New Music Releases – 7/8/14


The List 

Braid – No Coast
Judas Priest – Redeemer of Souls (Deluxe Edition)
Sia – 1000 Forms Of Fear
Ted Nugent – Shutup&Jam!

Rocknowski’s Reviews


Rocknowski is listening to and reviewing the opening track of every new release we find interesting or worthy, for as long as he keeps his sanity. These reviews are for the opening tracks only, and go by the following rating system:


1 star – Could barely get through the one song.
2 stars – Will not listen to the rest of the album.
3 stars – Might listen to the rest of the album.
4 stars – Will definitely listen to the rest of the album.
5 stars – Could not wait to listen to the rest of the album.

Braid – No Coast – “Bang” – ***
– I’m of two minds on this track. I was a casual acquaintance of one of the band members 20 plus years ago. I can’t decide if I’m giving this track too much credit because I can still vividly see the tattoo on his mother’s ankle in my mind’s eye, or not enough credit because he blew me off when I sent him some song demos a couple years back. I almost wanna recuse myself but I’ll just quote old Monty Burns (“I know what I hate and I don’t hate that), give the track 3 stars and move along.

Judas Priest – Redeemer of Souls – “Dragonaut:
– I’m gonna come clean. I am, at best, a casual Judas Priest fan. Point of fact, I think that their greatest song is “Dancing After Midnight”. It’s fun, it’s danceable, it’s only like 3 minutes long. I am fully cognizant this statement could afflict the sort of dour young men that usually take a liking to Priest with acid reflux. They, like the band itself, are much more in their comfort zone with a gloomy double LP about Nostradamus. Those aforementioned dour young men should be fairly pleased with this latest offering. Whatever charm the aged “new wave of British heavy metal” stalwarts once had, they retain, let’s say, 65% of it.

Sia – 1000 Forms Of Fear – “Chandelier” – ***
– I’m quite taken with the song but I hate the overblown production like a sickness. I seem to wanna hear the broad from Concrete Blonde or a young, breathing, Kurt Cobain‘s take on the material. Or, maybe, I wanna hear Sia cut this jam at open mic night in a divey bar, devoid of studio gimmickry, accompanied only by a pianist who’s got a year chip from Narcotic Anonymous in the breast pocket of his best and only suit.

Ted Nugent – Shutup&Jam! – “Never Stop Believing” –
– Sometimes it’s really easy to forget that Ted Nugent used to play guitar for a living. And, that if Nugent is relegated to purely guitar input (Or, if he unknowingly collaborates with Biz Markie) as he was on classic rock tracks like “Journey to the Center of the Mind” by the Amboy Dukes or his own “Stranglehold” , the results can be spectacular. Based on this track from “the Nuge’s” latest studio album, this reviewer suggests that if Ted is completely quarantined from microphones and lyric sheets and the song lengths are cut by half, they might really be on to something.


The Full List 

Delightful Companion: Renaissance & Baroque[/amazon] – Sym 7 & 8[/amazon] – Exile[/amazon] – Barbara Ann[/amazon] – Benny Ibarra Con Los Yaki[/amazon] – Travelguide[/amazon] – Decay Versions Pt. 1[/amazon] – It Has Two Ends[/amazon] – Edentide[/amazon] – Big Bold & Brassy & Vibrations[/amazon] – Yoga[/amazon?tag=thewmessagboa-20>
Rules of the Dance/Khan Remix[/amazon] – Life Lessons[/amazon] – Masse Remixes I[/amazon] – Masse Remixes III[/amazon] – Wooden Head[/amazon] – The Dawns Here Are Quiet[/amazon?tag=thewmessagboa-20>
– Violin Concertos[/amazon?tag=thewmessagboa-20>
Tchaikovsky in Jazz – The Seasons[/amazon] – Tchaikovsky. The Sleeping Beauty[/amazon] – Vazgen Vartanian Plays Chopin, Schumann & Liszt[/amazon] – Exotica[/amazon] – Most Triumphant[/amazon] – Italy’s Generation of 1880 & Their Disciples[/amazon] – Narrow Path[/amazon] – Think of Me[/amazon] – Big Boss[/amazon] – No Place in Heaven[/amazon] – Kalaboogie[/amazon] – Grist – New Music for Flute and Electronics[/amazon] – Speicher 79[/amazon] – Sepiasonic[/amazon] – Realization[/amazon] – Front Line Presents Dub[/amazon] – War of the Worlds[/amazon] – 64 Ways[/amazon] – Jackie Long Hot Summer[/amazon] – Loose Planes[/amazon] – Acid Dreams 1-3[/amazon] – Remedy[/amazon] – Remedy[/amazon] – Ivan Brunacci[/amazon] – Ultimate Sound Sacd[/amazon] – Ultimate Sound Sacd[/amazon] – Solitary Pursuits[/amazon] – Sobremesa Con El Dos[/amazon] – Tangazos[/amazon] – Deindustrialization[/amazon?tag=thewmessagboa-20>
Band of Brothers[/amazon] – Matching Tie & Handkerchief[/amazon] – Meaning of Life[/amazon] – Harmonies Du Soir[/amazon] – Romances[/amazon] – Removal of the Six Armed Goddess [/amazon] – The Island Of Dr Electrico[/amazon] – Acquafan Compilation[/amazon] – Le Legioni Di Cleopatra[/amazon] – A NoCorner Collection[/amazon?tag=thewmessagboa-20>


[/amazon] – [Import][/amazon] –


[Import][/amazon] – Flute & Strings From Israel[/amazon] – Geographies & Geometries[/amazon] – Remember Me / Ain’t No Mountain High Enough [Single] [Import]
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – The Complete Symphonies [Import]
[/amazon] 12 Cellists of the Berliner Philharmoniker – South American Getaway [Import]
13th Floor Elevators –
Live Evolution Lost [Live]
5 Seconds Of Summer –
5 Seconds of Summer [Import]
68 –
In Humor & Sadness
7even Thirty –
Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties –
We Don’t Have Each Other
Academy of Ancient Music (Orchestra) –
Haydn: Symphonies [Import]
Ace Frehley –
Space Invader [Import]
Adara Blake –
Airplay –
Airplay [Import]
Alano Gruarin –
Profondo Blu
Aldubáran (Performer) –
Heroes Meet: Music From the Faroe Islands
Alex Garcia’s Afromantra –
This Side Of Mestizaje
Alexis Weissenberg –
Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No.2 [Import]
Alicia De Larrocha –
Mozart: Piano Concertos Nos 19 & 22 [Import]
Alicia De Larrocha –
Falla Granados Ravel: Orchestral Works [Import]
Alma Faye –
Doin’ It [Import]
Amberian Dawn –
Magic Forest
Ambrosio Valero (Artist, Composer, Conductor) –
Impresiones Intimas: Bach Mozart & More
André Fischer (Performer) –
Andre Cluytens –
Ravel: Bolero. La Valse [Import]
Andre Previn –
Rachmaninov: Symphony No.2 [Import]
Andrews Sisters –
Wake Up And Live! – The Songbook… The Energy… And The Blend – Twenty Five Sensational Years [Box set] [Import]
Andy Colquhoun –
String Theory
Andy Middleton –
Between Worlds
Andy Moor –
Breaking the Silence Vol. 3 [Import]
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead –
Live At Rockpalast 2009 [Live]
Anna-Kaisa Pippuri (Performer) –
Kalevi Aho: Ludus solemnis [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Anton Bruckner (Composer) –
Bruckner: Symphony No.7 [Hybrid SACD – DSD] [Import]
Anton Bruckner (Composer) –
Tahra Story [Import]
Anton Bruckner (Composer) –
The Art Of Riccardo Chailly [Import]
Antonio Vivaldi (Composer) –
The Vivaldi Recordings [Import]
Application –
System Fork
Arcturus –
Shipwrecked In Oslo
Ariana Grande –
Problem [Single] [Import]
Ariana Grande –
Problem’ Ft. Iggy Azalea [Single] [Import]
Arthur Kitchener –
Street Poet [Import]
Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir (Orchestra) –
Witold Lutoslawski: Vocal-Instrumental Works
Arturo Benede Michelang –
Ravel: Piano Concerto & Rachmaninov: Piano Cto. 4 [Import]
Ashi –
Sacred Space: Music for Meditation
A Taste of Honey –
Another Taste [Import]
Axegressor –
Aynur –
Hevra [Import]
Aynur –
Rewend [Import]
Azar Lawrence –
The Seeker
Bach –
Brandenburg Concertos
Bach Collegium Japan (Orchestra) –
Bach: Secular Cantatas, Vol. 4 [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Bad Company –
Original Album Series [Import]
Bad Suns –
Language & Perspective [Import]
Balbina –
Nichtstun-Ep [Import]
Bamberg So –
Band of the U.S. Air Force Reserve (Orchestra) –
Military Escort …Above & Beyond: The Music of Henry Fillmore
Barry Goldberg –
Blasts From My Past (Extended Edition) [EP]
Beat Mit Tempo –
Beat Mit Tempo Vol. 2 [Import]
Bebbington –
Earth’s Call
Beerers –
A Gentle Kiss From Lucifer [Import]
Bellowhead –
Revival [Import]
Benedetto Chieffo –
He Is Here [Import]
Benny Golson –
Free + Turning Point [Import]
Benny No-Good –
I Am You
Ben Webster –
Soul of Ben Webster [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Berliner Philharmoniker –
Great Recordings [Box set]
Berliner Philharmoniker –
Mozart [Box set]
Berliner Philharmoniker –
Brahms [Box set]
Beth Orton –
Central Reservation: Revisited [Import]
Beyond –
Ultimate Sound Sacd [Super Audio CD – DSD] [Import]
Bhagavan Das –
Mother Light
Bill Champlin –
Single [Import]
Bill Hicks –
American: The Bill Hicks Story
Bill Labounty –
Bill Labounty [Import]
Bill Quateman –
Billy Strayhorn –
Hodges with Strayhorn and the Orchestra [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Birth Control –
Count On Dracula/Deal Done At Night
Bitch ‘N’ Monk –
Fulafalonga [Single] [Import]
Blackberry Smoke – BLACKBERRY SOMKE:Live in North Carolina [Live?tag=thewmessagboa-20>

