New Music Releases – 7/15/14


 The List 

Anna Calvi – Strange Weather
Bleachers – Strange Desire
Honeyblood – Honeyblood
Jason Mraz – Yes!
John Hiatt – Terms Of My Surrender
Morrissey – World Peace Is None Of Your Business
Puss N Boots – No Fools, No Fun (Amazon Exclusive – 2 Track Bonus Version) [Deluxe Edition]
Rise Against – The Black Market
Trampled by Turtles – Wild Animals
Weird Al Yankovic – Mandatory Fun
Soundtrack – Wish I Was Here

Rocknowski’s Reviews


Rocknowski is listening to and reviewing the opening track of every new release we find interesting or worthy, for as long as he keeps his sanity. These reviews are for the opening tracks only, and go by the following rating system:

1 star – Could barely get through the one song.
2 stars – Will not listen to the rest of the album.
3 stars – Might listen to the rest of the album.
4 stars – Will definitely listen to the rest of the album.
5 stars – Could not wait to listen to the rest of the album.

Anna Calvi – Strange Weather – “Papi Pacify – **
– I can’t front. Songstress Anna Calvi has more beauty and talent than I’m even really usually comfortable with. Her latest EP, “Strange Weather” , is a volley of covers that features a guest spot by Ex-Talking Heads co-conspirator, David Byrne. The only one of the selected songs that I was previously familiar with is Alan Vega‘s “Ghost Rider.” Vega’s tunes have hit me many different ways over the years, but I believe this was my first boner.There’s no denying the atmosphere of this extended play. I’d say Miss Calvi has made the social climber’s make-out record of the year. This slab would also make a nice back drop for some of your classier suicides. If you’re gonna top yourself with an overdose of Vicodin washed down with a glass of port inside the New York or San Francisco city limits, this is your shit.

Bleachers – Strange Desire – “Wild Heart” – **
– Apparently this is the side project of one the kooky young men from the band, fun., You know what? The kiddos have exalted way less talented, way more obnoxious and way less infectious pop music over the years. As far as the sins of the Top 40 goes, this really ain’t that bad. Ten Hail Mary’s, tops. Believe me, I know. I live in Country Jam um…country. It could be worse.
 – Honeyblood – “Fall Forever” – **
– Lester Bangs, the closest rock criticism has ever come to legend, once described The Clash‘s dub foray “Bankrobber” as sounding like “Every David Bowie single played backwards and at the same time.” Ok, so here’s Fat Cat recording artists, Honeyblood. And Honeyblood sounds like every single female fronted college rock band of the nineties. Then what happens? Let us say that every one of those bands had their DNA pulverized into a fine paste, and that paste was poured into a turkey baster and used to impregnate a vintage dress purchased at a thrift store. Then, that same soiled dress subdivided into Honeyblood and made this record. Somewhere during all that, some guitars jangled. To the degree that concept appeals to you, by all means check this shit out. If not, don’t trouble yourself.

Jason Mraz – Yes! – “Rise” – *
– Sit back, relax, lean back into the couch, close your eyes and imagine it’s 1987. U2 are heading into the studio to record their “Joshua Tree” album to be produced by Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois. Are you there? Good. Now imagine that a young Oprah Winfrey has been tapped to write all the lyrics and the Edge has quit the band. Or, if you don’t want waste time with imagining, take a listen to the new Jason Mraz.

John Hiatt – Terms Of My Surrender – Long Time Comin’ – **
– As I get older I tend to want to root for old guys more. I guess I want it proven by somebody that I’m not on the down side of relevance and vitality. Old ass John Hiatt doesn’t do much to help the old ass cause here. “Love can be so wrong, like a fat man in a thong.” Yeah, that’s kinda funny but it just seems like a lite parody of the late career, world weary crud Dylan’s been ramming down our throats for the last fifteen to twenty years.

Morrissey – World Peace Is None Of Your Business – “World Peace Is None Of Your Business” – ***
– The former Smith‘s lead singer’s biggest fans tend to be writers, not musicians. If you ever had sex with an English major that had a Sylvia Plath fixation, chances are this now grizzled old Manc was rolling around in that same subconscious. You probably got birthday cards and mix tapes that looked as though they’d gone out in a Morrisey/Plath rain without a bumbershoot. Those quotes will stain if you don’t replace them with some new age witchcraft/pyramid scheme. Where was I? Oh yeah, the new album’s ok but it’s like you died and went to theater kid heaven. Not a heaven to which this reviewer will be welcomed.

