of Lucretia
Claude Speed –
My Skeleton
Cold Specks –
Coming Back To Life [Single]
Live Not On Evil Live Not On Evil
Connecting Stars –
Copyrights –
Courteeners –
Concrete Love [Import]
Cowbell –
Skeleton Soul
Cymbals Eat Guitars –
Daniel Pena –
Das Niveau –
RESTE VON MORGEN – Live [Import]
Das Niveau –
Niveauisationen [Import]
David Woodcock –
David Woodcock
Dawn Kinnard –
Stranger to My Own [Import]
De Andar Por Casa –
Ningoonies CD
Demo –
Most Precious Blood 7 [Single]
Der Wiener Akademie Kammerchor –
Cologne Collection – Der heitere Mozart (The Lighter Side of Mozart)
Devan Dubois –
Le Fou
Dimie Cat –
Once Upon a Dream [Import]
Dirrrty Franz Band –
Donald Byrd –
Four Classic Albums [Import]
Doubleblack –
Doubleblack [Import]
Dragonforce –
Maximum Overload [Import]
Dresden Staatspkapelle –
My FavoriteChopin [Box set]
Dry the River –
Alarms in the Heart
Dumb –
Chew Me Up Spit Me Out [Import]
Duo Pace Poli Cappelli –
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Complete Music for Two Guitars
Dz Deathrays –
Black Rat [Import]
Eddie Shinn –
The Plastic Jam
Edith Piaf –
Great Recordings/La Vie En Rose [Import]
Electric Wurms –
Musik Die Schwer Zu Twerk [Import]
Elephant Stone –
Three Poisons
El May –
The Other Person Is You
El Recodo –
La Arrolladora
Elysian Quartet –
Gabriel Prokofiev: Selected Classical Works 2003-2012
Enichkin –
In Memory of Love [Import]
Ennio Morricone –
Fat Man And Little Boy (Limited Edition) [Limited Edition] [Soundtrack]
Enrique Ugarte –
Valse Musette de Paris
Eric Clapton –
Eric Clapton & Friends – The Breeze (An Appreciation of JJ Cale) Deluxe Edition CD Box Set [Box set]
Eric Ericson –
Europäische Chormusik – European Choral Music [Box set]
Facing Paper Tigers –
Dowzer CD
Famous Last Words –
Council of the Dead
Fancy –
I Should Have Known Better
Faron Young –
Hits & Favorites
Fast’n’Furious The Complete Demos –
Ripcord CD
Fenech-Soler –
Rituals (Special Edition)
Few Easy Steps to Secure Heli-Camel Safety
Grace Gale Grace Gale
Flucturion & Psybrothers –
Contrary to Prioritys [Import]
Forever Won?t Wait –
Steve Adamyk Band CD
Forgotten Streets –
Down And Outs CD
Fortune Favors The Bold –
Workhorse III CD
Foxes –
Glorious [Import]
Fragments Of Suffereing –
Turmoil7 [Single]
Freddie Hubbard –
Red Clay/Straight Life/First Light [Import]
Freeze Tag –
The Ground Is Lava CD
frnkiero andthe cellabration –
Full Force –
With Love From Our Friends
Gaelic Storm –
Full Irish: The Best of Gaelic Storm
Galina Durmushliyska –
The Enchanting Voice of Bulgaria
Gary Burton –
Conception [Import]
Gary Quartet Burton –
Duster/Country Roads & Other Places [Import]
Gastspieltheater –
Gemma Ray –
Milk For Your Motors
Gene Krupa –
Four Classic Albums [Import]
Gene McDaniels –
Hit After Hit [Import]
Girls’ Generation –
Best [Import]
Giusepe Guagliardo –
Novecento Guitar Sonatas [Box set]
Glitter Band –
Paris Match [Import]
Gloria Lasso –
Gloria Lasso Chante En Espagnol [Import]
Gregory Lemarchal –
Cinq Ans [Import]
Grupo Nueva Vida –
Los 32 Mejores Cantos Religiosos
Gunar Letzbor –
Georg Muffat: Missa in labore requies
Hank Crawford –
More Soul [Import]
Hardcore Lives –
Madball CD
Hard Fall Hearts –
Last 24 Hours
Hattler –
Live Cuts II
Herbert Siebert –
Die schönsten Walzer & Märsche. 3CD+DVD
Herbert Siebert –
Famous Waltzes And Marches from Vienna. 3CD+DVD [Box set]
Herbert von Karajan –
The Karajan Official Remastered Edition – Non-German Romantic Recordings 1970-1981 [Box set]
Herbert von Karajan –
The Karajan Official Remastered Edition – Choral Music 1972-1976
Hope Springs Eternal –
Jayvee CD