Blackhawk –
Brothers of the Southland
Blossoms –
Shockwave [Import]
Bobby Darin –
Milk Shows [Import]
Boglárka Pecze (Performer) –
In Between
Bo Ningen –
Three [Import]
Bonnie Dobson –
Take Me for a Walk in the Morning [Import]
Boo Hewerdine –
Amazing Robot [Single] [Import]
Boris Jansen (Performer) –
Music for Saxophone Quartet
Boulpik –
Konpa Lakay [Import]
Bournemouth So –
Sym Songs Concertino
Boys choir Heinrich-Schuetz-Ensemble Vornbach (Orchestra) –
Johann Simon Mayr: Ginevra di Scozia [Box set]
Boz Scaggs –
Hits! [Import]
Brahms (Composer) –
Brahms: Violin Concerto, Symphony No.4 (CD+DVD) [Import]
Braid –
No Coast
Brazil Beats –
Carnival House & Latin Lounge Mix
Brenda Lee –
Complete US & UK Singles As & Bs 1956-62
Brenda Lee –
Miss Dynamite + Emotions [Import]
Brendel –
Piano Son 29
Brian Mcgee –
Ruin Creek [Import]
Brook Benton –
8 Classic Albums [Import]
Bud Powell –
7 Classic Albums 2 [Import]
Bul Szakcsi Lakatos –
Live at the Budapest Jazz Club [Live]
Buscemi –
Vertov L’Uomo Conla Macchina Da Presa
Byu Young Ambassadors –
Cactus –
Evening In Tokyo
Cado Belle –
Cado Belle: Expanded Edition [Import]
Canta Alabanzas con Ninos (Shout Praises Kids) –
Canta Al Senor
Capella Savaria (Orchestra) –
Joseph Martin Kraus: Symphonies & Violin Concerto
Carigniani –
Verdi: Giovanna D’Arco
Carl Douglas –
Crazy Feeling [Import]
Carlo Maria Giulini (Conductor) –
Wiener Symphoniker Plays Strauss Walzes
Carlo Maria Giulini (Conductor) –
The Art of Carlo Maria Giulini [Import] [Box set]
Carl Schuricht –
Bruckner: Symphony No.9 [Import]
Carl Schuricht –
Bruckner: Symphony No.8 [Import]
Cavaleri Quartet (Orchestra) –
Observations – 17 Songs and a String Quartet
Cecil Coles (Composer) –
Coles: Music from Behind the Lines [Import]
Cecilio & Kapono –
Night Music [Import]
Cecil Taylor –
Complete Collection: 1956-1962 [Box set]
Cesar Costa –
La Historia De Tommy
Charles Humphries (Conductor) –
Bach Cantatas
Charles Munch –
Brahms: Symphony No.1 [Import]
Che’Nelle –
Luv Song 2 [Import]
Chelsea Grin –
Ashes to Ashes
Cher Lloyd –
Sorry I’m Late [Import]
Cheryl Ryder (Performer) –
Bach: Clavierübung III – The Chorales
Chet Baker –
Estate [Import]
Chet Baker –
In Paris: Complete Original Recordings [Import]
Chet Quartet Baker –
Live at Le Drehler Club 1980: Friday Concert [Import]
Chet Quintet Baker –
Live at Le Drehler Club 1980: Wednesday Concert [Import]
Chicago –
“Now” – Chicago Xxxvi
Chickenshack –
Very Best of [Import]
Choir and Orchestra of Bayreuther Festspiele (Orchestra) –
Lohengrin (Walhall Eternity Series) [Box set]
Choir and Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera (Orchestra) –
Choir of Salisbury Cathedral –
Great Hymns From Salisbury
Chor und Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele (Orchestra) –
Wagner: Parsifal [Box set]
Chor und Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele (Orchestra) –
Wagner: Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg [Box set]
Christian Lindberg (Conductor) –
Stenhammar: Serenade [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Christian Ruvolo (Performer) –
Brazilian Music for Viola and Piano
Christopher Vuk (Performer) –
Rational Passions [Enhanced]
Christoph Eschenbach –
Mozart: Concertos for 2 & 3 Pianos [Import]
Chryseis –
Planet Dead
Clarice Assad –
Querelas Do Brasil
Claudia Pasetto (Performer) –
Gamba Sonatas
Claudio Monteverdi (Composer) –
Monteverdi: Vespro della beata Vergine [Import]
Clearlight –
Forever Blowing Bubbles
Cleveland Orchestra (Orchestra) –
Grieg: Peer Gynt / Piano Concerto Op. 16
Climax –
Best of Climax: Precious & Few
Coco Montoya –
Songs From the Road
C.O.M.A. –
Clinik Organik Musak Anatomik
__ (Conductor) –
The Music of Tui St. George Tucker
__ (Conductor) –
Ho & Kang: Butterfly Lovers Concerto – Brahms: Sonata in E Minor, Op. 38 [Import]
__ (Conductor) –
Third Practice: Commissions and Premieres
__ (Conductor) –
Gershwin Performed by the U.S. Army Concert Band
__ (Conductor) –
Pershing’s Own
__ (Conductor) –
Claudio Merulo: Toccate dintavolatura dorgano – Complete Edition [Box set]
__ (Conductor) –
Rontgen: Complete String Trios, Vol. 1
__ (Conductor) –
János Végh: String Quartets
__ (Conductor) –
Ignace Joseph Pleyel: Flute Quartets
__ (Conductor) –
Bach: Cello Suites Nos 1, 3 & 5
__ (Conductor) –
Si amores me han de matar – Italian and Spanish Music for Vihuela de mano
__ (Conductor) –
Reger: Organ Works Vol. 2 [Box set]
__ (Conductor) –
Spanish Classical Guitar [Box set]
__ (Conductor) –
Spanish Dances – Brazilian Guitar Quartet
__ (Conductor) –
8 Seasons
__ (Conductor) –
A 20th Century Recital [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
__ (Conductor) –
Reflections: The Solo Piano Works of Andrzej and Roxanna Panufnik [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
__ (Conductor) –
Debussy & Ravel on the Organ [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
__ (Conductor) –
Sachiko Furuhata-Kersting Plays Beethoven and Schumann
__ (Conductor) –
Pictures at an Exhibition for Organ and Trumpet
__ (Conductor) –
Dancing Baroque Music
__ (Conductor) –
Garden of Early Delights
__ (Conductor) –
Marco Enrico Bossi: Complete Organ Works, Vol. 10
__ (Conductor) –
Poulenc, Faure & Franck: Violin Sonatas
__ (Conductor) –
Vincenzo Capirola: Lute Works, 1517
__ (Conductor) –
Röntgen: Complete String Trios, Vol. 2
__ (Conductor) –
James Rhodes: Five
__ (Conductor) –
Songs and Pictures
__ (Conductor) –
Pieces de clavecin en concerts – Transcription pour 2 clavecins
__ (Conductor) –
Fanny Hensel: The Year in Italy
__ (Conductor) –
Garrick Ohlsson Plays Franz Schubert
__ (Conductor) –
After a Reading of…Liszt!
__ (Conductor) –
Matthias Weckman: Complete Organ Works [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
__ (Conductor) –
Works by George Enescu and Gabriel Fauré
__ (Conductor) –
Heinz Holliger: Romancendres, Feuerwerklein, Chaconne & Partita
__ (Conductor) –
Bach: Organ Works
__ (Conductor) –
Vladimir Sofronitsky Plays Chopin, Schubert, Liszt & Scriabin
__ (Conductor) –
Prokofiev: Suites for Two Pianos
__ (Conductor) –
Through Time
__ (Conductor) –
Domenico Scarlatti: Complete Piano Sonatas, Vol. 11, Sonatas K. 358 – K. 387
__ (Conductor) –
Greek Guitar Music
__ (Conductor) –
Spohr: String Quartets, Vol. 17
__ (Conductor) –
Faure: Chamber Music
__ (Conductor) –
Peter Warlock: Songs
__ (Conductor) –
Joseph Achron: Works for Violin and Piano
__ (Conductor) –
Julius Röntgen: Chamber Music, Vol. 1, Music for Violin and Piano I
__ (Conductor) –
Rachmaninoff & Shostakovich: Piano Trios
__ (Conductor) –
A Keyboard Odyssey [Enhanced]
__ (Conductor) –
Opus Guitar
__ (Conductor) –
Stone Guitars
__ (Conductor) –
Chanson d’avril – Fench chansons and melodies
__ (Conductor) –
Vivaldi: The Unknown Gems
__ (Conductor) –
C.P.E. Bach: Six collections of Sonatas, Free Fantasias, and Rondos for Connoisseurs and Amateurs – 6th and 2nd…
__ (Conductor) –
Howard Boatright: Selected Songs for Voice and Piano
__ (Conductor) –
Wandering Shades (Les Ombres Errantes): The Final Harpsichord Works of François Couperin
__ (Conductor) –
Cipher [Enhanced]
Consortium Classicum –
Der Freischetz Arr. For Wind Ense
Contours & Dennis Edwards –
Just a Little Misunderstanding [Import]
Corey Harris –
Fulton Blues (deluxe Edition) + Bonus Tracks [Extra tracks]
Corruption –
Devil’s Share
Corson –
Rainbow [Import]
Count Basie –
Original Album Series [Import]
Crosby Stills Nash & Young –
CSNY 1974 (3 CD + DVD) [Box set]
Cumbia All Stars –
Tigres en Fuga [Import]
Daft Punk –
Complete Remixes [Import]
Dagger –
Dagger [Import]
Daniel Kobialka –
Introducing Hope Clayton
Dan Tramte (Composer) –
CDCM Computer Music Series, Vol. 38: Music From Bowling Green State University, MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music
Darren Brown –
Analgesic / Calmative
Daryl Hall & John Oates –
Voices [Import]
Daryl Hall & John Oates –
X-Static [Import]
Dave Brubeck –
Live in London 1966 [Import]
David Friedemann Strunck (Conductor) –
Leipzig Romantic Music for Wind Octet
David Olney –
When The Deal Goes Down
David Ponsford (Artist, Composer, Conductor) –
French Organ Music 3