Puss N Boots – No Fools, No Fun – “Leaving London” – **
– Ok, let’s forget about the band bio. This is an all female country/jazz trio with one member who went ridiculously platinum with her debut album, and also almost killed me and my mother by putting us both to sleep on a drive home from aunt’s house in Harvard, one summer night twelve years ago. That was then. No hard feelings. This is a new venture. The production is tastefully under done. A pre-Civil Rights Act of 1964 Grand Ole Opry listener wouldn’t be shocked and appalled to have Puss N’ Boots spilling out of their Crosley. The songs sound like decent restorations of better, more ancient Americana, rendered by more talented but less inspired fans of the originals. Yes, sir. These girls can sing, and they can play. In terms of American roots music effectiveness, I’d put ’em right at the la grange point between Emmylou Harris and Alannah Myles.

Rise Against – The Black Market – “The Great Die-off” – **
– This is perfectly competent mall punk. I suppose, if you don’t already have any Bad Religion, Naked Raygun, or even Against Me! records, this platter might do the trick.

Trampled by Turtles – Wild Animals – “Wild Animals” – **
– I’m what you call a non-traditional college student, so I can personally attest that TBT. is the closest thing this crop of young bloods have to a t-shirt band. What’s more, Trampled’s latest offering strikes me as proof-positive that the Flaming Lips are the most influential band around right now. Trampled By Turtles might channel Pink Floyd and Neil Young better than the current incarnation of the Lips but they have nowhere near the slow, crawl power and glory of the Lips (or Mercury Rev) in their mid-90’s prime. TBT’s website threatens that their gonna hit Red Rocks on August 16th. Which makes me wonder just how much cough syrup can one human being drink?

Soundtrack – Wish I Was Here – “So Now What” by The Shins – ***
A decade ago, sitcom star Zach Braff made half of a great film. Braff packaged said film with a sound track that really spoke to the hooded sweatshirt and skinny jean set. Four years into the digital genocide of the traditional record industry, the soundtrack to Braff’s Garden State sold one million tangible units and pretty much gave the world the Shins, and vice-y versa. Allegedly, Wish I Was Here is a sequel of sorts to Garden State. and Braff the filmmaker has once again chose to lead with a Shins tune. The song sounds like Facebook era Beach Boys, as per usual with the Shins. It’s not bad. I mean, it doesn’t make me wanna go out and buy the album but it does make mildly curious about the film, despite the reviews.