Hossam Ramzy –
Sabla Tolo IV- Tak Raka Takum
Hubert Laws –
Rite of Spring [Import]
Hubert Laws –
Crying Song/Afro-Classic/Rite of Spring [Import]
Hymns of the Apocalypse –
All Out War 7 [Single]
Igor Levit –
Partitas Bwv 825-830
Steve Adamyk Band CD
il sogno del marinaio –
Canto Secondo
Immaculate Deception / Powertrip –
Ludichrist CDx2
Imogen Heap –
Sparks [Import]
In Sonitus Lux –
In The Valley Below –
Intl Brotherhood Of Mudmen –
Scareho CD
Irina Björklund –
La vie est une fête
Istvan Kertesz –
Brahms: Symphony No.1. Haydn Variati [Import]
Istvan Kertesz –
Mozart: Requiem [Import]
Istvan Kertesz –
Mozart: Symphonies Nos.33. 36 ‘Linze [Import]
Istvan Kertesz –
Mozart: Symphony No.40. Eine Kleine [Import]
James Levine –
Mozart: Symphonies Nos.25. 26 & 27 [Import]
James Levine –
Mozart: Serenades Nos.9 & 13 [Import]
James Levine –
Brahms: Symphony No.4 [Import]
James Levine –
Mozart: Symphonies Nos. 40 & 41 [Import]
James Levine –
Mozart: Great Mass K.427 [Import]
James Levine –
Brahms: Symphony No.3. Tragic Overture [Import]
James Levine –
Mozart: Symphonies Nos.38 & Nos.39 [Import]
James Levine –
Brahms: Symphony No.2 [Import]
James Levine –
Mozart: Symphonies Nos.29 & 34 [Import]
James Levine –
Brahms: Symphony No.1 [Import]
James Levine –
Mozart: Symphonies Nos.35 ‘Haffner’ [Import]
James Taylor –
One Man Band
Jazz Crusaders –
Lookin’ Ahead [Import]
J.B.O. –
Nur Die Besten Werden Alt [Import]
Jean-Jacques Goldman –
En Public [Import]
Jeff LaBar –
One For The Road
Jerry Butler –
Best Of Jerry Butler [Import]
Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson –
Thick As a Brick Live in Iceland
Jet Over Nigh Compilation –
Jill Barber –
Fool’s Gold
Jimmy Smith –
Home Cookin’ [Import]
J Mascis –
Tied to a Star
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts –
Unvarnished [Limited Edition]
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts –
Greatest Hits [Limited Edition]
Jo Ann Campbell –
Jo Ann Campbell All The Hits
Johann Sebastian Bach –
J. S. Bach – Complete Edition [Box set]
John Coltrane –
Four Classic Albums [Import]
John Coltrane –
Prestige Recordings [Box set]
John Cowan –
Jorge Valenzuela –
Nada Nos Detiene
Julian Bliss –
Sabine Meyer – Clarinet Concertos, Vol. 2 [Box set]
Jupiter 8000 –
Twisted Bliss [Import]
Jürgen Goslar –
Die schönsten Gedichte aller Zeiten
Day & Night [Import]
Karl Wolf –
Stereotype [Import]
Kasabian –
West Rider Pauper Lunatic Asylum [Import]
Katie Lee –
Life Is Just A Bed Of Neuroses [Import]
Kem –
Promise To Love
Kimbra –
Golden Echo [Import]
King 810 –
Memoirs of a Murderer [Import]
Kinks –
Best of the Kinks [Import]
Kira Isabella –
Caffeine & Big Dreams [Import]
Labelle –
Pressure Cookin’ [Import]
La Chambre Philharmonique –
My FavoriteMozart [Box set]
Landon Austin –
Pure Acoustic: With Friends [Import]
Last of the Few –
Unforgiven 7 [Single]
Lazar Berman –
Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No 1 [Import]
Lazar Berman –
Chopin: Polonaises [Import]
Le Chanteur Sans Nom –
50 Succes Essentiels [Import]
Le Kene-Star De Sikasso –
Le Kene-Star De Sikasso
Lenny Cooper –
The Grind
Lewis –
Romantic Times [Original recording remastered]
Lifeline –
Down And Outs CD
Little Eva –
Loco-Motion [Import]
London Fox Taize Choir –
Jesus Remember Me-Taize Songs [Import]
London Symphony Chorus –
Elgar: Apostles
London Symphony Chorus –
Mendelssohn: Elijah, Op. 70
L’Orchestre Sidi Uassa De Kayes –
L’Orchestre Sidi Uassa De Kayes
Lorin Maazel –
R.Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra [Import]
Lorin Maazel –
Dvorak: Symphony No.9 ‘Aus Der Neuen [Import]