David Rabinovich (Conductor) –
Jewis Baroque Music from Amsterdam
David Sanborn –
Enjoy the View [Import]
Decembre Noir –
A Discouraged Believer
Dermota –
Most Wanted Recitals: Schubert – Die Schone Muller
Devanagari –
Nam Myah Renge Kya [EP]
Dickies –
Go Banana’s! [Import]
Dillinger –
Ten To One [Import]
Dirge –
Dirty Heads –
Sound of Change
Dmitri Shostakovich (Composer) –
Shostakovich: Symphonies Nos.4, 5 & 6 [Hybrid SACD – DSD] [Import]
Dobszay –
Polyphonic Vespers for St. Michael’s & St. Martin’ [Import]
Do Montebello –
Adamah [Import]
Donovanedd & The Wondering Moles –
Something to Take the Weight Off [Import]
Doug Benson –
Gateway Doug 2: Forced Fun
Dream Theater –
The Studio Albums 1992-2011 [Box set]
Drescher –
C.M Ziehrer 19
Dr. Hook –
Little Bit More: The Collection [Import]
Dr. John –
Blues Biography
Drobinsky –
Russian Melodies for Cello & Piano
Boiling Point
Dryft –
Blur Vent
Dubtician –
Dub Simran Experience [Import]
Earl Hines –
7 Classic Albums [Import]
Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket –
In a Dutch Haze
Eddie Kendricks –
Goin’ Up in Smoke [Import]
Edward Rogers –
Edwin Sanz –
San Augustin [Import]
Electric Guitars –
Electric Guitars
Eliahu Inbal (Conductor) –
Plays Chopin [Import]
Eliot Fisk (Composer, Conductor) –
In Duo Recital: Scarlatti Bach Rodrigo & More
Elisabeth Meister (Performer) –
Ellen Mcilwaine –
Honky Tonk Angel [Import]
Ellen Mcilwaine –
We the People [Import]
Eloy –
Reincarnation On Stage (Live) [Live]
El Raton –
Rattopsy [Import]
Elvis Presley –
Classic Billboard Hits [Import]
Elvis Presley –
Date With Elvis + Elvis Is Back [Import]
Enoch Light –
8 Classics Albums 2 [Import]
Ensemble Algoritmo (Orchestra) –
In Red
Ensemble Almazis (Orchestra) –
François-André Danican Philidor: Blaise
Ensemble Economique –
Melt Into Nothing
Ensemble il capriccio (Orchestra) –
Bach: Vom Reiche Gottes
Ensemble Marsyas (Orchestra) –
Linn Super Audio Collection Volume 7 [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Erede –
Eric Tagg –
Smilin’ Memories [Import]
Esther Phillips –
All About Esther Philips [Import]
Everly Brothers –
Cadence Sessions: 1957-60 2 [Import]
Everything Goes Cold –
Black Out the Sun
Evil Goat Riders –
From Now on
Fabbro –
Most Wanted Recitals: Romantic Songs By Rossini
Feybli –
Spanish & South American Music for Two Guitars
Fine Arts Qrt –
Quartet 19 Dissonant
First Aid Kit –
Stay Gold [Import]
Flesh Eaters –
Minute to Pray a Second to Die
Flood of Red –
Throw [Import]
Fluxtet –
Fongus –
Guadalajara Rock
Francesco Giomi –
Con Brio-Musica Acusmatica
Francini –
Frank Christian –
Augusta National And The Masters
Frank S. Dodge (Conductor) –
Ursula Mamlok: Chamber Works
Frank Sinatra –
Sings the Arrangements of Sy Oliver [Import]
Fred Hersch –
Fred & The Healers –
French Style Furs –
Is Exotic Bait
Fucked Up –
Glass Boys [Import]
Game Over –
Burst Into the Quiet
Gary Morecambe –
Morecambe And Wise: Bring Me Sunshine
G. Dufay –
Delectamentum [Import]
Geoffrey De Vai –
Delicante [Import]
George Ezra –
Wanted on Voyage [Import]
George Frideric Handel (Composer) –
Handel: The Triumph of Time & Truth [Import]
George Lam –
Ultimate Sound Sacd [Super Audio CD – DSD] [Import]
George Szell –
Dvorak: Symphony No.8 [Import]
Gerald Finley (Performer) –
Voices of Exile
Geraldi –
Arts & Letters
Gerd Seifert (Performer) –
Mahler [Box set]
Ghostxship –
Cold Water Army [EP]
Ghreg on Earth –
Photon Grimoires [Import]
Gil Evans –
6 Classic Albums [Import]
Gillock –
Meditations Sur Le Mystere De La Sainte Trinite [Box set]
Gino Vannelli –
Nightwalker [Import]
Giuseppe Ottaviani –
Magenta Live [Import]
Giuseppe Sinopoli (Conductor) –
The Art of Giuseppe Sinopoli – Orchestral Works [Import] [Box set]
Glen Andrews –
Dumaine Street Blues
Goatwhore –
Constricting Rage of the Merciless
Gothminister –
Anima Inferna
Grace Jones –
Portfolio [Import]
Graveland –
The Celtic Winter [Import]
Great Big World,a –
Is There Anybody Out There? [Import]
Greenslade –
Large Afternoon [Import]
Greg Manning –
Dance With You
Grifters & Shills –
Groovething –
The Love Album
Grupo Bryndis –
Adicto A Ti
Guida –
Most Wanted Recitals: Richard Strauss Songs
Gustavo Santaolalla –
Haags Toonkunstkoor (Performer) –
Mare Liberum
Hafdis Huld –
Home [Import]
Hannes Reich (Performer) –
Hurt: Erratischer Block, Dead Reckoning, August Frommers Dinge, Seuring / Schalter [Import]
Hans Ludemann & Trio Ivoire –
Hans Schmidt Isserstedt (Conductor) –
Piano Concertos – Diabelli Variations – Piano Sonata Nos. 8,14,21,23 [Import]
Hard Riot –
Blackened Heart
Hate Division –
Order Of The Enslaved
Hatful of Rain –
Morning Key [Import]
Hawk Nelson –
Haydn Orchestra –
Most Wanted Recitals: Jennifer Vyvyan – Mozart
Haystacks Balboa –
Haystacks Balboa
Heikki Koskelo –
12 Tarinaa Rakkaudesta [Import]
Helga Schauerte (Conductor) –
Leipzig Chorales 1
Hell –
Henning Kvitnes –
Jada VI Elsker [Import]
Henry Purcell (Composer) –
Purcell: Funeral Sentences, Hail Bright Caecilia [Import]
Herbaliser –
There Were Seven-Remixes [Import]
Herbert Von Karajan –
Dvorak: Symphony No.9 ‘From the New World’ [Import]
Herbert Von Karajan –
Beethoven: Triple Concerto [Import]
Herbert von Karajan (Conductor) –
Lazar Berman- The Deutsche Grammophon Recordings [Import]
Herb Pedersen –
Southwest/Sandman [Import]
Hertha Klust (Performer) –
Pilar Lorengar: A Portrait in Live and Studio Recordings from 1959-1962 [Box set]
High Spirits –
You Are Here
Hildur Gudnadottir –
Hollywood Monsters –
Big Trouble
Honeyblood –
Hungarian Symphony Orchestra Miskolc (Orchestra) –
Emanuel Moór: Cello Concertos
Ian Hunter –
Strings Attached
I Draw Slow –
White Wave Chapel
Iggy Pop –
Soldier [Import]
Ike Yard –
Illa Ghee –
Social Graffiti
In Memories
Inge Spinette (Composer, Conductor) –
This Wing’d Hour: English Song Cycles
In Slaughter Natives –
Cannula Coma Legio [Import]
Ion Buzea (Performer) –
Chants Nostalgiques
Ion Vein –
Ion Vein
Iron Butterfly –
Live In Sweden 1971 [Live]
Isabelle Courroy –
Confluence No. 1
Islander –
Violence & Destruction
I Solisti del Vento (Orchestra) –
Gran Partita K.361 Requiem K.622
Ivan Klansky (Performer) –
Violin Sonatas
Jackson Browne –
Late For The Sky (Remastered 40th Anniversary Edition)
Jake E. Lee –
Runnin’ With the Devil [Import]
James Blackshaw –
Fantomas: Le Faux Magistrat
James Taylor –
Jt [Import]
James Taylor –
Dad Loves His Work [Import]
Janine Jansen (Performer) –
Martin Fröst plays Brahms [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
J.D. Souther –
You’re Only Lonely [Import]
Jean-Philippe Collard –
Saint-Saens: Piano Concertos No.1 2 4 [Import]
Jean-Philippe Collard –
Saint-Saens: Piano Concertos No.3 & 5 [Import]
Jeff Williams –
First Meeting: Live in London 1 [Live]
Long Time Comin [Import]
Jim Brickman –
Blessed: Songs of Inspiration
Jim Messina –
Oasis [Import]
Jimmie Driftwood –
6 Classic Albums Plus [Import]
Jimmie Lunceford –
Collection 1930-42
Jimmy James –
Now Is The Time
Jimmy Reed –
5 Classic Albums Plus [Import]
Jimmy Webb –
Angel Heart [Import]
Jim Reeves –
Complete Abbott Recordings [Import]
Joan Armatrading –
To the Limit [Import]
Joe Purdy –
Eagle Rock Fire
Joey Heatherton –
Album [Import]
Joey Molland –
Demo’s Old & New
Johannes Brahms (Composer) –
The Concertgebouw Recordings [Import]
Johann Sebastian Bach (Composer) –
Bach: Secular Cantatas [Import]
Johann Sebastian Bach (Composer) –
L’Arte Di Salvatore Accardo: Una Vita Per Il Violi [Import]
John Barbirolli –
Mahler: Symphony No.9 [Import]
John Barrowman –
You Raise Me Up [Import]
John Cage –
Spam: Musical Sculptures & Other Devices
John Eliot Gardiner (Conductor) –
John Hartford –
Life Love & Music 1966-1969
John Lemke –
John Martyn –
Well Kept Secret [Import]
John Mellencamp –
Performs Trouble No More Live at Town Hall [Live]
Johnny Griffin –
7 Classic Albums 2 [Import]
Johnny Hallyday –
Born Rocker Tour [Import]
Johnny Hodges –
Blues A-Plenty [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Johnny Mathis –
7 Classic Albums 2 [Import]
Jon Allen –
Deep River
Jose Garcia Guttierez (Performer) –
British Composers Premiere Collections 5
Jose Jose –
Jose Jose Duetos 2
Joy Askew –
Drunk on You
