New Music Releases – 7/22/14


 The List 

Aaron Freeman – Freeman
The Black Angels – Clear Lake Forest
Bobby Patterson – I Got More Soul
Common – Nobody’s Smiling
Got a Girl – I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now
La Hell Gang – Thru Me Again
La Roux – Trouble in Paradise
Neil Hamburger – First of Dismay
Obn Iiis – Live in San Francisco [Live]
P.S. I Love You – For Those Who Stay
Raveonettes – Pe’ahi

Rocknowski’s Reviews

Rocknowski is listening to and reviewing the opening track of every new release we find interesting or worthy, for as long as he keeps his sanity. These reviews are for the opening tracks only, and go by the following rating system:

1 star – Could barely get through the one song.
2 stars – Will not listen to the rest of the album.
3 stars – Might listen to the rest of the album.
4 stars – Will definitely listen to the rest of the album.
5 stars – Could not wait to listen to the rest of the album.Aaron Freeman – Freeman – “Covert Discretion”  – ***
– Freeman has not wandered too far away from the Ween philosophy with this self-titled solo record. The opening track, with it’s soaring, melodic refrain of “Fuck you…I’m never gonna die” is a Queen song. Albeit, with profane lyrics, the sort of which Mercury would have never uttered outside of a Saturday night trip to his favorite bathhouse. Of course, Freeman is neither Freddie Mercury nor Brian May, so “Cold Discretion” is not a great Queen song. Still, I’m willing to hand out 3 stars and tread a little further into this record.The Black Angels – Clear Lake Forest – “Sunday Evening” – *****
– There’s absolutely nothing new about this, and I’m not someone who believes there’s really nothing new under the Sun. So long as we all keep having different fingerprints, there’s gotta be hope, yes? That must mean, that if nothing else, we are new. This opening salvo on the new Black Angels LP is Who/Kinks/Donovan/Creation/Brian Jonestown Massacre etc. all over again. That having been said, I fucking loved it and I want more. The closest I can come to justifying my craving is that this song feels to me as if it’s the result of the band being possessed by an ancient sound. They’re not just doing some cunning impression. I’m starting to feel bad about not sticking around to watch the Black Angels headline when I went to see Roky Erickson in Houston this past Spring.

Bobby Patterson – I Got More Soul – “I Got More Soul” – ****
– The recent death of Soul and R&B quasar Bobby Womack highlighted the steadily declining supply of cool old black guys in the music industry. Anybody of taste, with any kind of feeling for the tremendous cultural contribution of African-American music to our nation’s earholes, need only look at the record cover to want to root like hell for this guy. While listening to the steady, rollicking, organic groove of this opening track, I had to keep auditing myself to determine if I liked the tune for what it is, or for what it represents. Screw it, both make a strong case for themselves.

Common – Nobody’s Smiling – “The Neighborhood (ft. Lil’ Herb and Cocaine 80’s” – *
– I have to be honest, I mostly think of Common as an actor. Years ago, I bought “Like Water For Chocolate” but I almost never listen to it. I respect Common for his spirituality and his social conscience. “Nobody’s Smiling” addresses the unprecedented wave of gang and gun violence in Common’s home city of “Chi-raq.” That’s all very noble. Unfortunately, this track sucks. The groove is suspect, there is no chorus. Yeah, the sample of news radio 780 just at the tail end made me a little home sick, but the whole mess sounds like it was devised by a guy who mostly thinks of himself as an actor. Actually, I’m not even sure I heard Common rap on this opening track. There are three credited voices, if that’s true, they all sound the same.

Got a Girl – I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now – “Did We Live To Fast” – **
– Word has it that this group is a collaboration between a moderately successful actress and a moderately successful hip-hop producer. Assuming the actress is the one doing the singing, she can sing a little bit. And the production sounds competent enough. There’s skill and talent here. It’s just not particularly compelling. I bet this song would make for an appropriate sonic back drop for your next Latte purchase down at the local Starbucks though.

La Hell Gang – Thru Me Again – “Inside My Fall”  – ***
– A gang of rock n’ roll Chileans, one of whom can play play some Neil Young-esque Ragged Glory on the axe, and another one who seems capable of generating some Nothing Shocking era Eric A. on the thunderbroom. I couldn’t make out any of the lyrics and I hope they have a few more stylistic moves in their repertoire, but I’m open to hearing some more.

La Roux – Trouble in Paradise – “Uptown Downtown” – ***
– This tune reminds this old warhorse of the sun sprayed ’80’s new wave pop-funk of Rick James‘ alter ego-ettes, the Mary Jane Girls, or Prince‘s Vanity 6. This song is missing something, sounds to me like it’s just a slight dose of semi-combustible children’s cough syrup away from FM radio Summer greatness. Unfortunately, with this sort of thing, a little is an awful damn lot. 

Neil Hamburger – First of Dismay – “Heckler, Mumbler” – *
– Here’s something I learned the hard way. Comedy and performance art are not at all the same thing.

Obn Iiis – Live in San Francisco [Live] – “If The Shit Fits” – ***
– 100 pounds of high density garage rock in a 10 lb colostomy bag. Not bad.