Lorin Maazel –
R.Strauss: Sinfonia Domestica [Import]
Lorin Maazel –
Dvorak: Symphonies Nos.7 & 8 [Import]
Los Cafres –
25 Anos De Musica
Loss Leaders –
Boilerman CD
Lowell George –
Thanks I’ll Eat It Here: The Deluxe Edition [Limited Edition]
m83 –
Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghost
M83 –
Before the Dawn Heals Us
M83 –
Maite Perroni –
Eclipse de Luna (Edición Especial) [Special Edition]
Manu Katche –
Touchstone for Manu [Import]
Marcos Witt –
Sigues Siendo Dios
Marianna Leporace –
Acoustic: Retro [Import]
Marin Marais –
Musiques à Versailles
Matthew Johnston –
There Will Be Miracles [Import]
Maximilian Hornung –
R. Strauss: Don Quixote & Cello Sonata [Import]
Maya Beiser –
Maybe Ghosts –
Baby Ghosts CD [Import]
Mcclymonts –
Studio Recordings: 2006-12 [Import]
MC Frontalot –
Question Bedtime
Mel Carter –
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me/Best Of Mel Carter
Merchandise –
After the End
Midnight –
No Mercy for Mayhem
Mike Stud –
Miles Davis –
Prestige Recordings [Box set]
Millions –
Max Relax [Import]
Mirusia –
Live in Holland: Beautiful That Way [Import]
Mndsgn –
Yawn Zen
Moire –
Mono/Poly –
Golden Skies
Motorhead –
Aftershock: Tour Edition
Muncher Rundfunkorchester –
Cologne Collection – Jacques Offenbach: Pariser Leben
Musee Mecanique –
From Shores of Sleep
Music Blues –
Things Haven’t Gone Well
My Neighbour Is –
n/a –
Nat Stuckey –
Nat Stuckey Really Sings – Essential Country Coll
Neal Morse –
Songs From November [Import]
Netherlands Radio Chamber Philharmonic –
Jacob Ter Veldhuis: Complete Solo Piano Music
New Medicine –
Breaking the Model
New Pornographers –
Brill Bruisers
Ngozi Family –
Day of Judgement
Niggli Schaerer –
Night Of Fire –
Shipyards CD
Nihilist Spasm Band –
No Record
Nils M?Nkemeyer –
Barroco Espanol [Import]
Nimba –
Elements [Import]
Nina Simone –
Amazing Nina Simone [Import]
Noel Akchote –
Gesualdo: Madrigals for Five Guitars
Nommos –
Digitaria [Import]
Not As Plant –
Dowzer CD
No Values –
Timebomb 7 [Single]
Nowhere On The Map –
Helltons CD
Oasis Worship Band –
10 000 Reasons to Worship [Import]
Oasis Worship Band –
Like Worship [Import]
Oblivion –
Living Hell LP
Ok Night –
Dead Mechanical CD
Once Upon A Time In The North –
Crocodile God CD
One Direction –
Up All Night/Take Me Home [Import]
Opeth –
Pale Communion
Orange Caramel –
Try Doing It Like Me [Import]
Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France –
My FavoriteBeethoven [Box set]
Orianthi –
Best [Import]
Orphaned Land –
Mabool [Import]
Oscar Peterson –
Oscar Peterson & Friends [Import]
O-Town –
Lines & Circles [Import]
Out Of Aferica –
Heroine Sheiks CD
Overdream –
Wonderwise [Import]
Paranoid Castle –
Welcome to Success
Paul Tabachneck –
Two People Made This Mess
Peillon –
Michel on Air
Pep Bonet -Photographer –
We the People of Wacken
Pesado –
Directo 93-13 Vol 1
Peter Kowald –
Peter Kowald Discography [Box set]
Peter Oundjian –
Rimsky-Korsakov: Sheherazade, OP. 35 [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Pia Zadora –
When The Lights Go Out (2 CD Deluxe) [Original recording remastered]
Picture Disc –
Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza LP
Pink Chocolate –
Press Play [Import]
Pollyn –
Living in Patterns [Import]
Prolopower –
Kampf Gegen Echte Intelligenz [Import]
Provincial Archive –
It’s All Shaken Wonder [Import]
Pump Fake –
Snowing 7 [Single]
Queen –
Platinum Collection [Import]
Rare Fruits Council –
Scottish Songs
Remain –
Her Spectacles CD
Retro –
Ben Grim CD
RIAS Kammerchor –
Cologne Collection – Norbert Schultze: Schwarzer Peter