Judas Priest –
Redeemer of Souls (Deluxe Edition)
Jung Jun Yeong –
Teenager [Import]
Kalman –
Plays Lehar Sarasate Kalman & Sieczynski
Kangas –
Con for Clarinet Sym 1 [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Karla Bonoff –
Wild Heart of the Young [Import]
Karla Bonoff –
Karla Bonoff [Import]
Karla Bonoff –
Restless Nights [Import]
Karl Boehm (Conductor) –
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – 46 Sinfonie
Karl Boehm (Conductor) –
Ludwig van Beethoven – Johannes Brahms – Wolgang Amadeus Mozart – Schubert The Symphonies [Import]
Karl-Friedrich Beringer (Conductor) –
Chormusik im 20. Jahrhundert (20th-Century Choral Music)
Katáng –
Adorján tortája
Katarzyna Drogosz (Performer) –
Historical Trombone 1553-1837
Keeno –
Life Cycle
Kenny Burrell –
7 Classic Albums 2 [Import]
Kenny Loggins –
Keep the Fire [Import]
Kenny Loggins –
Nightwatch [Import]
Kenny Loggins –
Celebrate Me Home [Import]
Khatia Buniatishvili –
Motherland [Import]
Kiki Dee –
Sixties Collection
KillerHertz –
A Killer Anthem
Kim Presents Jo Jo Clark Fowley –
New Hound in Town
Kings Consort –
Ten Sonatas in Four Parts
Kj-52 –
Klaus Tennstedt –
Mahler: Symphony No.5 [Import]
Kool & The Gang –
Kool & The Gang [Import]
Krewella –
Krewella-Future Sound of Edm [Import]
Kris Drever –
Before the Ruin [Import]
Kristen Cornwell –
Duke Ellington’s Sound Of Love
Kruk –
Kurtis Blow –
Kurtis Blow [Import]
László Kovács (Conductor) –
Rachmaninov: The Isle of the Dead Symphonic Dances
Lada Valesova –
Dvorak Suk Liszt & More
Lalo Schifrin –
Rio After Dark [Import]
Larry Lee –
Marooned [Import]
Lee Evans –
Roadrunner Live
Leela James –
Fall for You
Lehmann –
Lehmanized [Import]
Leifs –
Leopold Stokowski (Conductor) –
Stokowski-Rimsky-Korsakov Tchaikovsky 1962
Les Graffiti’s –
Les Jours Heureux [Import]
Lessing –
Jacqueline Fontyn & The Concert [Box set] [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Lethe –
When Dreams Become Nightmares
Little Milton –
Sings Big Soul [Import]
Little River Band –
Cuts Like a Diamond [Import]
Live Skull –
Liv Glaser (Performer) –
Liza Ferschtman (Composer, Conductor) –
Biber Bartok Berio & Bach [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Lizzo –
Lizzobangers [Import]
London Philharmoinc Orchestra (Orchestra) –
Beethoven: Missa Solemnis
London Philharmonic Orc –
Most Wanted Recitals: Portrait of Pilar
Lorin Maazel –
Brahms: Symphonies [Import]
Lorin Maazel –
20th-Century Portraits-Falla Bartok Stravinsky [Import]
Lorin Maazel –
Strauss: Tone Poems [Import]
Los Rockin Devil’s –
Esos Fueron Los Dias
Louie Fresco –
Autophobia [Import]
Louis 2000 –
Afro Soul 2
Low Roar –
Luca Guglielmi (Conductor) –
Sonatas for Harpsichord
Lucas Fels (Performer) –
Anatomy of Disaster
Lucerne Festival –
Lucerne Festival Orchestra (Orchestra) –
Violin Concertos Conducted by Wilhelm Furtwängler
Lucky Peterson –
I’m Back Again
Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer) –
The Art of Daniel Barenboim [Import]
Ludwig van Beethoven – Johannes Brahms – Anton Bruckner (Composer) –
The Symphonies – Beethoven-Brahms-Bruckner [Import]
Ludwig van Beethoven – Johannes Brahms (Composer) –
The Art of Sir Georg Solti [Import]
Luiz Alves da Silva (Conductor) –
Marcos Portugal: Choral Music
Luka Bloom –
Salty Heaven [Import]
Madball –
Hardcore Lives [Import]
Madonagun –
Grovel At Her Feet
Magic Man –
Before the Waves
Magma –
Zuhn Wol Unsai: Live 1974 [Live]
Mahler (Composer) –
Johannes Brahms – Anton Bruckner – Gustav Mahler The Symphonies [Import]
Manes –
Teeth, Toes and Other Trinkets
Manfred Honeck (Conductor) –
Dvorak: Symphony No. 8 – Janacek: Jenufa Suite [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Manic Street Preachers –
Futurology [Import]
Manic Street Preachers –
Futurology [Import]
Marc Almond –
Ten Plagues [Import]
Marc Houle –
Cola Party
Marco Minnemann –
Marek Stilec (Conductor) –
Zdenek Fibich: Orchestral works, Vol. 3
Mario Venzago (Conductor) –
Bruckner: Symphony No. 8
Mark Germino –
Caught in the Act of Being Ourselves [Import]
Martha Argerich –
Chopin: Piano Concerto No.1 & No.2 [Import]
Martha Reeves & the Vandellas –
Black Magic [Import]
Martin Green –
Crows’ Bones [Import]
Marvin Gaye –
The Masquerade
Mary Sarah –
Mathias Coppens (Performer) –
Quartet for the End of Time
Mathias Kaden –
Cocoon Ibiza
Mato –
Homework Dub
Matthewdavid –
In My World [Import]
Maurizio Picariello –
Wandering Minstrel [Import]
Mausoleum –
Mausoleum [Import]
Maxi Priest –
Easy To Love
Megaton –
Melody Takata –
Shadow to Shadow [Single]
Men They Couldnt Hang –
Night Ferry Ep [Import]
Michael Card –
Michael Dease –
Michael Schønwandt (Conductor) –
Sym 9
Michéle Gurdal (Performer) –
Romances: Late Chamber Music
Michel Bisceglia –
The Night And The Music
Michel Bisceglia –
Second Breath
Michel Bisceglia –
Inner You
Micky Flanagan –
The Out Out Tour
Migos –
No Label II (Explicit)
Mihaly Borbely –
Hungarian Jazz Rhapsody
Mills Brothers –
Collection 1931-52
Milos Karadaglic (Performer) –
Ministry –
Last Tangle In Paris – Live 2012 DeFiBrilLaTouR (2xCD+DVD) [Live]
Miwako Matsumoto –
Tosti Kakyokushu [Import]
Modeselektor –
Modeselektion Vol 3
Monster Jaw –
Get a Tattoo [Import]
Monteverdichor Wurzburg (Orchestra) –
Heinrich von Herzogenberg: Requiem & Totenfeier [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Monty Python –
Monty Python & The Holy Grail [Import]
Monty Python –
Monty Python’s Previous Record [Import]
Monty Python –
Another Monty Python CD [Import]
Monty Python –
Monty Python’s Contractual Obligation Album [Import]
Monuments –
Morris Jones –
Love Me Loud [Import]
Mortals –
Cursed to See the Future
Mtv Ibiza 2014.1 –
Mtv Ibiza 2014.1 [Import]
Mumbai Science –
Deja Vu
My Iron Lung –
n/a (Conductor) –
A Loving Home’s a Happy Home: 19th-Century Moravian Parlor Music
na (Conductor) –
Greatest Operas, Vol. 1 [Box set]
na (Conductor) –
Greatest Operas [Box set]
na (Conductor) –
Greatest Operas [Box set]
na (Conductor) –
Greatest Operas [Box set]
Nagem –
Divine Splendor
Nathalie Saudan –
Strings & Wood
NDR Chor (Orchestra) –
George Enescu: Isis & Symphony No. 5
NDR Radiophilharmonie Hannover (Orchestra) –
Max Bruch: Complete Works for Violin & Orchestra Vol. 1
NDR Radiophilharmonie Hannover (Orchestra) –
August Enna: Overture “”Cleopatra””, Violin Concerto & Symphonic Fantasy
Neckbreak Nation –
Stroke Of The Devil’s Hour
Ned Doheny –
Hard Candy [Import]
Neil Diamond –
All-Time Greatest Hits
Netherlands Wind Ensemble (Composer, Conductor) –
New Year Concert 2014
Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart (Artist, Composer, Conductor) –
Never Sol –
Under Quiet
Neville Marriner –
Bach: Suites Nos 2-4 [Import]
Neville Marriner –
Mozart: Overtures [Import]
New Symphony Orchestra –
Most Wanted Recitals: Operatic Recital By Eugene
Niccolò Paganini (Composer) –
Paganini – Complete Works [Import]
Nicholas Gunn –
Journey to Yellowstone
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds –
Kicking Against The Pricks
Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov (Composer) –
Ansermet-Edition – Russian Music
Nik Everett –
Nills Anders Mortensen (Performer) –
Lieder on Texts By Garborg Ibsen & Vinje [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Nils Petter Molvaer –
Switch [Import]
Nirnaeth –
Splendour Of The Abyss
Noel Mckay –
Is That So Much to Ask
none (Conductor) –
Dupont: Poeme, Les Heures Dolentes, La Maison Dans les Dunes (Excerpts), Journee de Printemps [Import]
None (Conductor) –
CPE Bach: Cello Concertos [Import]
None (Conductor) –
Felicien David: Melodies [Import]
None (Conductor) –
Beethoven: Violin Sonatas Nos.4 & 7, Piano Trios Nos.3 & 5 [Import]
None (Conductor) –
Haydn: String Quartets Op.33 [Import]
None (Conductor) –
Schubert: An den Mond – Lieder [Import]
None (Conductor) –
Mendelssohn: The Complete Solo Piano Music [Import]
None (Conductor) –
Prokofiev: Violin Sonatas Nos.1 & 2, Five Melodies [Import]
None (Conductor) –
After Hours [Import]
None (Conductor) –
Onslow: Cello Sonatas Nos.1-3 [Import]
None (Conductor) –
Tchaikovsky & Scharwenka: Piano Sonatas [Import]
None (Conductor) –