Morning [Import][/amazon]
Hotel Es Vive Ibiza 10 Years of the Experience Bar [Import][/amazon] – Essentials-Classique [Import][/amazon] – Keep Lookin: 80 More Mod Soul & Freakbeat Nuggets [Import][/amazon] – Menagerie [Import][/amazon] – Luxury Collection-Opera [Import][/amazon] 100 New Best Bach – 100 New Best Bach [Import]
100 New Best Children’s Classics –
100 New Best Children’s Classics [Import]
100 New Best Opera –
100 New Best Opera [Import]
100 Percent –
100 Percent Cool Summer Album [Import]
11th Hour –
Picture This
About A Mile –
About a Mile
Adrian –
One Step Into the Uncertain [Import]
Airto Moreira –
I’m Fine. How Are You? [Import]
Al Basile –
Swing N’ Strings
Albert Fish –
Still Here [Import]
Ali Love –
Al Jarreau –
We Got By [Import]
Al Jarreau –
Look to the Rainbow [Import]
Al Jarreau –
Glow [Import]
Allman Brothers Band –
Beginnings [Import]
Allman Brothers Band –
Beginnings [Super Audio CD – DSD] [Import]
Allman Brothers Band –
Beginnings [Import]
Andres Thor –
Nordic Quartet [Import]
Andrew Raffo Dewar –
Interactions Quartet
Andy Laverne –
Time Well Spent
Andy Williams –
Warm & Willing [Import]
Anna Calvi –
Strange Weather
Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival 1972 –
Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival 1972
Anne Bisson –
Tales From The Treetops
Anne-Sophie Mutter –
Three Classic Albums [Limited Edition]
Annika Fehling –
Rust & Gold
An Pierlé –
Crash And Burn [Import]
Anthony Branker & Word Play –
The Forward (Towards Equality) Suite
Aphrodite’s Child –
666 [Super Audio CD – DSD] [Import]
Aphrodite’s Child –
666 [Import]
Aphrodite’s Child –
666 [Import]
Arc of Doves –
Arena –
Contagion Max [Import]
Aretha Franklin –
Just For You
Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers –
Drums Around the Coner [Import]
Arthur Brown –
Time Actor [Import] [Original recording remastered]
Astralasia –
Blue Spores [Import]
Atkins/May Project –
Valley of Shadows/The Serpents Kiss [Import]
Atlantic Family –
Live at Montreux
Audra McDonald –
Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
Aurele Nicolet –
Mozart: Flute Concertos K.313. K.314 [Import]
Aurele Nicolet –
Reinecke Busoni Nielsen: Flute Cto. [Import]
Baden Powell –
Solitude on Guitar [Import]
Balsam Range –
BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra –
Homecoming-A Scottish Fantasy [Import]
Be Calm Honcho –
Honcho Dreams
Betraying the Martyrs –
Better Days –
Live at Winterland Ballroom [Live]
Big Joe Williams –
Baby Please Don’t Go
Big John Patton –
Blue John [Import]
Big John Patton –
Boogaloo [Import]
Big John Patton –
Menphis to Ny Sprit [Import]
Big Wreck –
Billy Cobham –
Crosswinds [Import]
Billy Cobham –
Spectrum [Import]
Black Kat Boppers –
Boppin’ Atcha [Import]
Black Propaganda –
Psychological Subjection [Import]
Black Trip –
Goin Under [Import]
Blake –
Start Over Extended Edition [Import]
Bleachers –
Strange Desire
Bless the Child –
Blood Boys –
Dirty & Common [Import]
Blow Monkeys –
She Was Only a Grocer S Daughter: Deluxe Edition [Import]
Bobby Hutcherson –
Oblique [Import]
Bobby Vee & The Crickets –
Bobby Vee Meets The Crickets [Import]
Bobby Vinton –
Bobby Vinton Sings The Big Ones [Import]
Bob Marley –
Essentials [Import]
Boys –
Punk Rock Menopause [Import]
Cadillacs –
Twisting With The Cadillacs [Import]
Carlo Bergonzi –
Carlo Bergonzi-The Sublime Voice [Import]
Carolina Boys –
Watch & Pray
Carpenters –
Singles 1974-78 [Super Audio CD – DSD] [Import]
Charles Aznavour –
Essentials [Import]
Charles Aznavour –
Original Album Series [Import]
Charles Trenet –
Essentials [Import]
Che’Nelle –
Luv Song 2 [Import]
Chiho Sugo –
Regenlied’ Brahms Sonatas Op.78 & 1 [Import]
Chisako Takashima –
Colors-Best Selection [Import]
Chisako Takashima –
Colors-Best Selection [Import]
Chordettes –
Sing Never On Sunday [Import]
Classic –
Orchestral Works 1 [Import]
Classic –
Orchestral Works 2 [Import]
Classic –
Violin Works [Import]
Classic –
Music From the Movies [Import]
Classic –
Opera Overtures [Import]
Classic –
Healing Voice [Import]
Classic –
Beautiful Piano Works [Import]