Richard Bonynge –
Gems of the Baroque [Import]
Rick Ulfik –
Street Trash (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Extra tracks] [Soundtrack]
Rinaldo Alessandrini –
Vespri solenni per la festa di San Marco
Rinaldo Alessandrini –
Trent’anni a Roma
Robyn Hitchcock –
Man Upstairs
Rosemary Clooney –
Essential Recordings [Import]
Rough Guide –
Rough Guide To Flamenco Guitar
Royal Blood –
Royal Blood
Ruin Creek –
Brian McGee CD [Import]
Rules For Making Up Words –
Ex Friends LP
Rustie –
Green Language
Sacha Distel –
50 Succes Essentiels [Import]
Sam Cooke –
Twistin The Night Away [Import]
Scorpions –
Unbreakable/Sting in the Tail [Import]
Self Harmony –
Skimmer CD
Shiva Rea & Alex Theory –
Shiva Rea & Alex Theory Present: Rising
Shovels & Rope –
Swimmin’ Time
Sidney Bechet –
La Selection Sidney Bechet [Import]
Silence –
Phoenix Foundation CD
Silk Cuts –
Get Involved CD
Simon Lord –
Stripes [Import]
Sinead O’Connor –
I’m Not Bossy I’m the Boss (Deluxe)
Sivuca –
Crazy Groove [Import]
Soloists & Chorus of the Landestheater Linz –
Glass: Spuren der Verirrten – The Lost [Box set]
Sounds of Innocence –
Kiko Loureiro CD
Split –
Direct Hit! / Priceduifkes 7 [Single]
Split –
Filthy hate/Midway Still 7 [Single]
Split 7 [Single]
Incendiary/Unrestrained Unrestrained
Split –
Baby Little Tablets/World Today CD
Split –
Super White Garlic/Prozacs CD
Split –
The Apers/Sons Of Buddha CD
Spun Out –
Fat Stupids CD
Starting Blocks –
Skimmer CD
State of Salazar –
All the Way
S/T –
Chestnut Road CD
S/T –
The Courtneys CD
S/T –
June And The Well CD
S/T –
Parasite Diet CD
S/T –
Steve Adamyk Band CD
Stefano Bollani –
Joy in Spite of Everything
Steve Aoki –
Neon Future [Import]
Stone Breath –
Children of Hum
Stop Bitchin Bitch –
Los Di Maggios CD
Stress Files –
Reef the Lost Cauze CD
Stronger Faster Science
Grace Gale Grace Gale
Stuck In New York City –
The Vansaders CD [Import]
Stuttgarter Philharmoniker –
Cologne Collection – Leon Jessel: Schwarzwaldmädel
Surf Derby –
The Atoms CD [Import]
Swordswallower –
Tournament CD
Taemin –
Ace [Import]
Tammin Julian Lee –
Hello I’m Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop
T-Connection –
Everything Is Cool [Import]
Teenage Loser –
The Hum Hums CD [Import]
That Scene –
Suffering From A Case CD
The Bad Plus –
Inevitable Western
The Buffalo Ruckus –
The Buffalo Ruckus
The Cellabration –
Stomachaches [Import]
The Droogettes –
The Droogettes CD
The Griswolds –
Be Impressive
The Kinks –
Lola Vs Powerman [Import]
The Kinks –
Lola Versus Powerman & The Moneygoround, Part One
The Life Between You And me Compilation –
The Life Between You And Me Vol.2 Compilation –
V/A CD [Import]
The Life Between You And Me Vol.3 Compilation –
V/A CD [Import]
The Magic Numbers –
Alias [Import]
The Monsters In My Bed –
The Monsters In My Bed
The Pacifist –
No More Saints 7 [Single]
The Pilgrim –
The Pilgrim LP [Single]
The Rentals –
Lost in Alphaville
The Small Faces –
Here Come the Nice
The Trims –
Vida [Single]
The Underachievers –
Cellar Door: Terminus Ut Exordium (ex)
The Unicorns –
Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone [Original recording remastered]
The Young –
Chrome Cactus
Things That Tear You Apart –
Vehement Serenade CD
Thousand Foot Krutch –
Oxygen: Inhale
Tie-Dye –
Literature 7 [Single]
Tigerblood –
Positive Force in a Negative World [Import]
Tim Keyes –
The Lost Horse – Sai Weng Shi Ma [Soundtrack]
Tinnarose –
Toï Doï –
Technologic [Import]
Tom Maxwell –
Tom Maxwell & The Minor Drag
Tortelier –
Tortelier-Genius of the Cello [Import]
Trall-I-La-La –
Takahashigumi CD