P.S. I Love You – For Those Who Stay – “In My Mind At Least” – ***
– Clouds Taste Metallic era Wayne Coyne jamming with Iggy Pop’s band from his Lust For Life LP. Once upon a time I would’ve thought that would be the perfect record. Even now, I’ll call it an awful damn good start.

Raveonettes – Pe’ahi – “Endless Sleeper” – ****
– Not that this band has split the atom on the Steve Allen Show with Chuck Yeager riding shotgun, but I’m having trouble coming up with some sort of reductive, pithy, comment to describe what they’re doing here. All I can say is I found this tune as soothing as whale song (Or Enya) and as rocking as an evening with Linda Evans on the set of the 1974 Joe Don Baker magnum-opus, “Mitchell.” Ok, I’ll admit it. I watched the “Mitchell” MST3K recently, and I didn’t exactly know what to say about this band. I stand by my “as soothing as whale song” comments though.

5 Seconds Of Summer – 5 Seconds Of Summer
Abigor –
Leytmotif Luzifer [Import]
Acollective –
Pangaea [Import]
Ada Rovatti –
Aenaon Erevos –
Born of Fire Forged By Death
Age of Artemis –
Waking Hour
Age of Artemis –
Overcoming Limits
Alessandro Cortini –
Allison Weiss –
Remember When
Alvvays –
Amanda Brecker –
Way to Be [Import]
Anberlin –
Ancient Ascendant –
Echoes & Cinder
Ancient Future –
Yearning for the Wind [Enhanced]
Andy Mineo –
Never Land
Anna –
Coming Back Home
Annapolis Brass Quintet –
Annuluk –
Malam (+ Bonus CD)
Anthony Burger –
Anthony Stuart –
Celtic Guitar
Anti-Flag –
Document of Dissent
Antonio Pinto –
Host – O.S.T.
Archie Pela Grenier –
Grenier Meets Archie Pealgo
Attrition –
Something Stirs/Eternity [Import]
Average White Band –
All the Pieces-The Complete Studio Recordings 1973 [Import]
Bad Boy Eddy –
Over The Top (Deluxe Edition)
Baka Beyond –
After the Tempest [Import]
Banks Soundtech Steel Orchestra –
Banks Soundtech Steel Orchestra [Import]
Barreto Y Su Plena –
Latin Fusion
Bastard Feast –
Osculum Infame
Bee Gees –
Life in a Tin Can [Import]
Bee Gees –
To Whom It May Concern [Import]
Bee Gees –
Living Eyes [Import]
Bee Gees –
Trafalgar [Import]
Bee Gees –
2 Years on [Import]
Bellarive –
Before There Was
Ben E. King –
Essential Recordings [Import]
Berliner Philharmoniker –
Opera Intermezzi/Offenbach… Suppe [Import]
Berliner Philharmoniker –
Schoenberg/Berg/Webern [Import]
Berliner Philharmoniker –
Tchaikovsky [Import]
Big Jay Mcneely –
Recorded Live at Cisco’s. Manhattan Beach Calif. [Import]
Bill Doggett –
Honky Tonk A-La Mod! [Import]
Bill Laurance –
Flint [Import]
Bionic Boogie –
Hot Butterfly (Expanded Edition) [Extra tracks]
Black Sabbath –
Mob Rules [Import]
Black Top –
One [Import]
Blind Thorns –
Blind Thorns
Blue Magic –
Welcome Back
Blue Notes –
Truth Has Come to Light [Import]
Bobby Patterson –
I Got More Soul
Boom Pam –
Manara & Summer Singles [Import]
Bo Saris –
Gold [Import]
Brand New Heavies –
Brass Construction –
III & IV (2 Albums on 1 CD)
Bruford –
Live in Tokyo/Introduction to Bill Bruford [Import]
Buddy Knox –
Buddy Knox + Buddy Knox & Jimmy Bowen [Import]
Carl Holmes & the Commanders –
Twist Party at the Roundtable [Import]
Carman –
20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Carman
Cashflow –
Cashflow (Expanded Edition) [Extra tracks]
Caudal –
Central Band of the Royal British Legion –
Comrades in Arms [Import]
Charles Aznavour –
Original Album Series [Import]
Charles Butler –
Charlie Rich –
Lonely Weekends [Import]
Chet Baker –
I Get Chet [Import]
Chico Buarque –
Essential Chico Buarque
Chris Smither –
Still on the Levee
Christian Wolff –
Pianist: Pieces
Chung Kyung-Wha –
Very Best of [Import]
Church Of Ra –
Church Of Ra (Treha Sektori)
C-Kan –
Clasificacion 1
Clepsydra –
Alone [Import]
Clinton Shorter –
2 Guns – O.S.T
Cold Blood –
Live at the Fillmore West 30th June 1971 [Live]
Coldwar –
Coleman Hawkins –
Alive! At the Village Gate 1962 [Import]
Colony House –
When I Was Younger
Coltsblood –
Into the Unfathomable Abyss
C.O.M.A. –
Clinik Organik Musak Anatomik
Common –
Nobody’s Smiling
Cormega –
Mega Philosophy
Corrupt Moral Altar –
Mechanical Tides
Count Basie –
Broadway Basie’s Way + Hollywood Basie’s Way [Import]