Classic –
Famous Works for Guitar [Import]
Classic –
Piano Works [Import]
Claude/Jean-Marc Challe Challe –
Select 7: Music for Our Friends [Import]
Cloud Boat –
Model of You
Comet Gain –
Paperback Ghosts [Import]
Comrades –
Safekeeper [Import]
Cookin’ on 3 Burners –
Blind Bet [Import]
Cosmic Gate –
Start to Feel [Import]
Cowboy Copas –
Cowboy Copas: 20 Greatest Hits
Cremaster –
Slynna Praczka I Chor Wujow [Import]
Crying Orchestra –
Crying Orchestra Technkcal Hitch [Import]
Cry My Name –
Elements [Import]
Curtis Fuller –
Two Bones [Import]
Cymande –
Promised Heights [Import]
Cymande –
Cymande [Import]
Cymande –
Second Time Round [Import]
Dakota Staton –
The Late Late Show [Import]
Dalida –
Essentials [Import]
Danny Roberts –
Dany Martin –
Las Canciones Que Siempre Quise Cantar [Import]
David Dunn –
Crystal Clear
David Sanborn –
Voyeur [Import]
David Sanborn –
Hideaway [Import]
David Sanborn –
Promise Me the Moon [Import]
david Sanborn Bob James –
Double Vision [Import]
David T. Walker –
With a Smile [Import]
David T. Walker –
Y.Ence [Import]
David Wiffen –
David Wiffen [Extra tracks]
Davina and The Vagabonds –
Dead Fingers –
Big Black Dog
Dee Dee Bridgewater –
Just Family [Import]
Denial –
Burden of Lies [Import]
Denver –
Rowdy Love
Deodato –
Knights of Fantasy [Import]
Deodato –
Love Island [Import]
Desaster –
Live in Bamberg [Import]
Dirty Lungs –
Dirty Lungs
Dizastor –
After You Die We Mosh [Import]
Django Reinhardt –
Original Album Series [Import]
Domains –
Sinister Ceremonies [Import]
Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver –
Open Carefully: Message Inside
Dre Doja –
J-Diggs Presents Dre Doja Skate Rap Trap
Duke Ellington –
Contrapuntal Riposte
Durutti Column –
Someone Else’s Party
Dylan Howe –
Subterranean-New Designs on Bowie’s Berlin [Import]
Edith Piaf –
Essentials [Import]
Ed Stone –
King of Hearts
Eleventh House Featuring Lary Coryell –
Ellis –
Why Not?: Remastered Edition [Import]
Elvis Presley –
Essentials [Import]
Eric Bibb –
In 50 Songs-Best of [Import]
Erik Truffaz –
Original Album Series [Import]
Ernie K-Doe –
Burn, K Doe, Burn [Import]
Ernie Watts –
Chariots of Fire [Import]
Ernst Ottensamer –
Mozart. Weber. Spohr: Clarinet Cto [Import]
Etta James –
The Second Time Around [Import]
Evelin Hänsel –
Es gibt noch Wunder
Fathead –
Fatter Than Ever
Fhloston Paradigm –
Fink –
Hard Believer
Fourplay –
Fourplay [Import]
Francoise Hardy –
Original Album Series [Import]
Freddie Hubbard –
Here to Stay [Import]
Freddy Redd –
Redd’s Blues [Import]
Frederick Fennell –
& Tkwo Legendary Live Vol.5 [Import]
Freeze the Atlantic –
Freeze the Atlantic [Import]
Funker Vogt –
Survivor Collector’s Edition [Import]
f(x) –
Red Light Vol. 3 [Import]
Garden Music Project –
Inspired By Syd Barrett’s Artwork [Import]
Gaturro –
La Musica [Import]
George Benson –
Twice the Love [Import]
George Benson And Earl Klugh –
Collaboration [Import]
George Duke –
George Duke [Import]
George Duke –
Thief in the Night [Import]
Georges Brassens –
Essentials [Import]
George Strait –
Christmas Time
Geraldo and His Orchestra –
Hit Singles 1944-1946
Gerald Wilson and His Orchestra –
On Jubilee 1946-1947
Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger –
Midnight Sun [Import]
Gino Vannelli –
Collected [Import]
G.O.D –
Chapter 8 [Import]
Gogets –
Gained Noise [Import]
Go Go Cult –
This Is the Voice of [Import]
Gordon Giltrap –
Peacock Party: Remastered & Expanded Edition [Import]
Gordon Giltrap –
Airwaves: Remastered & Expanded Edition [Import]
Gossling –
Harvest of Gold [Import]
Grant Green –
Matador [Import]
Grant Green –
Oleo [Import]
Grant Green –
First Session [Import]
Grant Green –
Born to Be Blue [Import]
Grant Green –
Gooden’s Corner [Import]
Grave Digger –
Return of the Reaper (2xCD) [CD]
Graveland –
In the Glare of Burning Churches [Import]
Green River Ordinance –
Green River Ordinance
Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar –
Call [Import]
Grover Washington Jr. –
Best Is Yet to Come [Import]
Grover Washington Jr. –
Winelight [Import]
Gustavo Y Andrea –
Gwilym Simcock –
Instrumation [Import]