Janacek: Prohadka, Presto; Kodaly: Sonata for Cello; Greig: Cello Sonata [Import]
Novak –
Bohemian Music
Nuremberg Philharmonic (Orchestra) –
Giovanni Sgambati: Piano Concerto Op. 15 & Orchestral Works
Obdurated –
I Feel Nothing
Old Crow Medicine Show –
Remedy [Import]
Omarion –
Sex Playlist [Import]
Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano della Rai (Orchestra) –
Emil Gilels in Italy
Orchestre National de Lyon (Orchestra) –
Berlioz: Harold en Italie
Origin –
Orquestra de Cambra Teatre Lliure (Orchestra) –
Piazzolla: Tangos, Concerto for bandoneon [Import]
Osmo Vänskä (Conductor) –
Sibelius: Lemminkäinen Suite & The Wood-Nymph [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Othon –
Pineal [Import]
Otto Klemperer –
Mendelssohn: Sym. No.3 ‘Scottish’ & No.4 ‘Italian’ [Import]
Pages –
Pages [Import]
Pages –
Future Street [Import]
Paloma Devi –
Let It Be So
Panagiotis Trochpoulos (Performer) –
Music of 19th Century Jewish German Composers 4
Panic Room –
Satellite [Import]
Parasol –
Not There [Import]
Parsons –
Most Wanted Recitals: The Art of Hans Hotter
Pascal Meyer Xenia Pestova (Performer) –
Cage: Works for Two Keyboards, Vol. 3
Paul Baran –
Paul Gilbert –
Stone Pushing Uphill [Import]
Pauline Ngoc –
Les Amoureux Qui Passe
Peggy King –
Make Yourself Comfortable
Pepe Willberg –
Pepe & Saimaa [Import]
Percussion Mania –
Masaba Kan
Perro –
Planet Earth Rock N Roll Orchestra
Pestifer –
Reaching The Void
Peter Kooy (Performer) –
Gilles: Requiem, Diligam te, Domine [Import]
Peter Orth (Conductor) –
Diabelli Variations
Peter Polycarpou –
Les Miserables: From Stage To Screen
Peter Rowan –
Dharma Blues
Petra Mullejans (Conductor) –
Haydn: Cello Concertos [Import]
Phalloplsty –
Systematic Mutilation
Pharrell Williams –
The Profile
Phil Ochs –
A Hero Of The Game
Phil Thornton –
Visions of Tibet
Pierre Boulez (Conductor) –
Schoenberg: Pierrot Lunaire [Import]
Pinnick Gales Pridgen –
Pip Proud –
Fraying Space
Planet Rain –
The Fundamental Principles
Po –
Sym 4 1812
Pointer Sisters –
Having a Party [Import]
Point of View –
Polish Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra (Orchestra) –
Loussier: Violin Concertos Nos. 1 and 2 – Paderewski: Sonata for Violin and Piano in A minor, Op.13
Popova –
Violin Cons
Posen Camerata Bach Choir (Orchestra) –
I briganti
Preston Shannon –
Dust My Broom
Ptahil –
Born Against
Purcell Choir (Orchestra) –
Der Kampf der Buße und Bekehrung
Purcell (Composer) –
Purcell: The Fairy Queen [Import]
Rab Noakes –
Standing Up [Import]
Radical Slave –
Ragan Whiteside –
Quantum Drive
Raige –
Buongiorno L.A. [Import]
Ramin Bahrami –
Bach for Babies [Import]
Ray Charles –
In The 1950s
Rebecca Hall (Performer) –
Music of 19th Century Jewish German Composers 5
Red Sovine –
Hold Everything (Till I Get Home) [Import]
Relics of Humanity –
Ominouslyreigning Upon the Intangible
Reuben Wilson –
Got to Get Your Own [Import]
Riccardo Muti –
Bolero. Les Preludes 1812 [Import]
Richard Marx –
Beautiful Goodbye
Richard Weiss and Joela Jones (Orchestra) –
American Grace
Rick Braun –
Can You Feel It
Rick Estrin & The Nightcats –
You Asked For It…Live! [Live]
Ricky Gervais –
Complete Podcasts Volumes 1-5
Rival Sons –
Great Western Valkyrie
Robbie Basho –
Zarthus [Import]
Robert de Visée (Composer) –
Music of the 18th Century for Flute and Guitar
Robert Kyr (Composer) –
Robert Kyr: The Cloud of Unknowing [Hybrid SACD – DSD] [Import]
Robert Pozarski (Conductor) –
Castrum Doloris: Old Polish Burial Ceremonies
Robin Thicke –
Robin Thicke [Import]
Roelofs2lauscher Trio –
Rog & Pip –
Our Revolution
Romina Power –
Da Lontano
Ron Carter –
In Memory of Jim [Import]
Ronnie Scott –
Fast & Loose: Live in 1954 [Live]
Rony Verbiest –
Nature Boy
Royal Wind Music –
En Er Mundo
Roy Hamilton –
8 Classic Albums [Import]
Roy Ubiquity Ayers –
Tear to a Smile [Import]
Rude –
Soul Recall
Sabaton –
Heroes [Import]
Sally Yeh –
Ultimate Sound Sacd [Super Audio CD – DSD] [Import]
Salvatore Carchiolo (Performer) –
Sam Cooke –
Forever-Greatest Hits & Favorites [Import]
Samson Francois –
Ravel: Piano Conceritos [Import]
Samson Schmitt –
Crazy Sound [Import]
Sanguine Hum –
Live in America [Import]
Satanize –
Black Rotten Witchcraft
Scars of Tomorrow –
Failed Transmissions
Scottish National Jazz Orchestra –
American Adventure
Scott Wilkie –
All In
Seiji Ozawa (Conductor) –
Gustav Mahler – The Symphnies Kindertotenlieder [Import]
Seiji Ozawa (Conductor) –
A Lif For Music [Import]
Seitz –
Pennsylvania Pioneers: Our Band Heritage 26
Serdce –
Sergei Prokofiev (Composer) –
Art of Valery Gergiev [Import]
Sergio Mendes –
Bossa Nova York [Import]
Sergiu Celibidache –
Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.5 [Import]
Serrat & Sabina –
El Simbolo Y El Cuate [Import]
Sheree Brown –
Straight Ahead [Import]
Shirley Scott –
6 Classic Albums 2 [Import]
Sia Tolno –
African Woman [Import]
Siberian Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra) –
Mieczyslaw Weinberg: Symphony No. 21, Kaddish & Polish Tunes
Silocea –
Sonatas: Enescu Prokofiev Shostakovich
Silver –
Silver [Import]
Simon Halsey (Performer) –
Wolf: Prometheus, Orchesterlieder [Import]
Simply Red –
Stay [Import]
Simply Red –
Simplified [Import]
Simrit –
Sinister –
The Post-Apocalyptic Servant (ltd. 2CD digipak edition)
Sinitaivas –
Laitan Likoon Kaiken [Import]
Skygreen Leopards –
Family Crimes
Slaughter & The Dogs –
Manchester 101 [Import] [Live]
Smoked Sugar –
Smoked Sugar [Import]
Soft Machine –
Fourth [Import]
Sonic Syndicate –
Sonic Syndicate
Sonny Rollins –
Road Shows 3 [Import]
Southern Methodist University Wind Ensemble (Orchestra) –
Chamber & Piano Works
Spinners –
Best of [Import]
Stan Getz –
7 Classic Albums 2 [Import]
Starset –
Steel Prophet –
Steel Prophet –
Omniscient: Limited Edition Digipak With 36 Pg Digibook [Limited Edition]
Stefan Pelzl –
Cham Chameii
Stefan Solyom (Conductor) –
Strauss: Josephs Legende
Steve Earle –
Live in Nashville 1995 [Live]
Steve Hackett –
Genesis Revisited: Live at the Royal Albert Hall [Live]
Steve Lawrence –
Steve Lawrence Conquers Broadway
Steve Perry –
Street Talk [Import]
Steve Wilson –
Cover Version
Stompin’ Tom Connors –
In Live Concert [Import]
Stompin’ Tom Connors –
Truly Proud Canadian [Import]
Strike Master –
Up for the Massacre
Studio-X Vs. Simon Carter –
Breaking The Void
Sugar –
Complete Studio Recordings 1992-95 [Import]
Sunshine Underground –
Sunshine Underground [Import]
Superfjord –
It Is Dark But I Have This Jewel [Import]
Supremes –
Supremes [Import]
Supremes –
Greatest Hits [Import]
Sviatoslav Richter –
Grieg & Schumann: Piano Concertos [Import]
Sviatoslav Richter –
Dvorak: Piano Concerto [Import]
Sweet –
Level Headed Tour Rehearsals 1977 [Import]
Sweet Charles –
For Sweet People [Import]
System 7 –
Out [Import]
Takanaka Masayoshi –
Jungle Jane [Import]
Takanaka Masayoshi –
Fade to Blue [Import]
Takanaka Masayoshi –
Nail the Pocket [Import]
Takanaka Masayoshi –
Walkin’ [Import]
Takanaka Masayoshi –
Bahama [Import]
Takanaka Masayoshi –
Woodchopper`S Ball [Import]
Takanaka Masayoshi –
Gaps! [Import]
Takanaka Masayoshi –
Rendez-Vous [Import]
Takanaka Masayoshi –
Little Richard Meets Takanaka Masayo [Import]
Takanaka Masayoshi –
Ballade [Import]
Takanaka Masayoshi –
Niji Densetsu 2 the White Goblin [Import]
Takanaka Masayoshi –
One Night Gig [Import]
Takanaka Masayoshi –
Hot Pepper [Import]
Takanaka Masayoshi –
Guitar Wonder [Import]
Tamtrum –
ATVFM (Allez Tous Vous Faire Mettre) CD/PAL DVD
Tavares –
Check It Out [Import]
Ted Nugent –
Terminal Death –
Terminal Death
The Gun Club –
Fire of Love
The Lone Pipers of The Scottish Regiments –
The Lone Pipers of The Scottish Regiments
The Mastersons –
Good Luck Charm
The O.C. Supertones –
The Osborn Brothers –
A Bluegrass Jamboree With The Osborne Brothers [Import]
The Polish Chamber Choir (Orchestra) –
Krzysztof Penderecki: Choral Works, Vol. 2
The Reggae Specials –
Beatles Reggae
The Roland Shaw Orchestra –
Most Wanted Recitals: Cesare Siepi – Easy to Love
The Rolling Stones –
Undercover [Import]
The Rolling Stones –
Undercover [Import]
The Shrine –
Bless Off
Tim Bowness –
Abandoned Dancehall Dreams
Tim Muggeridge (Performer) –