Craig Scott Quintet –
Cree Confederation –
Kihtawasoh Wapakwani: Beautiful Flower [Import]
Crown the Empire –
Resistance: Rise of the Runaways
Curtis Mayfield –
Back to the World [Import]
Cvartetul De Jazz Paul Weiner –
Spirale [Import]
Dagger –
The Dagger
Dakota Suite –
There Is Calm to Be Done
Dalhous –
Will to Be Well
Daniel Barenboim –
Very Best of [Import]
Darkest Hour –
Darkest Hour
Dark Moor –
Dark Moor –
Ancestral Romance
Dave Brubeck –
Jazz Biography
David Oistrakh –
Very Best of [Import]
David Ruffin –
So Soon We Change [Import]
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp –
Damage [Import]
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp –
First Day [Import]
Deine Lakaien –
Farewell/Where the Win [Single] [Import]
Deon Ignotus –
Procession of an Old Religion
Divna –
Divine Light
Dizzy Gillespie –
Greatest Trumpet of Them All [Import]
Django Reinhardt –
Original Album Series [Import]
Dog Fashion Disco –
Sweet Nothings
Dom Flemons –
Prospect Hill
Drenge –
Durutti Column –
Chronicle Lx: Xl
Dustaphonics –
Big Smoke London Town [Import]
Eammon Kavanagh –
Celtic Dreams
Eloise Laws –
Eloise (Expanded Edition) [Extra tracks]
Elvis Presley –
Girls! Girls! Girls! + Loving You [Import]
Emery –
20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Emery
Empyrium –
Turn of the Tides
Energia Nortena –
Cruzando Territorio
Entrails –
Resurrected From the Grave
Entrapment –
Lamentations of the Flesh
Erich Leinsdorf –
Strauss: Salome [Import]
Eric Wyatt –
Borough Of Kings
Erik Truffaz –
Original Album Series [Import]
Etta James –
Miss Etta James + Twist With Etta James [Import]
Fallujah –
Flesh Prevails
Favola Da Medusa & George Haslam –
Dada Dandy [Import]
Fees Do Do –
Musique Classique Pour Les Reves Volume [Import]
Ferenc Fricsay –
Complete Recordings on Deutsche Grammophon [Import]
Field Mouse –
Hold Still Life
Flamekeeper –
On Down the Line
Flintface –
Flock –
Heaven Bound-The Lost Album
Forbidden Broardway –
Comes Out Swinging!
Forevermore –
Four Year Strong –
Go Down In History [EP]
Fozzy –
Do You Wanna Start a War
Francoise Hardy –
Original Album Series [Import]
Freda Payne –
Come Back to Me Love
Freeman –
Fritz Reiner –
Bizet: Carmen [Import]
Fugitives –
Everything Will Happen [Import]
Gangsta Boo & La Chat –
Gene Autry –
Essential Recordings [Import]
Gentle Giant –
The Power And The Glory (5.1 Blu-ray/CD Mixed by Steven Wilson)
George Lynch –
Orchestral Mayhem
George Perris –
Picture This
Gilberto Gil –
Essential Gilberto Gil
Ginger Baker –
Drummers Tale [Import]
Girl’s Day –
Girl’s Day Everyday No. 4 [Import]
Glass (EP) –
Jon Guerra
Gossling –
Harvest of Gold [Import]
Grace Griffith –
Passing Through
Graham Parker & The Rumour –
Very Best of [Import]
Graham Parker & The Rumour –
Don’t Ask Me Questions: The Best of [Import]
Grant Green –
Oleo [Import]
Gulp –
Season Sun [Import]
Gwen Mccrae –
Let’s Straighten It Out [Import]
Gwen Mccrae –
Something So Right [Import]
Haitian Rail –
Handel –
Water Music Suite Nos 1 & 2
Hardbone –
Bone Hard [Import]
Harry Spero & His Fabulous Friends –
End of the Alphabet
Head Cat –
Fools Paradise Cd+Dvd Version
Hecq –
Hed Pe –
Henri Pierre Noel –
One More Step
HENRY(Super Junior-M) –
Fantastic [Import]
Herbert Von Karajan –
Sibelius/Grieg/Nielsen [Import]
Herbert Von Karajan –
Mozart W.A./Bizet/Respighi [Import]
Herb Pedersen –
Southwest / Sandman
Hibria –
Blinded By Tokyo – Live in Japan – Cd+Dvd Version [Live]
Hook & Anchor –
Hook & Anchor
Hot Tuna –
Live at the Fillmore West 3rd July 1971 [Live]
Ill Nino –
Till Death La Familia
Impressions –
Times Have Changed [Import]
Impressions –
Check Out Your Mind! [Import]
James Brown –
5 Classic Albums
James House –
Broken Glass Twisted Steel [Import]
Japanese Box –
The Beatles 5 Albums + Memorabilia [Box set] [Limited Edition]
Jascha Heifetz –
Very Best of [Import]
Javier –
Jean-Louis Aubert –
Original Album Series [Import]
Jeanne Mas –
Original Album Series [Import]
Jean Wells –
World. Here Comes Jean Wells [Import]
Jeff Larson –
Close Circle
Jeremy Hirokawa –
I Love Hawaii. I Love Pancakes! [Import]
Jesse Belvin –
Just Jesse Belvin + Mr. Easy [Import]
Jesse McCartney –