Hakan Hardenberger –
Hansen Enesco Hindemith Schmitt Lige [Import]
Hakan Hardenberger –
Hummel Hertel Stamitz Haydn: Trumpet [Import]
Halden Electric –
Half Japanese –
Volume 1: 1981-1985
Half Japanese –
Hank Mobley –
Quintet Feat.Sonny Clark [Import]
Hank Mobley –
Far Away Lands [Import]
Hank Mobley –
Poppin’ [Import]
Hansjorg Schellenberger –
Mozart. Bellini. R.Strauss: Oboe Cto. [Import]
Hawkshaw Hawkins –
Hawkshaw Hawkins: 20 Greatest Hits
Hedley –
Wild Life [Import]
Heinz Holliger –
Mozart: Oboe Quartet. Quintet [Import]
Heinz Holliger –
Famous Oboe Concertos [Import]
Herbert Von Karajan –
Classic Karajan: The Essential Collection
Herbert Von Karajan –
Karajan Popular Concert [Import]
Herbert Von Karajan –
R.Strauss: Ein Heldenleben [Super Audio CD – DSD] [Import]
Herbert Von Karajan –
R.Strauss: Don Quixote [Super Audio CD – DSD] [Import]
Herbert Von Karajan –
R.Strauss: Oboe Conceto. Horn Cto. [Super Audio CD – DSD] [Import]
Herbert Von Karajan –
R.Strauss: Tod Und Verklarung. Vier [Super Audio CD – DSD] [Import]
Herbert Von Karajan –
R.Strauss: Don Juan. Till Eulenspieg [Super Audio CD – DSD] [Import]
Herbert Von Karajan –
R.Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra [Super Audio CD – DSD] [Import]
Herbie Mann –
Waterbed [Import]
Herbie Mann –
First Light [Import]
Hercules and Love Affair –
The Feast of The Broken Heart
Hermann Baumann –
Gliere Saint-Saens Chabrier Dukas [Import]
Hermann Baumann –
Beethoven Rossini R.Strauss Czerny K [Import]
Hi-Fidelity –
Bitch Killa
Hillsong Worship –
No Other Name [Import]
Hiram Bullock –
From All Sides [Import]
Hollow Tip –
Taking No Shorts 3
Hubert Laws –
San Francisco Concert-Wounded Bird Records-2014 Reissue
Hubert Laws –
Then There Was Light 1 & 2
Hugh Morrison –
Scotland is Free [Soundtrack]
I Am Giant –
Science & Survival [Import]
Icarus Peel & Mordecai Smyth –
Barnburner [Single] [Import]
Ike Quebec –
Easy Living [Import]
Iluvatar –
From The Silence [CD]
Incarnated –
Try Before Die [Import]
Irreverence –
Shreds of Humanity [Import]
I The Breather –
Life Reaper
Jack Clement –
For Once & For All
Jackie McLean –
Tippin’ The Scales [Import]
Jackie McLean –
Jackie Mclean Quintet [Import]
Jack Savoretti –
Sweet Hurt Ep [Single] [Import]
Jaco Pastorius –
Birthday Concert [Import]
Jacques Brel –
Essentials [Import]
Jaki / Irmler,Hans Joachim Liebezeit –
Jared Porter –
East to West [Import]
Jason Mraz –
J-Diggs –
No Breaks
J-Diggs –
All Gas!!
Jean-Louis Aubert –
Original Album Series [Import]
Jeanne Mas –
Original Album Series [Import]
Jeff Lorber –
Private Passion [Import]
Jeff & Susanne Kelly –
By Reckless Moonlight
Jerry Garcia –
GarciaLive Volume Four: March 22nd, 1978 Veteran’s Hall
Jesse Green –
Nice & Slow: Expanded Edition [Import]
Jim Trio Black –
Actuality [Import]
J.J. Sansaverino –
Waiting For You
Joe Moffett –
Crows and Motives
Joe Sample –
Ashes to Ashes [Import]
Joe Sample –
Spellbound [Import]
John Bowman –
Worship Him
John Cale & Terry Riley –
Church of Anthrax: Remastered Edition [Import]
John Coltrane & Friends –
Sideman: Trane’s Blue Note Sessions (3CD)
John Hiatt –
Terms Of My Surrender
John Scofield –
Still Warm [Import]
John Scofield –
Electric Outlet [Import]
Judy Collins –
Golden Apples Of The Sun [Import]
Julie London –
Cry Me a River [Import]
Julien Clerc –
Original Album Series [Import]
Jungle –
Karl Bohm –
Mozart: Symphony No.40 & No.41 [Import]
Karl Leister –
Brahms: Clarinet Sonatas. Clarinet T [Import]
Karl Leister –
Mozart: Clarinet Concerto. Bassoon [Import]
Katie Garibaldi –
Follow Your Heart
Keith Emerson & Greg Lake –
Live From Manticore Hall [Live] [Import]
Kenny Burrell –
K.B.Blues [Import]
Ken Stringfellow –
I Never Said I D Make It Easy [Import]
Kidz Bop Kids –
Kidz Bop 26
Kill Chaos –
Promises Promises [Import]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard –
Float Along-Fill Your Lungs/Oddments [Import]
Kiss –
Music From the Elder: German Version [Import]
Kiss –
Gene Simmons: German Version [Import]
Kiss –
Rock & Roll Over: German Version [Import]
Kiss –
Dressed to Kill: German Version [Import]