Mass in G & Other Choral Works
Timothy Helisek –
Cognisance: Piano Music of Glass Adams Part
Tobias Quartet Meinhart –
In Between
Tom Braxton –
The Next Chapter
Tom Wolfe –
Toni Lincoln –
Toni Lincoln
Tono Y Su Grupo Quirazco –
Soul Makossa
Torben Snekkestad & Barry Guy –
Slip Slide & Collide [Import]
Torbianelli –
Toshiya Kawasaki –
I’m Starting to Feel Okay Vol. 6-10 Years Edition
Townes Van Zandt –
For the Sake of the Song / Our Mother
Trague Phil Orch –
Broadway Baritone 1
Tribu –
Great Britains Best Sellers
Tricky D –
Equanimity [Import]
Trix –
Trick [Import]
Truckfighters –
Truckfighters –
Truckfighters –
Gravity X
Tsukemen –
Live in Stuttgart [Import]
twenty one pilots –
Vessel [Import]
Ub40 –
Red Red Wine: The Collection [Import]
Ultramantis Black –
Ultramantis Black
Unherz –
Sturm & Drang [Import]
United States of America –
United States of America: Columbia Recordings [Import]
Unspoken –
V.A. –
Organisation of Pop -30 Years of Za [Import]
V.A. –
Midnight Rider-Tribute to the Allman Brothers Band [Import]
V.A. –
Light Mellow Legacy: Best of Legacy Recordings Aor [Import]
Valentina Seferinova (Conductor) –
Piano Sonatas & Character Pieces
Valentina Seferinova (Performer) –
British Composers Premiere Collections 4
Valerie Carter –
Wild Child [Import]
Valerie Carter –
Just a Stone’s Throw Away [Import]
Vampillia –
Some Nightmares Take You Aurora Rainbow Darkness [Import]
Vanessa Bell Armstrong –
Vanessa Perea –
Soulful Days
Various –
My Dream Is Yours
Various –
Spain in My Heart – Songs of the Spanish Civil War [Import]
Various –
Tip Your Kapp To Northern Soul
Various –
Soca Anthems Collection [Box set]
Various Artists –
Nostalgic Vietnam: Crooners Poems & Prayers
Various Artists –
Paris Cafe Blues [Import]
Various Artists –
Love’s Labour s Lost (Original Cast Recording)
Various Artists –
El Condor Pasa [Import]
Various Artists –
Ants Presents the Mix 2014 [Import]
Various Artists –
West Coast Jazz [Import]
Various Artists –
Country & Western Ladies [Import]
Various Artists –
Love Sounds Style II-Pops [Import]
Various Artists –
Love Sounds Style IV-Burt Bacharach [Import]
Various Artists –
Love Sounds Style I-Easy Listening [Import]
Various Artists –
Love Sounds Style III-Cinema [Import]
Various Artists –
Love Sounds Style V-Francis Lai [Import]
Various Artists –
Viva Futebol: Brazilian Football Songs [Import]
Various Artists –
French Electro Sound [Import]
Various Artists –
Ben-Hur Et Les Epopees D’Hollywood [Import]
Various Artists –
Fbi Operazione Vipera Gialla [Import]
Various Artists –
Super Eurobeat Extended Version 229 [Import]
Various Artists –
Blue Note-Standard Time [Import]
Various Artists –
Blue Note-Vocal Collection [Import]
Various Artists –
Blue Note-New Groove [Import]
Various Artists –
100 Best Complete Tracks [Import]
Various Artists –
Jazz No Aru Seikatsu-Morning [Import]
Various Artists –
Eastern Boys [Import]
Various Artists –
Centenary: Words & Music of the Great War [Import]
Various Artists –
Beat Mit Tempo 1 [Import]
Various Artists –
Latina Hits Summer 2014 [Import]
Various Artists –
Night Walker: Jack Nitzsche Story 3 [Import]
Various Artists –
More Lost Soul Gems [Import]
Various Artists –
White Queen Original TV Soundtrack [Import]
Various Artists –
Chef [Import]
Various Artists –
Jazz & 80 S-Trilogy [Import]
Various Artists –
Bloomingdale 2014 [Import]
Various Artists –
Brainzcrew 3 [Import]
Various Artists –
I Summer [Import]
Various Artists –
Savannah Ibiza Mixed [Import]
Various Artists –
Creche Ibiza Compiled [Import]
Various Artists –
Disney Princess [Import]
Various Artists –
12inch Dance-House [Import]
Various Artists –
12inch Dance-80s Groove [Import]
Various Artists –
Striscia La Compilation Summer 2014 [Import]
Various Artists –
Made for Djs Vol. 4 [Import]
Various Artists –
Come Il Vento [Import]
Various Artists –
Vita Segreta Di Una Diciottenne [Import]
Various Artists –
La Mafia Uccide Solo D’Estate [Import]
Various Artists –
I Dolci Vizi Della Casta Susanna [Import]
Various Artists –
Dynaudio: Kissed By a Song
Various Artists –
Brazil the Birth of Bossa Nova [Import]
Various Artists –
Portugal! The Legends of Fado [Import]
Various Artists –
Espana! Grandes Personajes del Flamenco [Import]
Various Artists –
Argentina! Tango Legends [Import]
Various Artists –
Ola Cabo Verde [Import]
Various Artists –
Enter.Ibiza 2014
Various Artists –
Salvador Dali: Icons Series
Various Artists –
Frida Kahlo: The Icons Series
Various Artists –
Che Guevara: The Icons Series
Various Artists –
Sintillate Marbella 2014
Various Artists –
Pacha Ibiza House Anthems
Various Artists –
Boyhood: Music From the Motion Picture
Various Artists –
Electric Asylum 6: Rare British Freakro
Various Artists –
Upside Down 1 1966-1970: Coloured Dreams
Various Artists –
Various Artists –
Ultimate Collection of Sensuous
Various Artists –
Beat From Badsville 2
Various Artists –
Chilled Out a Collection of Blissful Sounds
Various Artists –
Fifa 2014 Hits
Various Artists –
Weekend in Ibiza 2
Various Artists –
Bruce Springsteen, Tribute To
Various Artists –
House: The Vocal Session 2014/2
Various Artists (Bagpiping) –
Red Hot Piping- Penny Arcade
Various (Conductor) –
Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonate Per Pianoforte [Import]
Various (Conductor) –
Franz Schubert – The Piano Sonatas [Import]
Various (Conductor) –
Ludwig van Beethoven – The Piano Sonatas [Import]
Various (Conductor) –
Rosalyn Tureck plays Johann Sebastian Bach [Import]
Various (Conductor) –
Johann Sebastian Bach – Solo Piano Works [Import]
Various (Conductor) –
Solo Recordings [Import]
Various (Conductor) –
Liszt – Solo Recordings [Import]
Veiyadra –
Veni Domine –
Verdi –
Vic Pitts & The Cheaters –
Lost Tapes
Victor Lewis –
Midnight Melodies
Vienna Kolonaden –
Romantic Violin of Denes Zsigmondy
Vienna Philharmonic (Orchestra) –
Bruckner: Symphony No. 9 & Te Deum
Viloteau –
Vincent Bucher –
Vintersorg –
Vivaldi –
Per Monsieur Pisendel 2
Vivaldi –
Concertos & Sonata
Vladimir Ashkenazy (Conductor) –
Rachmaninov: Monna Vanna & Songs
Vokalensemble Con Fuoco (Orchestra) –
Hildegard von Bingen: Ave Generosa
Wade Flemons –
More Grains of Sand
Wake –
Walkabouts –
Devil’s Road
Walkabouts –
Wami –
Kill the King [Import]
Wanda Jackons, Dr. Strangelove, Etc. Johnny Cash –
Atomic Platters: Cold War Music From Golden Age [Import]
Watkinssean –
All I Do Is Lie [Import]
Wayne Darling –
We Came As Romans –
Tracing Back Roots [Import]
Wednesday 13 –
Undead Unplugged
Wednesday 13 –
Dead Meat Collection (Limited Edition) [Limited Edition]
Westbay –
Spread Love
Wiener Philharmoniker –
Most Wanted Recitals: Lisa Della Casa – Operatic
Wiener Staatsopernchor (Performer) –
Beethoven: The 9 Symphonies [Import] [Box set] [Live]
Wiener Staatsopernchor (Performer) –
Brahms: The Symphonies; Ein deutsches Requiem [Import] [Box set]
Wiener Volksopernorchester –
Most Wanted Recitals: Cristina Deutekom in Vienna
Wilhelm Furtwangler –
Beethoven: Symphony No.5 & 7 [Import]
Wilhelm Furtwangler –
Mozart: Symphony No.40 [Import]
Wilhelm Furtwangler –
Beethoven: Symphony No.6 ‘Pastoral’ [Import]
Wilhelm Furtwangler –
Beethoven: Symphony No.9 [Import]
Wilhelm Furtwangler –
Beethoven: Symphony No.3 ‘Eroica’ [Import]
Willi Boskovsky –
Lehar: Waltzers [Import]
Winston Brown –
Keep on Dreamin
Wisin –
El Regreso Del Sobreviviente [Import]
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Composer) –
Mozart: Piano Concertos Nos.22 & 24 [Import]
Wolfgang Sawallisch –
Brahms: Symphonyno.2 [Import]
Wolfgang Sawallisch (Conductor) –
The Art of Wolfgang Sawallisch [Import]
Wolfgang Voigt –
Ruckverzauberung 9 / Musik Fur Kulturinstitutionen
Wolves in the Throneroom –
Wunderlich –
Early Recordings [Box set]
Wynonie Harris –
Collection 1944-47
ザ・ブラディ・バンチ –
Meet the Brady Bunch [Import]
ディエスシアー –
Ashes of the Dawn [Import]
南里沙 –
Risa Plays J-Songs [Import]
南里沙 –
Risa Plays Cinema [Import]
Yasunori Imamura (Composer, Conductor) –
Spanish Music for Vihuela From the Time of Charles
Young Jessie –
Don’t Happen No More
Zanchi’ –
Elementi [Import]
Zone Zero –
The Lost Legacy
Zoot Sims –
At Ronnie Scott’s 1961: The Complete Recordings