In Technicolor
Jim Croce –
Lost Time in a Bottle
Jim Dvorak –
Cherry Pickin’ [Import]
Jim Hendricks –
Appalachian Mountain Homecoming
Jimmy Dawkins –
Feel the Blues
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts –
Unvarnished [Limited Edition]
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts –
Greatest Hits [Limited Edition]
Johannes Brahms (Composer) –
Brahms Beloved: Symphonies 1 & 3 / Clara Schumann
John Pritchard –
Donizetti: L’Elisir D’Amore [Import]
Josh Baze –
Colour Blind
Josh Record –
Pillars [Import]
Joyce Manor –
Never Hung Over Again
Joyce Moreno –
Joyfull Best [Import]
Jpnsgrls –
Circulation [Import]
Judas Priest –
Redeemer of Souls [Import]
Judy Dyble –
Live Atawm Jazz [Import]
Julian Gregory –
Celtic Rhythms
Julien Clerc –
Original Album Series [Import]
Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin –
Steffen Tast
Kapharnaum –
Pistes De Cirque [Import]
Kaskade –
I Remember
Kate Robbins & Nicky Campbell –
We’re Just Passing Through [Import]
Kb –
Kellylee Evans –
I Remember When
Keluar –
Kent Nagano –
Bruckner: Symphonies Nos. 4, 7 & 8 [Box set]
Kierra “KiKi” Sheard –
Kiesza –
Hideaway [EP]
King Floyd –
Think About It [Import]
King of Asgard –
Knifeworld –
The Unravelling [Import]
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu –
Pika Pika Fantajin [Import]
Lamont Dozier –
Right There [Import]
Larkin Poe –
Kin [Import]
La Roux –
Trouble in Paradise
Larry Hernandez –
Otra Vez En La Lista Negra Us-Mexico
Latimore –
Dig a Little Deeper [Import]
Lecrae –
Church Clothes [EP]
Lee Konitz –
You & Lee + Lee Konitz Meets Jimmy Giuffre [Import]
Leif Ove Andsnes –
Very Best of [Import]
Leonard Bernstein –
Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier [Import]
Leonard Bernstein –
Verdi: Falstaff [Import]
Leoniden –
Invert India Ep [Import]
Leopold Ross –
Broken City – O.S.T.
Les Negresses Vertes –
Original Album Series [Import]
Lew Kirton –
Just Arrived [Import]
Lisette –
Cantar Es Vivir [Import]
Little Gym –
20 Sing-Along Fun Songs
Little Gym –
20 Move-Along Fun Songs
Little Richard –
King of Rock & Roll [Import]
Live Skull –
Lobotomatic –
War Lover
Logistics –
Long Tall Texans –
The Devil Made Us Do It
Lorin Maazel –
Lorin Maazel in Vienna [Import]
Louie Gonnie –
Spiraling, Ascending With Prayer [Import]
Lou Reed –
Metal Machine Music: First Full Instrumental Versi
Love Dominique –
Love Dominique
Lucerne Festival Orchestra –
Symphony No 9
Lucho Gatica –
Best Boleros Duets: Historia De Un Amor
Luke McMaster –
The Heart Of Soul
Lust of Decay –
Infesting the Exhumed
Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner –
Far Distant Stars [Import]
Maranatha Music –
Double Deluxe Pack: Top 25 Praise Songs 2012 Edition/Top 10 Praise Songs 2012 Edition
Marco Beltrami –
Marillion –
A Sunday Night Above The Rain
Mark Britten –
Celtic Journey
Mark Britten –
Celtic Spirit
Mark Nightingale & Alistair White –
Sound of Jay & Kai [Import]
Mark & The Clouds –
Blue Skies Opening [Import]
Martyrdod –
Masacre –
Reqviem (reissue)
Mass Hysteria –
L’Olympia [Import]
Matze Rossi –
Und Jetzt Licht, Bitte!!!
Maurizio Bianchi –
Mectpyo Bakterium
Maurizio Bianchi –
Maurizio Bianchi –
First Day Last Day
M.B. –
M.B. –
Neuro Habitat / Moerder Unter Uns
M.B. –
Das Testament
M.B. –
Symphony for a Genocide
Melba Moore –
A Lot Of Love (Expanded Edition) [Extra tracks]
Melba Moore –
Read My Lips (Expanded Edition) [Extra tracks]
Melba Moore –
The Other Side Of The Rainbow (Expanded Edition) [Extra tracks]
Melba Moore –
Never Say Never (Expanded Edition) [Extra tracks]
Melba Moore –
What A Woman Needs (Expanded Edition) [Extra tracks]
Melingo –
Linyera [Import]
Melissa Aldana –
& Crash Trio [Import]
Melissa Giges –
Just When I Let Go
Mike Doughty –
Live at Ken’s House [Live]
Mike Fletcher –
Nick of Time [Import]
Model Kaos –
Phoenix [Import]
Monarch –
Monolithe –
Monolithe –
Monomyth –
Saturnalia Regalia
Moons –
Morrissey –
World Peace Is None of Your Business [Import]
Mstislav Rostropovich –
Very Best of [Import]
Muslimgauze –
Deceiver 3 & 4
Muslimgauze –
Un-Used Re-Mix’s 1994-1995
Mutilation Rites –
My Life in Black & White –