Kiss –
Unmasked: German Version [Import]
Kiss –
Greatest Hits: German Version [Import]
Kiss –
Alive: German Version [Import]
Kiss –
Ace Frehley: German Version [Import]
Kiss –
Alive II: German Version [Import]
Kiyomi Ohtaka –
Spark [Import]
Klaus Thunemann –
Romantic Bassoon Rarities [Import]
Komatsu –
Manu Armata [Import]
Lancashire Hotpots –
Golden Crates [Import]
Landlady –
Upright Behavior
Larry Carlton –
Larry Carlton [Import]
Larry Carlton –
Strikes Twice [Import]
Lee Morgan –
Rajah [Import]
Lee Ritenour –
Captain’s Journey [Import]
Lee Ritenour –
Rit [Import]
Leo Ferre –
Essentials [Import]
Les Negresses Vertes –
Original Album Series [Import]
Letters of Utrecht –
Slow Exit
Lewis Watson –
Morning [Import]
Lil Keke –
Money Don’t Sleep
Linda Thompson –
One Clear Moment [Special Edition]
Loleatta Holloway –
Dreamin: Loleatta Holloway Anthology 1976-82 [Import]
London Sym Orch –
Los Pacaminos –
Fistful of Statins [Import]
Loudblast –
Burial Ground [Import]
Louie Fresco –
Autophobia [Import]
Louis Armstrong –
What a Wonderful World [Import]
Loverboy –
Unfinished Business
Luigi 21 Plus –
In Business
Luluc –
Lunar Aurora –
Elixir of Sorrow [Import]
Lunar Aurora –
Of Stargates & Bloodstained [Import]
Machiavel –
Jester [Import]
Madlib –
Rock Konducta
Magic Slim –
Chapel Hill
Manic Street Preachers –
Futurology [Import]
Marco Churnchetz –
Devotion [Import]
Marcus Miller –
Suddenly [Import]
Marsha Ambrosius –
Friends & Lovers
Martha Argerich –
Chopin & Liszt: Piano Concertos No.1 [Import]
Martha Argerich –
Prokofiev Piano Concerto No3 Ravel P [Import]
Marvin Ayres –
Ultradian Rhythms [Import]
Maurizio Pollini –
Three Classic Albums [Limited Edition]
Max Richter –
Recomposed By Max Richter Vivaldi: Th [Import]
Maz O’Connor –
This Willowed Light [Import]
Mcclymonts –
Here’s to You & I [Import]
Megs –
Awakening [Import]
Melanie –
Photograph ( Double Exposure )
Michael Jackson & Jackson 5 –
Premium Best Michael Jackson & Jackson 5 [Import]
Mike Archie –
Reloaded [Enhanced]
Mike Stern –
Upside Downside [Import]
Mike Stern –
Time in Place [Import]
Milky Chance –
Sadnecessary [Import]
Minor Giant –
On the Road [Import]
Montage –
Montage [Import]
Monty Python –
Sings (again) /
Monty Python –
Sings (again)
Morgan Davis –
I Got My Own
Moriah Peters –
Morrissey –
World Peace Is None Of Your Business
Format: Audio CD][/amazon] –
Black Hippies B00KB49AYW
Nellie Tiger Travis –
Nellie Sings the Blues
Nigel Stonier –
Built For Storms [Import]
Nivlhel –
Nivlhel [Import]
Noel –
I Won’t Answer
Novembers Doom –
Bled White
Old 97’s –
Most Messed Up [Import]
Omar –
Blues Bag
Omar and the Howlers –
Big Leg Beat
Orpehus Chamber Orchestra –
Three Classic Albums [Limited Edition]
Oswald Chambers –
od Is Love – Classical Ensemble with Devotional Readings from Oswald Chambers [Single]
Otis Gibbs –
Souvenirs of a Misspent Youth [Import]
Parade –
Time Capsule [Import]
Parry/Various Artists –
Parry: Music for Heart and Breath
Patrice Rushen –
Pizzazz [Import]
Patrice Rushen –
Patrice [Import]
Patrick Gallois –
Piazzolla for Two [Import]
Patrick Gallois –
Fantasies on Opera Melodies for Flute [Import]
Patti Page –
Tenesee Waltz [Import]
Paul Jackson Jr –
I Came to Play [Import]
Paul Mauled & The Defendents –
Take a Deep Breath
Paul Oakenfold –
Trance Mission [Import]
Paul Wilbur –
Pennywise –
Pep Bonet -Photographer –
We the People of Wacken [Import]
Pete Fij & Terry Bickers –
Broken Heart Surgery [Import]
Peter Himmelman –
Boat That Carries Us
Pierre Boulez –
Three Classic Albums [Limited Edition]
Piiptsjilling –
Plastikman –
EX (Performed live at the Guggenheim NYC) [Live]
Plim Plim –
Musica Y Aventuras [Import]
Pong –
Puss N Boots –
No Fools, No Fun (Amazon Exclusive – 2 Track Bonus Version) [Deluxe Edition]
Rafael Kubelik –
Dvorak: Symphony No.8 & No.9 [Import]
Raffi –
Love Bug
Ramin Djawadi –
Game of Thrones [Import]
Randy Crawford –
Now We May Begin [Import]
Rasa Vitkauskaite –
Ray Barretto –
Eye of the Beholder [Import]
Ray Charles –
Ray Charles Juke Box [Box set]
Red Shelter –
Nothing More Nothing Less [Import]
Reigning Sound –