Trevor Hall –
Chapter of the Forest
Troglodytes –
Written in Stoned [Import]
Tyla J. Pallas –
Another Day Abandoned in Pursuit of Pleasure
Tyla J. Pallas –
State We’re in Mmxiv
Ty Segall –
Ulf Bastlein –
Hebbel Lieder [Import]
Ulita Knaus –
The Moon on My Doorstep [Import]
Umm? Que Rico –
La La Love You CD
Under The Gun –
The Attack 7 [Single]
Unholy Thrash Metal –
Return CD
Varios Artists –
Easy Listening Classics
Various –
Best of Africa
Various –
Best of Salsa
Various –
Revelation Song- 11 Essential Worship Songs
Various –
Celebrating Christmas in the Antelope Valley
Various Artists –
Beatles Beginnings 7: Northern Songs
Various Artists –
Retrodelic Vibes [Import]
Various Artists –
Retrodelic Vibes 2 [Import]
Various Artists –
60 Top Hits Rock’n Roll & More [Import]
Various Artists –
60 Top Hits 40 Party [Import]
Various Artists –
60 Top Hits Summerdreams [Import]
Various Artists –
60 Top Hits Spirit Woodstock [Import]
Various Artists –
Doo Wop Jukebox Hits [Import]
Various Artists –
Mos: Chilled House Ibiza 2014 [Import]
Various Artists –
It Takes Two: Dynamic Duos of Rock&Roll Era [Import]
Various Artists –
American Music Library: Hits of 1961 [Import]
Various Artists –
Teenage Dirtbags 2 [Import]
Various Artists –
Greatest Ever 90s Groove [Import]
Various Artists –
Greatest Ever Rock Ballads [Import]
Various Artists –
Greatest Ever Pop Punk [Import]
Various Artists –
Sound System Roots [Import]
Various Artists –
Mafioso & Other Great Piccioni Scores [Import]
Various Artists –
Tearjerkers & Heartbreakers [Import]
Various Artists –
Saphirblau [Import]
Various Artists –
Clubland Bounce [Import]
Various Artists –
Ramlife [Import]
Various Artists –
Now That’s What I Call Chilled [Import]
Various Artists –
Creamfields 2014 [Import]
Various Artists –
This Is the Roots of Dubstep 1 [Import]
Various Artists –
Hardstyle: The Ultimate Volume 2 2014 [Import]
Various Artists –
Dam Busters: Rousing Songs Anthems [Import]
Various Artists –
Hardcore: The Ultimate Volume 2 2014 [Import]
Various Artists –
Tonight: Smooth Jazz for a Magical [Import]
Various Artists –
Emi Pathe Classics 101 [Import]
Various Artists –
Par Hasard: Chance Composition 1913-1951
Various Artists –
Se Prendio La Fiesta Banda Mix Corrido
Various Artists –
Seal Team 8: Behind Enemy Lines [Limited Edition]
Various Artists –
Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection: Mary Poppins
Various Artists –
Homenaje a Toda Banda Al Principe
Various Artists –
Funky New Orleans Nola Soul Explosion
Various Artists –
Barbie & The Secret Door
Various Artists –
Toolroom Knights – Mixed by Dismantle
Various Artists –
Pay Close Attention: XL Recordings (2xCD)
Various Artists –
New Country Rock Vol. 9
Various Artists –
Global Beats Party Vol. 1
Various Artists –
House: The Festival Anthems Vol. 1
Vena Portae –
Vena Portae [Import]
Video Club –
Ningoonies CD
Vienna Singverein –
Beethoven: 9 Symphonies / Karajan (1963) [Box set] [Import]
Visage –
She’s Electric [Import]
Warm Hearts, Cold Hands –
Save Ends CD
Weather Report –
Live in Tokyo [Import]
White Hills –
Glitter Glamour Atrocity
Why Are We So F-Cked Up? [Single]
Screw 32 Screw 32
Winner –
Winner Debut Album Launching Edition [Import]
Wire –
Document & Eyewitness 1979-1980
With Honor –
With Honor 7 [Single]
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart –
Mozart – Complete Edition [Box set]
モンク・ガレスピー・スティット・ブレーキー –
Bop Fathers Complete Edition [Import]
X-Drive –
Get Your Rock On
You Are Here
Finale Finale
You’re Gonna Get Yours –
Beige Eagle Boys LP

1349 – Beyond the Apocalyse [Import]