National Jazz Trio of Scotland –
Standards 3
National Youth Folklore Troupe of England –
Nyfte [Import]
Nell Bryden –
Wayfarer [Import]
Neopera –
Destined Ways [Import]
Nicholas Payton –
Nicholas Payton –
Numbers – Digital Booklet Edition
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds –
Your Funeral… My Trial
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds –
The Firstborn Is Dead
Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll –
Handful of Sky [Import]
Nico Vega –
Lead to Light
Nightmare and The Cat –
Nina Simone –
Nina Simone & Her Friends [Import]
Nona –
Through the Head
Norma Jean –
Millennium Collection: 20th Century Masters: The Best Of Norma Jean
Northern Cree –
Ewipihcihk: Cree Round Dance Songs [Import]
Nu’est –
Re: Birth 1 [Import]
Oasis –
(What’s the Story) Morning Glory? [Import]
Obn Iiis –
Live in San Francisco [Live]
Old 97s –
Most Messed Up [Import]
Oliver Gannon Quartet –
Easy Sailing [Import]
Oliver Lieb –
Inside Voices
Omnihility –
Deathscapes of the Subconscious
Over Kill –
White Devil Armory
Pat Green –
George’s Bar
Pat Green –
Here We Go
Patricia Barber –
Smash [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Paul Kelly –
Hooked. Hogtied & Collared [Import]
Paul Laurence –
Haven t You Heard (Expanded Edition) [Extra tracks]
Paul Tortelier –
Very Best of [Import]
Perry & Sanlin –
For Those Who Love/We re The Winners (2 Albums on 1 CD)
Persuaders –
It’s All About Love [Import]
Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin –
Live at Calstock [Import]
Pink Fairies –
Chinese Cowboys Live 1987 [Live]
Pip Proud –
Fraying Space
Presence of Mind –
P.S. I Love You –
For Those Who Stay
Putumayo Presents –
Putumayo Presents –
Quietus Khan –
Intelligence & Intimidation
Quietus Khan –
Quraishi –
Mountain Melodies
Raffi –
Love Bug [Import]
Rage Nucleaire –
Black Storm of Violence
Ramona Flowers –
Dismantle & Rebuild [Import]
Rasa –
Everything You See Is Me [Import]
Raveonettes –
Real Friends –
Maybe This Place Is the Same & We’re Just Changing
Renaud –
Original Album Series [Import]
Richard Durand –
In Search of Sunrise 12-Dubai
Richard Thompson –
Acoustic Classics
Rio Roma –
Hoy Es Un Buen Dia
Rise Against –
Black Market [Import]
Robert De Boron+awa –
Shine a Light [Import]
Robin George –
History [Import]
Robin Latin Underground Jones –
Seven Stops to Heaven [Import]
Roger Creager –
Road Show
Ronnie Dyson –
Brand New Day [Import]
Rosco Aka Sterling Roswell –
Call of the Cosmos
Rose Royce –
In Full Bloom [Import]
Sabine Meyer –
Very Best of [Import]
Sacrocurse –
Unholier Master
Saga –
Saga City
Saints of Rebellion –
New American Dream
Sammy Kershaw –
Do You Know Me: A Tribute to George Jones
Sarah Morgan –
Only Remembered-A Retrospective [Import]
Sarah Vaughan –
Sings George Gershwin [Import]
Scott D. Davis –
The Beautiful Darkness
Sean Jones –
im·pro·vise never before seen
Sebastien Tellier –
L’Avenetura [Import]
Serge Lama –
Original Album Series [Import]
Shekinah Glory Ministry –
Shekinah Glory Ministry Redux
Shining –
Shores of Null –
Sigiriya –
Darkness Died Today
Silent Screams –
Hope for Now
Skip James –
Live at the Cafe Au Go Go [Live]
Slow Club –
Complete Surrender [Import]
Sonny Sharrock –
Sons of Merrick –
Of English Execution [Import]
Sons of Zion –
Universal of Love [Import]
Spacemonkey –
Karman Line
Stan Getz –
England 1958/Chicago 1957 [Import]
Stan Tracey –
Let Them Crevulate [Import]
Starfield –
20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Starfield
Stereo Express –
Cirque De L’Amour
Steve Gulley –
Family Friends & Fellowship
Steve Hillage –
Live at the Rainbow 1977 [Live]
Steve Lawrence –
Walking Proud: 1959-66 [Import]
Steve Roach –
Delicate Forever
Stu Larsen –
Vagabond [Import]
Sugar Stems –
Only Come Out at Night
Suicide Silence –
You Can’t Stop Me [Import]
Summer Piano Relaxing –
Summer Piano Relaxing [Import]
Sundial Aeon –
Analysis [Import]
Sun Ra Arkestra –
Live in Nickelsdorf 1984 [Live]
Sülo Der Boss U.a. Mit Mo-torres –
Döp Dö Dö Döp – 1. Bundesliga wir sind wieder da
Svartrit –
I [Import]
Sviatoslav Richter –
Very Best of [Import]
Taylor Henderson –
Burnt Letters [Import]
Tender Games –