Reks and Hazardis Soundz –
Eyes Watching God
Relics of Humanity –
Ominously Reigning Upon the Intangible [Import]
Renaud –
Original Album Series [Import]
Renaud Capucon –
Bach: Violin Concerto Bwv 1041 & 1042 [Import]
Revolver Cannabis –
Balas Rosas Y Plomo
Richard Elliot –
Lip Service
Rick & The Night –
You Asked for I Live! [Import]
Rick Wakeman –
Out of the Blue: Official Remastered Version [Import]
Rick Wakeman –
Softsword: King John & The Magna Carta [Import]
Ricky Kej & Wouter Kellerman –
Winds Of Samsara
Ricky Peterson –
Night Watch [Import]
Rise Against –
The Black Market
Robben Ford –
Talk to Your Daughter [Import]
Rock Anthems (Series) –
Rock Anthems [Import]
Run on Sentence –
Rush –
Presto [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Ruthann Friedman –
Complete Constant Companion Sessions [Import]
Sacha Puttnam –
Classic Film Music: Puttnam Plays Puttnam [Import]
Sam & Dave –
Nashville Soul Sessions
Sam Rivers –
Dimentions & Extensions [Import]
Sanna Nielsen –
7 [Import]
Save the Clock Tower –
Wasteland [Import]
Scourge –
Hate Metal [Import]
Sean Flinn & The Royal We –
The Lost Weekend
Sebastien Tellier –
Section –
Section [Import]
Serge Gainsbourg –
Essentials [Import]
Serge Lama –
Original Album Series [Import]
Sergio Mendes –
Mas Que Nada [Import]
Serpent Venom –
Of Things Seen & Unseen [Import]
Shawdowdance –
Future Negative Fantasy
Sia –
1000 Forms of Fear [Import]
Skymark –
Primeiras Impressoes [Import]
Skyy –
Skyyhigh: Skyy Anthology 1979-84 [Import]
Slow Club –
Complete Surrender
Sonic Syndicate –
Sonic Syndicate [Import]
Sonny Clark –
Blues in the Night [Import]
Sonny Clark –
My Conception [Import]
Sonny Clark –
Sonny Clark Quintets [Import]
Sonny Knight & The Lakers –
I’m Still Here
Sonogram –
LED Melodies
Soul Jazz Records Presents –
Studio One Dancehall: Sir Coxsone
Soundtrack –
Planes: Fire & Rescue
Space Eater –
Passing Through the Fire to Molech [Import]
Stan Kenton –
Concerts In Miniature Volume 3
Stanley Turrentine –
Inflation [Import]
Stanley Turrentine –
Comin’ Your Way [Import]
Stanley Turrentine –
Z.T.S Blues [Import]
Stanley Turrentine –
Jubilee Shout! [Import]
Stars & Flights –
Moral Colour [Import]
Staubkind –
Alles Was Ich Bin [Import]
Stevie Ray Latham –
Modern Attitudes [Import]
Stewart Dudley –
Strangers No More
Stewart Dudley –
Time & Tide
St Petersburg Philharmonic –
Tchaikovsky & Chopin
Stu Larsen –
Submerse –
Slow Waves
Suddenflames –
Under the Sign of the Alliance [Import]
Suicide Silence –
You Can’t Stop Me
Sunday Drive –
Happy Happy Happy
Supremes –
Premium Best Diana Ross & The Supremes [Import]
Sven Vath –
Coming Home [Import]
Talisman –
I-Surrection (Oldwah Deconstruction)
Tarja –
Left in the Dark [Import]
Tempa T –
It’s Bait It’s Bait [Import]
Tennessee Ernie Ford –
Civil War Songs Of The South [Import]
Terje Lie –
Bright Moments
Terrordome –
We’ll Show You Bosch Mitch! [Import]
Thea Gilmore –
Recorded Delivery: Live
Thea Gilmore –
Regardless – Special Edition [Import]
The Green Seed –
The Majority Says –
Majority Says [Import]
The Mother Hips –
Chronicle Man
The Not-Its! –
Raise Your Hand
The Other Guys –
Seeds of Ambition
The Police –
Zenyatta Mondatta [Super Audio CD – DSD] [Import]
The Police –
Zenyatta Mondatta [Import]
The Police –
Zenyatta Mondatta [Import]
The Ventures –
On Stage 71 [Import]
The Ventures –
In Tokyo 68 [Import]
The Ventures –
On Stage 72 [Import]
The Ventures –
On Stage 73 [Import]
The Ventures –
Live the Ventures [Import]
Tina Brooks –
Waiting Game [Import]
Tina Brooks –
Back to the Tracks [Import]
Todd Bishop –
Tomoharu Ushida –
Piano Meikyoku Shuu [Import]
Tomoharu Ushida –
Piano Meikyoku Shuu [Import]
Trampled by Turtles –
Wild Animals
Trudy Lynn & Steve Krase –
Royal Oaks Blues Cafe
Tyson –
Counterparts [Import]
United Nations –
Next Four Years
Upsessions –
Shake It [Import]
U.v.m. Storm –
Die Größten Novellen Der Literatur Die Größten Novellen Der Literatur [Box set]
Vamps –
Somebody to You Pt. 2 [Single] [Import]
Varga –
Return of the Metal [Import]
Various –
Wish I Was Here (Music From The Motion Picture)