4-Way Split – We Were Skeletons/Kids/Paxton/Florence & Libby
Accept –
Blind Rage [Import]
Ace Frehley –
Space Invader [Import]
Addison Groove –
Turn Up the Silence [EP]
Adeva –
Welcome to the Real World
Ahzumjot –
Nix Mehr Egal [Import]
Albion –
Burning Disco [Import]
Aleph Null –
All Dinosaurs –
Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior
Anchorsong –
Mawa Ep [Import]
Anders Parker –
There’s a Blue Bird in My Heart
Andrea Vollenweider –
Down to the Moon [Import]
Andrea Vollenweider –
White Winds [Import]
Antoine Corriveau –
Les Ombres Longues [Import]
Astpai –
Burden Calls [Import]
Australian Pink Floyd –
Eclipsed By the Moon-Live [Import]
Banda Black Rio –
Maria Fumaca
Benjamin Booker –
Benjamin Booker [Import]
Bitchin Bajas –
Bitchin Bajas
Blackberry Smoke –
Leave a Scar Live in North Carolina [Import]
Black Wine –
Yell Boss
Blessed Space –
Head Space
Bluebells –
Exile on Twee Street [Import]
Bob Dylan –
Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan [Import]
Body Features –
Brand New Silhouettes
Bonnie Bianco –
Cinderella [Import]
Brand New Heavies –
Brand New Heavies [Import]
Brimstone Coven –
Brimstone Coven [Import]
Brimstone Coven –
Brimstone Coven [Import]
Budgie –
Bandolier [Import]
Budgie –
Budgie [Import]
Budgie –
Never Turn Your Back on a Friend [Import]
Budgie –
Squawk [Import]
Budgie –
In for the Kill [Import]
Bud Powell –
Amazing Bud Powell
Bunji Garlin –
Caetano Veloso –
Calogero –
Les Feux D’Artifice [Import]
Can –
Out of Reach [Import]
Can –
Delay [Import]
Can –
Rite Time [Import]
Can –
Can [Import]
Can –
Unlimited Edition [Import]
Carole King –
Tapestry [Import]
Caroline Rose –
I Will Not Be Afraid
Cassie Ramone –
Time Has Come
Catharsis –
Light From A Dead Star II double twelve inch recording
Celebration –
Chelsea Wolfe –
Grime & The Glow
Chickenfoot –
Chickenfoot [Import]
Chris Medleigh –
X-Cluding the Shapes [Import]
Chris Stowe –
Cloudface –
Coming Back To Life [Single]
Live Not On Evil
Coolin System –
Refrigerate After Opening
Copeland –
In Motion [Limited Edition]
Copeland –
You Are My Sunshine [Limited Edition]
Cymbals Eat Guitars –
Damned –
Tiki Nightmare [Import]
Damon Bell –
Hue Man Made [Import]
Daniel Grau –
Reworks Vol. 1 By Daniel Wang & Jules Etienne [Import]
David Myhr –
Soundshine [Import]
Deep Purple –
Copenhagen 1972 [Import]
Deep Purple –
Phoenix Rising [Import]
Deep Purple –
Concerto for Group and Orchestra (2002 Remix/Remaster) [Box set] [Original recording remastered]
Delmonas –
Delmonas 5 [Import]
Delmonas –
Delmonas [Import]
Demo –
Most Precious Blood
De-Phazz –
Godsdog [Import]
Desert –
Detective Instinct –
Black Floral
Diplo –
Random White Dudes Be Everywhere
Dorian Concept –
Draft Culture
Drew Lustman –
Thorough Study [Import]
Engineers –
Always Returning [Import]
English Dogs –
Forward Into Battle [Import]
Eno & Hyde –
High Life (Vinyl)
Erasmo Carlos –
Erasmo Carlos
Eric Clapton –
Eric Clapton & Friends – The Breeze (An Appreciation of JJ Cale) Special Edition 4-LP Set [Box set]
Estrogen Highs –
Hear Me on the Number Station
Etta James –
Rocks The House [Extra tracks]
Europe –
Last Look at Eden [Import]
Fabolous Three –
Best of the Fabolous [Import]
Fat White Family –
Champagne Holocaust
Fela Kuti –
Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense [Import]
Fela Kuti –
Confusion [Import]
Fela Kuti –
Sorrow Tears & Blood [Import]
Filter Dread –
Space Loops [Import]
FKA twigs –
Floating Action –
Body Questions (LP+MP3)
Floating Points –
Sparkling Controversy [Import]
Foreigner –
Foreigner Classics [Import]
Four Year Strong –
Go Down in History [Import]