Tender Games
Tennessee Ernie Ford –
Amazing Grace: 14 Treasured Hymns
Test of Time –
By Design
The Black Angels –
Clear Lake Forest
The Gentle Lurch –
Workingman’s Lurch
The Kells –
Celtic Voyage
Thelonious Monk –
Complete Recordings [Import]
The Meanies –
Cover Their Tracks [Import]
The Patterson Singers –
Patterson Singers [Import]
The Phantom Band –
Strange Friend
The Ventures –
Sounds of Summer [Import]
The Whereabouts –
Ice Cream Desire
Tiger Lillies –
Dream Turns Sour [Import]
Tommy Emmanuel –
Guitar Mastery of [Import]
To The Wind –
Block Out The Sun & Sleep
Tropical Floor –
Tropical Floor [Import]
Trussel –
Love Injection [Import]
Trzaka Mazur Pandi –
Tar & Feathers
Tumi Mogorosi –
Project Elo
Uri Caine –
Present Joys
Ustad Sultan Khan –
The Master
Various –
The 80s Part 2 [Import]
Various –
Circus Two
Various –
Devoted To You – Various [Import]
Various Artists –
Pass the Mic: The Rise of Christian Hip-Hop
Various Artists –
Buddha Lounge Renditions of Led Zeppelin
Various Artists –
Blues Tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival
Various Artists –
Country Daze: 15 Original Hits
Various Artists –
Steeldrums & Sunsets [Import]
Various Artists –
Lil Rick Hd & Friends [Import]
Various Artists –
Masterpiece the Ultimate Disco Funk Collec 17 [Import]
Various Artists –
Vol. 3 Bass Ya Low [Import]
Various Artists –
Reggae Loves Africa [Import]
Various Artists –
Hed Kandi Ibiza 2014 [Import]
Various Artists –
Co-Trip Music-Northern Europe [Import]
Various Artists –
Co-Trip Music-Paris [Import]
Various Artists –
Co-Trip Music-Honolulu [Import]
Various Artists –
Days Work: Folk Opera By Mick Ryan [Import]
Various Artists –
Ballermann Hits 2014 X [Import]
Various Artists –
Ballermann Hits 2014 [Import]
Various Artists –
Motown Northern Soul [Import]
Various Artists –
Drum & Bass Arena Summer Selection 2014 [Import]
Various Artists –
Summer Love [Import]
Various Artists –
Clubland 25 [Import]
Various Artists –
Club Summer 2014 [Import]
Various Artists –
Dome Summer 2014 From Miami to Ibiza [Import]
Various Artists –
Egofm 3 [Import]
Various Artists –
Future Trance-Rave Classics [Import]
Various Artists –
B. For Ibiza [Import]
Various Artists –
Altered Gravity [Import]
Various Artists –
Rhythm & Blues Chronology 2: 1942-44 [Import]
Various Artists –
Rhythm & Blues Chronology 1: 1940-41 [Import]
Various Artists –
Ocean Beach Club Ibiza [Import]
Various Artists –
VI Va Warriors Season 3 [Import]
Various Artists –
Chilled Summer [Import]
Various Artists –
This Is Chill [Import]
Various Artists –
Sunset Hours Marini’s on 57 [Import]
Various Artists –
Playlist-Running Tracks [Import]
Various Artists –
Britpop at the BBC [Import]
Various Artists –
Purobeach Volumen Diez [Import]
Various Artists –
Dreamboats & Miniskirts Summer in the City [Import]
Various Artists –
Playlist-Holiday Songs [Import]
Various Artists –
Underground Sound of Ibiza 1 [Import]
Various Artists –
The Sounds Of Summer
Various Artists –
Sacred Harp & Shape Note Singing [Box set]
Various Artists –
Tribute to Debbie Friedman & Another Song
Various Artists –
Classic Bluegrass Power Picks-30 Traditional Classics
Various Artists –
American Success Story
Various Artists –
Ecstatic Music of the Jemaa El Fna
Various Artists –
Choubi Choubi Folk & Pop Sounds From Iraq 1
Various Artists –
Inside Out Music: Musics in the Margin 3
Various Artists –
Ultimate Party Collection
Various Artists –
Beach Disco Sessions Volume 5 (Mixed by Situation) [Import]
Various Artists –
La Escollera Session One
Various Artists –
Latin Fitness Party
Veri Jumala –
Obsession With Sanity
Violines De Marquito –
Homenaje a Don Pedro Flores
Vivica Genaux –
Rival Queens [Import]
Vladimir Ashkenazy –
Rachmaninoff Piano Concertos
wakey!wakey! –
War of Ages –
Supreme Chaos
White Fence –
For The Recently Found Innocent
Within The Ruins –
宮里陽太 –
Pleasure [Import]
藤本一馬 –
My Native Land [Import]
野沢香苗 –
Planet [Import]
陰猟腐厭 –
Early Works 1980-82
Xander Smith –
Outside [Import]
Yes –
Heaven & Earth
Young the Giant –
Mind Over Matter [Import]
Zongo Junction –
No Discount
ZZ Top –
The Very Baddest (2xCD)
ZZ Top –
The Baddest