Acheron – Kult Des Hasses
Action Bronson – Saaab Stories [Import]
Ad Patres – Scorn Aesthetics
Afrobeat Makers – Afrobeat Makers-Tony Allen Rhythms 2
Akra – Los Peros Ep [Import]
Al Doum & The Faryds – Positive Force
Alex Blaxx – It’s Been Done Before
Alex Under – Azul Ostra [EP]
Ambrose Akinmusire – Imagined Savior Is Far Easier to Paint
Amon Duul II – Wolf City
Anderson Bruford Wakeman & Howe – Evening of Yes Music 2 [Import]
Anderson Bruford Wakeman & Howe – Evening of Yes Music 1 [Import]
Andre Solomko – Le Polaroid
Ane Brun – To Let Myself Go
Ariel Kalma – Osmose
Arnocorps – Two More [Single]
Art Fine – Dark Silence
Bad Assets – Split [Single]
Bakersfield Big Guitars – Bakersfield Big Guitars
Bassnectar – Noise Vs Beauty
Bathory – Requiem [Import]
Bathory – Octagon [Import]
Bebetta – Electric Train [EP]
Bell Towers – Remixed [EP]
Beroshima – Polyphonication Pt 1 [EP]
Blackfoot – Train Train – Southern Rock Live! [Live]
Blackhall & Bookless – Se7en [EP]
Blacklist Royals – Die Young With Me
Black Strobe – Going Back Home [Import]
Blazej Malinowski – Dual Reality
Boot & Tax – Fusci [EP]
Bright Light Bright Light – Life Is Easy
Brillstein – Back to Bed
Bronze Radio Return – Up on & Over
By Divine Right – Organized Accidents [Import]
Candidate – Side By Side
Carole King – Tapestry
Casey Crescenzo – Amour & Attrition
Chalaque – Switching Center
Chicago – Chicago VII [Limited Edition]
Christine and the Queens – Chaleur Humaine
Cola & Jimmu – I Give to You My Love & Devotion
Coldfish – Orphans Remixes
Coleman Hawkins – Night Hawk [Import]
Comin Correct – Drugs Destroy Dreams
__ (Conductor) – Beethoven: The 5 Sonatas for Cello & Piano
Corpsessed – Abysmal Thresholds
Cory Allen – The Seeker and the Healer
Cradle Of Filth – Total Fucking Darkness
Cro – Melodie [Import]
Cyclobe – Visitors
Da Lata – Remixes [Import]
Damned – Chiswick Singles-And Another Thing [Import]
Damned – Machine Gun Etiquette [Import]
Damned – Black Album [Import]
Darkside (Nicolas Jaar & Dave Harrington) – Darkside
Deerhunter – Microcastle/Weird Era Continued [Import]
Deicide – Legion
Dejan Milicevic – Perception [EP]
Diamond Youth – Don’t Lose Your Cool [Import]
Digital Dance – Total Erasement
Dillon – Matter of Time Remixes
Dinosaur Jr. – Hand It Over [Import]
Donato Dozzy – K
Dwellers – Pagan Fruit
Earth Crisis – Salvation of Innocents [Limited Edition]
Eaux – Plastics (LP)
Echo & The Bunnymen – Meteorites
Edvard Graham Lewis – All Over
Edvard Graham Lewis – All Under
Eliza Shaddad – Waters Ep [Import]
Elvis Costello – Juliet Letters [Import]
Embryo – Message From Era Ora
Enid – Invicta
Erykah Badu – Mama’s Gun [Import]
Ess O Ess – Baboon [EP]
Eternal Zio – Eternal Zio
Ethan Johns – Reckoning [Import]
Extortion – Degenerate
Fairground Attraction – First of a Million Kisses [Import]
Fall – Unutterable [Import]
Few Nolder – Clouds [Import]
Filter Dread – Midi Space
Fleetwood Mac / Christine Perfect Band – Hey Baby
Forest & The Trees – Missions [Import]
Frank Sinatra – Come Dance With Me [Import]
Fritz Reiner – Spain
Frustration – Dying Cities Remix
Futuro Antico – Futuro Antico
Futuro Antico – Dai Primitivi All’ Elettronica
Gene the Southern Child X Parallel Thought – Southern Meridian
Gentle Friendly – Kaua’i O’o A’a
Glass Animals – Zaba
Grave Command – All Hallowed Hymns (Compilation)
Greenhorn – I Want More
Gulp – Season Sun
Havok – Time Is Up [Limited Edition]
Havok – Unnatural Selection / Point of No Return [Limited Edition]
Havok – Burn [Limited Edition]
Hawkwind – Electric Teepee [Limited Edition]
Heart To Heart – Dulce (LP)
Helen – Witch / Zanzibar
Herbert – Part 6 [Import]
Hex Bombs – Everything Earned
Hrdvsion – Mr. Loser [EP]
Iet – So Unreal
Impulse – Chula Violence [Single]
Instigators – Dine Upon the Dead [Import]
Iron Butterfly – Live At The Galaxy 1967 [Live]
Iron Man – The Passage
Iron Man – Generation Void
Jbla – Belleville [EP] [Single]
J.E.E.P. – Answering Machine
Jimi Goodwin – Live Like a River [Import]
Johnny Halifax & The Howling Truth – Bestial Floor [Import]
Julius Steinhoff – Flocking Behaviour
Kalabrese – Remixes [EP]
Kansas – The Best Of Kansas (180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl/Anniversary Limited Edition/Gatefold Cover) [Limited Edition]
Keluar – Vitreum
Kev Brown – Pillars [EP]
KONGOS – Lunatic
Krampfhaft – Before We Leave
Krzysztof Komeda – Knife in the Water [Import]
Legendary Pink Dots – 10 To The Power Of 9 Vol.1 (Limited Colored Vinyl 499 Copies Only) [Limited Edition]
Lemon Nash – Papa Lemon: New Orleans Ukelele Maestro & Tent Show Troubadour
Leong Lau – That Rongeng Sound [Limited Edition]
Liars – Pro Anti Anti [Import]
Lie In Ruins – Towards Divine Earth
Lifesigns – Lifesigns [Import]
Lindsey Stirling – Shatter Me
Los Issifu & His Moslems – Tanga Beat [Single]
Luca Agnelli – Orion
Luciaen – Origins / Great Amael [EP]
Lvcifyre – Sun Eater
Lycanthrophy – S/T
Mad Caddies – Keep It Going
Madlib – Rock Konducta Pt 2
Magic Man – Before the Waves
Marc Jordan – Blue Desert – Paper Sleeve – CD Deluxe Vinyl Replica [Collector’s Edition] [Limited Edition] [Original recording remastered]
Marc Jordan – Mannequin – Paper Sleeve – CD Deluxe Vinyl Replica [Collector’s Edition] [Limited Edition] [Original recording remastered]
Marco Resmann – 5:27 [EP]
Marco Shuttle – Fanfara [EP]
Marilyn Monroe – Box Of Diamonds – Limited Edition only 1000 Made Numbered [Box set]
Mars Red Sky – Stranded in Arcadia
Matthewdavid – In My World [Import]
Matt Kivel – Days of Being Wild
Metronomy – Reservoir
M. Geddes Gengras – Ishi
Mick Thammer – First
Mimicking Birds – Eons
Modeselektor – Modeselektion Vol 3
Mona Finnih – I Love Myself / People of the World
Moon Zero – Tombs
Moon Zero – Loss
Mos Generator – Electric Mountain Majesty [Double LP]
Mr Flash – Sonic Crusader
Mr Flash – Midnight Blue
Mungos Hi Fi – Serious Time
Myron & E – Do It Do It Disco
Nazareth – Boogaloo [Limited Edition]
Nazareth – Move Me [Limited Edition]
Nazareth – No Jive [Limited Edition]
Format: Vinyl]