Fragments Of Suffereing –
Frankie Goes To Hollywood –
Frankie Said [Import]
Frankie Knuckles –
Beyond the Mix
Fukushima –
Invisible Head [Import]
Fyfe –
For You [Import]
Geoffrey O’Connor –
Fan Fiction
Germ House –
Showing Symptoms
Gilberto Gil –
Gilbertos Samba
Goblin –
Phenomena ( [Limited Edition] [Soundtrack]
Gordon Lightfoot –
Gord’s Gold (2×180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl/Limited Anniversary Edition/Gatefold Cover) [Limited Edition]
Go Zilla –
Magic Weired Jack [Import]
Great Sabatini –
Dog Years [Import]
Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza –
Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza
Hamish Kilgour –
All of It & Nothing
Helio Parallax –
Helio Parallax
Hell –
Henrietta –
Trick Is Not Minding
Herbie Hancock –
Speak Like a Child
Hombre Malo / Sofy Major –
Hombre Malo / Sofy Major split seven inch
Homeless Gospel Choir –
I Used to Be So Young
Human Future / We Never Learned To Live –
Human Future / We Never Learned To Live split seven inch recording
Hummingbird –
Prisoner [Import]
Hymns of the Apocalypse –
All Out War
Ian Gillan –
Gillanaes Inn [Import]
Israel Nash –
Rain Plans
James Yorkston –
Cellardyke Recording [Import]
Janis Goerlich –
In Der Ferne [Import]
Jards Macale –
Jards Macale
Jars of Clay –
20 [Import]
Jeff Buckley –
Grace [Import]
Jennifer Warnes –
Well [Limited Edition]
Joao Donato –
Lugar Comum
John Coltrane –
John Oswald –
Jorge Ben –
Tabua De Esmeralda
Jorge Ben –
Negro E Lindo
Jorge Ben –
Samba Esquema Novo
Jorge Ben –
Africa Brasil
Jorge Ben –
Ben E Samba Bom
Jpnsgrls –
Circulation [Import]
Kafkas –
Lebenslang Ep [Import]
Kamp –
Baltimore [EP]
Kasabian –
Eez-Eh [Import]
Kasabian –
Bumblebeee [Import]
Kelis –
Keluar –
Khun Narin –
Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band
King Buzzo –
This Machine Kills Artists
Koo Koo Kangaroo –
Whoopty Whoop
Kristeen Young –
Knife Shift [Import]
Kuu –
Sex Gegen Essen [Import]
Last of the Few –
Late Bloomer –
Things Change
Lil Silva –
Mabel Ep [Import]
Lily –
Modern Malaise [Import]
Liturgy –
Los Issifu & His Moslems –
Tanga Beat [Single]
Lou Donaldson –
Lush Life
Luke Sital-Singh –
Fire Inside [Import]
m83 –
Dead Cities Red Seas & Lost Ghosts (2xLP+MP3)
Malrun –
Two Thrones [Limited Edition]
Matchess –
Metallica –
Garage, Inc. (3xLP)
Metallica –
Master Of Puppets (Vinyl)
Metallica –
Reload (2xLP)
Metallica –
St. Anger (2xLP)
Metallica –
S&M (3xLP)
Metallica –
Load (2xLP)
Metallica –
Metallica (2xLP)
Mighty Sparrow –
Only a Fool-Sparrow Me [Import]
Mitch Murder –
Moacir Santos –
Moire –
Motel Beds –
These Are the Days Gone By
Mozart’s Sister –
Being [Import]
Nana Love –
Disco Documentary-Full of Funk [Import]
Nazar –
Camouflage [Import]
Niels Frevert –
Paradies Der Gefaelsch [Import]
Nightmares on Wax –
Aftermath: Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer
Nihilist Spasm Band –
No Record [Limited Edition]
No Values –
Novos Baianos –
Acabou Chorare
Oblivion –
Living Hell
Orquestra Afro-Brasileira –
Orquestra Afro-Brasileira
Palast Orchester & M –
Entschuldigen Sie Das [Import]
Palast Orchester –
Das Beste 3 [Import]
Pedestrian –
Drop Bear/Ultramarine Express [Import]
Pedro Santos –
Pelican –
Peter Himmelman –
Boat That Carries Us
Peter Jefferies –
Picture Disc –
Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza
Powersolo –
Real Sound [Import]
Primal Scream –
Riot City Blues [Import]
Prosecution –
At the Edge of the End [Import]
Ptarmigan –
Ptarmigan [Limited Edition]
Pump Fake –
Randy Bachman –
Vinyl Tap Tour: Every Song Tells a Story
Red Kunz –