4004 & Sebastien Vorhaus – Looking at You [EP]
50 Cent – Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire to Win
Acid – Liminal [Import]
Agender – Fixations
Aisha Devi – Hakken Dub/Throat Dub [Import]
Alex Cobb – Marigold & Cable
Alexis Korner – Alexis Korner [Import]
Ali Love – P.U.M.P. [Import]
Amberflame – Unique [EP]
Anja Schneider – Dubmission [EP]
Archie Pelago – Grenier Meets Archie Pelago
Aretha Franklin – Amazing Grace (2LP 180 Gram Vinyl)
Art Blakey – Moanin
Audion – Sky / Motormouth Remixes [EP]
Augustus Pablo – Greek Theater – Berkeley 1984
Baal – Metamorph [EP]
Bad Company – Live at Wembley [Import]
Baldo – You Are My [EP]
Bathory – Twilight of the Gods [Limited Edition]
Bathory – Blood on Ice [Limited Edition]
Bathory – Under the Sign of the Black Mark [Limited Edition]
Bathory – Hammerheart [Limited Edition]
Beroshima – Oppression
Bly De Blyant – Hingsight Bias
Bobmo – New Dawn
Brame – Shades [EP]
Brian Eno – Equatorial Stars [Import]
Cannabis Corpse – From Wisdom to Baked
Cara Dillon – Thousand Hearts [Import]
Carnage – Dark Recollections [Import]
Chevelle – Wonder What’s Next [Limited Edition]
Christian Rich – Ss14 [Import]
Cleric – Wickerman [EP]
Cloudface – Untitled [Import]
Cold Name – Eat Your Hand
D’Marc Cantu – Parisian Summer [EP]
Dan Melchior – Hunger
Dave Van Ronk – Dave Van Ronk [Import]
Dead Fader – Scorched
Din – Masse Remixes I [EP]
Di Rocco & Skyboy – Walk in Space With Ennio [EP]
Donny Hathaway – Extension of a Man (180 Gram Vinyl)
Downtown Party Network – Disco Ball Drama [Import]
Duran Duran – Rio (2xLP)
Electric Funeral – Total Funeral
Elvis Presley – Elvis’ Gold Records Volume 5 [Limited Edition]
Ennio Morricone – Gli Occhi Freddi Della Paura [Limited Edition] [Soundtrack]
Ennio Morricone – Veruschka [Limited Edition] [Soundtrack]
Ennio Morricone – Le Foto Proibite Di Una Signora Per Bene [Limited Edition] [Soundtrack]
Ergo Phizmiz – Two Quartets
Eric Johnson – Europe Live [Live]
Eskorbuto – La Otra Cara Del Rock
Executive Slacks – Executive Slacks
Faces – Snakes And Ladders: The Best of Faces (180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl/Limited Edition) [Limited Edition]
Fela Kuti – He Miss Road [Import]
Fela Kuti – Fela With Ginger Baker Live! [Import]
Fela Kuti – Expensive Shit [Import]
Felizol & The Boy – Like Cannibal Father Like Cannibal Son
Fire Orchestra – Enter
Fjaak – Don’t Leave Me/Plan a
Fleetwood Mac – Boston Vol 3
Floor – Homegoings & Transitions / Shadowline
Freeman – Freeman
Frits Wentink – Family Dinner [EP]
Front Page Review – Mystic Soldiers
Generation 83 – Bellissimo [EP]
Genius of Time – Juno Jam [EP]
Got a Girl – I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now
Hedvig Mollestad Trio – Enfant Terrible
Henrik Schwarz – Masse Remixes III [EP]
Henrik – Masse Box [Box set]
Hhy & The Macumbas – Throat Permission Cut
Hot Knives – Hot Knives
Ike Yard – Loss [EP]
Impressions – Impressions [Import]
Incantation – Dirges of Elysium [Import]
Iron Butterfly – Live in Sweden 1971 [Live]
Itamar Sagi – Invisible Key [EP]
Jan Delay – St Pauli-Remix Ep [Import]
Jaures – Tsoyberbarg [EP]
Jeremiah R – Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit [EP]
Jesse Bru – Under the Night [EP]
Jesse Winchester – Jesse Winchester [Import]
Jesus & Mary Chain – Darklands [Import]
Jesus & Mary Chain – Automatic [Import]
Jesus & Mary Chain – Stoned & Dethroned [Import]
Jesus & Mary Chain – Honey’s Dead [Import]
Jesus & Mary Chain – Psycho Candy [Import]
Jesus & Mary Chain – Munki [Import]
Jimmy Reed – Blues Master Works [Import]
Jist – Jist
Joe Henderson – Page One
Johan Berthling – Arashi
John Chantler – Even Clean Hands Damage the Work
John Lee Hooker – Blues Master Works [Import]
Jonwayne – Cassette on Vinyl
Jules & Moss – Bis April [EP]
Julie Roberts – Good Wine & Bad Decisions
Kaseva – Silloin Kun [Import]
Keep of Kalessin – Agnen: Journey Through the Dark
Kingdom Come – Kingdom Come [Import]
Klaus Layer – For the People Like Us
Koett & Wellbeck – Queensboro Bridge [EP]
Kristina Halkola – Taeytyy Uskaltaa [Import]
Kyle Eyre Clyd – Pale Dawn Creeps
Kyuss – Wretch (2xLP)