Klubhaus Freunde B00KRFEJPA
Nicola Ratti –
Ossario 2
Nicola Ratti –
Ossario 1
Nightingales –
Pigs on Purpose
Noura Seymali –
Oaxaca –
Obituary –
End Complete
Octopus Syng –
Reverberating Garden No. 7 [Import]
Okkyung Lee –
Oliver Nelson –
Blues & The Abstract Truth [Import]
Ornette Coleman –
Something Else! [Import]
Oto –
Anyway [EP]
Oto –
Purge an Urge
Paws –
Youth Culture Forever (LP)
Peelander-Z –
Peter Richard –
Walking in the Neon
Petrels –
Silver Chimney Club / Wat Tyler
Piotr Kurek –
Porcupine Tree –
Stupid Dream
Propagandhi –
Potemkin City Limits
Quitters –
Contributing to Erosion
Red Garland –
At the Prelude [Import]
Reference –
Isolated Rhythm [EP]
Revelations Feat.tre Williams –
Cost of Living
Roche –
Stillhope [Single]
Ronnie James Dio (A Tribute To) –
Ronnie James Dio- This Is Your Life
Rose Windows –
There Is A Light
Royal Forest –
Spillway [Import]
Ruhmhardt –
Sarcofago –
Saturnalia Temple –
Sean Pineiro –
Saved Once Twice
Seidensticker & Salour –
Love for Sale [EP]
Septic Flesh –
Sepultura –
Sergio Mendes –
Magic [Import]
Shaolin Afronauts –
Ojo Abameta [Import]
Shift Work –
Scaled to Fit [EP]
Siinai –
S.J. Hoffman –
First Electronic Chillout Music
Snuff Crew –
Love Hurts [EP]
Steve Bug –
Pelican Glide
Stimming –
Southern Sun [EP]
Sum 41 –
Chuck [Limited Edition]
Syd Barrett –
The Madcap Laughs
Syd Barrett –
Opel (180 Gram Vinyl)
Syd Barrett –
Barrett (180 Gram Vinyl)
Symbol Six –
Technicolor Skull –
Technicolor Skull
Tempelhof & Gigi Masin –
Temptations –
Gettin’ Ready [Import]
The Blues Beats –
Beatle Beat
The Cheats –
Rockamania 1
The Hippy Boys –
Reggae With The Hippy Boys
The Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra) –
Mstislav Rostropovich
The Word Alive –
Real [Import]
They Might Be Giants –
Idlewild: A Compliation
This Wild Life –
Tiers –
Winter [Import]
Tiga Vs Audion –
Fever [EP]
Todd Terje –
Delorean Dynamite
Toto –
Hydra – Paper Sleeve – CD Deluxe Vinyl Replica [Collector’s Edition] [Limited Edition] [Original recording remastered]
Toto –
Toto – Paper Sleeve – CD Deluxe Vinyl Replica [Collector’s Edition] [Limited Edition] [Original recording remastered]
Toto –
Turn Back – Paper Sleeve – CD Deluxe Vinyl Replica [Collector’s Edition] [Limited Edition] [Original recording remastered]
Toto –
Toto IV – Paper Sleeve – CD Deluxe Vinyl Replica [Collector’s Edition] [Limited Edition] [Original recording remastered]
Townes Van Zandt –
For the Sake of the Song
Ulli Bomans –
Valley Of The Sun –
Electric Talons of the Thunderhawk
Various Artists –
Feeleed [EP]
Various Artists –
Tom Tam Club 2
Various Artists –
Late Night Tales Presents After Dark
Vic Pitts & The Cheaters –
Lost Tapes
(Vinyl) –
(Vinyl) –
Voigtmann –
Ground Effect [EP]
Vulvectomy –
Syphilic Dismembered Slut [Single]
Walkabouts –
Virgin Years [Box set]
Wednesday 13 –
Tunes From the Crypt 1 [Limited Edition]
Wen & Parris –
Caught / Collide [EP]
Whomadewho –
Wiedemann –
Masse Remixes II [EP]
Wilson Pickett –
Wilson Pickett [Import]
Xdb –
Afrikk [EP]
Youandewan –
Youandewan [EP]
Zanzibar Chanel –
Funky Junk [EP]
Zapp –
I [Import]
Zu –
Goodnight Civilization

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