Teeth Hair & Skin [Import]
Reverend Shine Snake –
Anti-Solipsism Part on [Import]
Ronnie Von –
Ronnie Von
Ronnie Von –
Maquina Voadora
Ronnie Von –
Misteriosa Luta Do Reino De Para Sempre Contra
Ronny Graupe –
As They Are [Import]
Rough Hands –
Nothing’s Changed seven inch recording
Rowland S. Howard –
Shotgun Wedding
Royal Blood –
Figure It Out [Import]
Royal Philharmonic –
Rpo Plays Pink Floyd [Import]
Royal Philharmonic –
Rpo Plays Queen [Import]
Rubblebucket –
Survival Sounds
Rules For Making Up Words –
Ex Friends
Running Wild –
Brotherhood [Import]
Saga –
20:20 [Import]
Santana –
Marathon [Limited Edition]
Savatage –
Streets: A Rock Opera [Import]
Savatage –
Wake of Magellanae [Import]
School of Language –
More Fears (7 inch vinyl)
Secos & Molhados –
Secos & Molhados
Secos & Molhados –
Secos & Molhados II
Sectu –
Sex Hands –
Pleh [Import]
Shilohs –
Shilohs [Import]
Sianspheric –
The Owl
Sick Hyenas –
Sick Hyenas [Import]
Sigourney Weavers –
Blockbuster [Import]
Smittens –
Love Record Breaker
Sodom –
Till Death Do Us Unite [Import]
Sonic Syndicate –
Sonic Syndicate [Import]
Sonic Syndicate –
Sonic Syndicate [Import]
Soreption –
Deterioration of Minds
Soulburn –
Feeding on Angels [Import]
Souls of Mischief –
There Is Only Now Instrumentals
Souls Of Mischief –
There Is Only Now
Spirit Caravan –
Jug Fulla Sun [Import]
Split –
Direct Hit! / Priceduifkes
Split –
Filthy hate/Midway Still
Split 7 [Single]
Steve Hill –
Solo Recordings 2 [Import]
Studfaust –
Where the Underdogs Bark [Import]
Sun Ra & His Myth –
Nubians of Plutoni [Import]
Sun Ra –
Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy [Import]
Superdrag –
Head Trip in Every Key (2xLP)
Supremes –
Meet the Supremes [Import]
Tarja –
Left in the Dark [Import]
Tarja –
Act 1 [Import]
Terence Blanchard –
Terrorgruppe –
Inzest Im Familiengrab (10″”)
The Exploited –
Troops of Tomorrow [Limited Edition]
The Mutual Understanding –
In Wonderland [Original recording remastered]
The Pacifist –
No More Saints
The Pilgrim –
The Pilgrim
The Wytches –
Annabel Dream Reader
The Young –
Chrome Cactus
Tie-Dye –
Tommy Bolin –
Great Gypsy Soul [Import]
Tom Ze –
Correio Da Estacao Do Bras
Tom Ze –
Estudando O Samba
Tom Ze –
Todos Os Olhos
Tony Allen –
Black Voices
Tower Of Power –
Tower of Power [Limited Edition]
Transmontane –
Ville Fantome
Twin Atlantic –
Great Divide [Import]
Under The Gun –
The Attack
Unity –
Blood Days [Import]
Uriah Heep –
Celebration [Import]
Vanhelga –
Langtan [Limited Edition]
Various Artists –
Decadubs 3 [EP]
Various Artists –
Lets Have a Party [Import]
Various Artists –
Eis Am Stiel-Cremig [Import]
Various Artists –
How to Train Your Dragon 2 [Import]
Various Artists –
Kompakt Total 14
Various Artists –
Nashville Outlaws – A Tribute To Motley Crue
Various Artists –
Walter Trout –
Breakin’ The Rules-25th Anniversary Series Lp 5 [Import]
Wand –
Ganglion Reef
Wayne Shorter –
Wendy Carlos –
Tron Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Translucent Blue Vinyl) [Soundtrack]
White Wives –
White Wives (7 inch vinyl)
Why Are We So F-Cked Up? [Single]
Screw 32
Wisdom in Chains –
Wisdom In Chains [Limited Edition]
With Honor –
With Honor
Worlds Scariest Police Chases –
Nofx: And Out Come the Wolves Dookie
Worship This –
Tomorrow I’ll Miss You
Wounded Kings –
Consolamentum [Limited Edition]
Xenia Kriisin –
Hymn [Import]
Y’Akoto –
Moody Blues [Import]
Yello –
Stella [Import]
You’re Gonna Get Yours –
Beige Eagle Boys
Zeds Dead –
Somewhere Else
Zombiefication –
Procession Through Infestation [Import]

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