Kyuss – Welcome to Sky Valley
Kyuss – Blues From The Red Sun
Kyuss – …And The Circus Leaves Town
Larsson – Close to the River [EP]
Lawrence English – Wilderness of Mirrors
Little Barrie – Shadow
Lloyd Cole – Standards [Import]
Lostalone – Shapes of Screams [Import]
Luke Haines – New York in the 70s [Import]
Mamaleek – He Never Spoke a Mumblin Word
M.A. Numminen – Taisteluni [Import]
Margaret Dygas – In Wood [EP]
Mark Barrott – Sketches From an Island
Mark Rivera – Common Bond
Masterplan – Masterplan [Limited Edition]
Masterplan – Aeronautics
Matthew Young – Recurring Dreams
Max Richter – The Congress
Mckay – Into You
Mestre Cupijo E Seu Ritmo – Siria
Mfc Chicken – Solid Gravy [Import]
Midnight Masses – Departures
Modeselektor – Modeselektion 3 No. 2
Mr Flash – Midnight Blue
Naam/White Hills/Black Rainbows/The Flying Eyes – 4 Way Split [Import]
National Jazz Trio of Scotland – Standards 3
Nato – Korjaa Kaiken [Import]
Nawa – Ancient Sufi Invocations & Forgotten Songs of Aleppo
Format: Vinyl] – Madrigal B00KRSFS0C
Neil Hamburger –
First of Dismay
Nightbox –
Panic Sequence [EP]
Nightdrivers –
Easy Life [EP]
Nightmare & The Cat –
Nils Root 70 With Strings Wogram –
Riomar [Import]
No Devotion –
Stay/Eyeshadow (Limited Edition)
Obn Iiis –
Live in San Francisco
Ocoeur –
Parallel Life
Oiseaux-Tempete –
Oliver Koletzki –
I Am Ok
Orang-Utan –
Orden Ogan –
Easton Hope (clear red vinyl edition) [Limited Edition]
Origin –
Omnipresent [Import]
Orphan Swords –
Risk in a New Age [EP]
Outsiders –
Calling on Youth
Outsiders –
Close Up [Import]
Paal Nilssen-Love –
Panama Wedding –
Parrallel Play [Import]
Panthera Krause –
Laika [EP]
Pennywise –
Yesterdays [Import]
Phoneys & The Freaks –
Phoneys & The Freaks [Import]
Plastikman –
Ex [Import]
Presk –
Babou [EP]
Prins Thomas –
Blusketuta [EP]
Prins Thomas –
Apne Slusa [EP]
Pusswhip Banggang –
Jambalaya [Single]
Rebirth Brass Band –
Move Your Body
Rebirth Brass Band –
Rebirth of New Orleans
Rip –
No Te Muevas
Roger Daltrey –
Going Back Home
Roll The Dice –
Until Silence
RX Bandits –
Gemini, Her Majesty
Santana –
1968 San Francisco
Say DJ –
Polarity [EP]
Schammasch –
Scherbe –
King of Kasio [EP]
Sebastian Voigt –
Out of Sight [EP]
Seth Walker –
Sky Still Blue
Severed Heads –
Dead Eyes Opened [Single]
Silhouette Brown –
Silhouette Brown [Import]
Sleepy John –
Sleepy John
Soley –
Sum 41 –
Does This Look Infected [Limited Edition]
Swell Maps –
Archive Recordings 1: Wastrels & Whippersnappers
Sworn Enemy –
Living on Borrowed Time
Taal Mala –
White Label Renegade Ep [Import]
Tabula Rasa –
Tabula Rasa [Import]
Tasavallan President –
II [Import]
Tasavallan President –
II [Import]
Terveet Kaedet –
Terveet Kaedet [Import]
Terveet Kaedet –
Musta Jumala [Import]
The Amazing Snakeheads –
Amphetamine Ballads
The Story So Far –
Songs Of (Acoustic EP)
Tilts –
Cuatro Hombres
Todd Rundgren –
Something Anything? [Import]
Todd Rundgren –
Todd [Import]
Todd Rundgren –
Wizard a True Star [Import]
Tom Carter –
Numinal Entry
Torch Runner –
Committed to the Ground
Toshiya Kawasaki –
I’m Starting to Feel Okay Vol. 6-10 Years Pt 1
Toshiya Kawasaki –
I’m Starting to Feel Okay Vol. 6-10 Years Pt 2
Traams –
Cissa [Import]
Tumult Hands –
Tumult Hands [EP]
U.K. Subs –
Complete Riot
Ultimate Spinach –
Live at the Unicorn July 1967 [Live]
Union Carbide Productions –
In the Air Tonight [Import]
Union Carbide Productions –
Swing [Import]
Union Carbide Productions –
Financially Dissatisfied Philosophically [Import]
Union Carbide Productions –
From Influence to Ignorance [Import]
Valeria Croft –
Others [EP]
Vanna –
Void (Lp)
Various Artists –
Feelings in Colour
Various Artists –
Huuto Yoestae [Import]
Various Artists –
Luv.Eleven [EP]
Various Artists –
Lsd Underground 12
Various Artists –
La Ciudad Secreta: The Experimental Sounds
Various Artists –
Dances With Wolves
Various Artists –
International Vicious Society Vol 2
Vidall & Dactilar –
Device [EP]
Wiedemann –
Masse Remixes II [EP]
Will Saul –
Pedal Power [EP]
Xymox –
Subsequent Pleasures
Zeki Min –
Majestic (+ Download)
Zero 7 –
Simple Silence [Import]

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