Various Artists –
Brassmusic From the Sonton Library 69-81
Various Artists –
Gluck: The Great Operas [Box set]
Various Artists –
Latest & Greatest Relaxing Songs [Import]
Various Artists –
Greatest Ever Electric [Import]
Various Artists –
Defected Presents Nic Fanciulli in the House [Import]
Various Artists –
Screen Music 2 [Import]
Various Artists –
Motown-Premium Twin Best [Import]
Various Artists –
Love Ballad-Premium Twin Best [Import]
Various Artists –
Popular Vocal-Premium Twin Best [Import]
Various Artists –
Surfin’ Music-Premium Twin Best [Import]
Various Artists –
Mood Music-Premium Twin Best [Import]
Various Artists –
Satin Doll Jazz Standard Best [Import]
Various Artists –
Body & Soul Jazz Ballad Best [Import]
Various Artists –
Misty Jazz Piano Best [Import]
Various Artists –
Screen Jazz Best [Import]
Various Artists –
Lullaby of Birdland Standard Jazz Vocal [Import]
Various Artists –
Oldies -Premium Twin Best [Import]
Various Artists –
Bossa Nova Best [Import]
Various Artists –
Harmony of Hardcore 2014 [Import]
Various Artists –
Casino Lights/Recorded Live [Import]
Various Artists –
Keb Darge & Little Ediths Lege [Import]
Various Artists –
Extended 80s [Import]
Various Artists –
Roadtrip 1 [Import]
Various Artists –
Driving Songs [Import]
Various Artists –
Heavy Metal-Latest [Import]
Various Artists –
Festival Anthems-Lat [Import]
Various Artists –
Surfs Up [Import]
Various Artists –
Cafe Salsa [Import]
Various Artists –
Happy Summer Songs [Import]
Various Artists –
Essentials-Rock’ N’ Roll [Import]
Various Artists –
Essentials-Chanson Francaise [Import]
Various Artists –
Essentials-Jazz [Import]
Various Artists –
Essentials-Relaxation [Import]
Various Artists –
Essentials-Blues [Import]
Various Artists –
Essentials-Salsa [Import]
Various Artists –
Essentials-Lounge [Import]
Various Artists –
Essentials-Brazil [Import]
Various Artists –
Buttermilk Skies: Hoagy Carmichael Songbook [Import]
Various Artists –
Ambient Lounge 17 [Import]
Various Artists –
Party Mix-70s Classics [Import]
Various Artists –
Party Mix-90s Classics [Import]
Various Artists –
Party Mix-Power Ballads [Import]
Various Artists –
Party Mix-Movies [Import]
Various Artists –
Ibiza Summerhouse Megamix 2014 [Import]
Various Artists –
Gothic Visions 5 [Import]
Various Artists –
Cafe Del Mar 20 [Import]
Various Artists –
Vibes Zenkai Natsu Mix [Import]
Various Artists –
All for Metal 6 [Import]
Various Artists –
Mali All Stars [Import]
Various Artists –
Ministry of Sound: Fiesta [Import]
Various Artists –
Nation’s Favourite Motown Songs [Import]
Various Artists –
Zenon Records: 10 Years [Import]
Various Artists –
Brotherys Balderdash 2 [Import]
Various Artists –
Summer Jazz: Europe [Import]
Various Artists –
Brazilian Shamans [Import]
Various Artists –
Analog Dreams [Import]
Various Artists –
Ibiza Annual 2014 [Import]
Various Artists –
Magic Island 5 [Import]
Various Artists –
Godzilla-Japanese Original 60th Anniversary [Import]
Various Artists –
Hardcore Top 100-2014 [Import]
Various Artists –
Hardstyle Top 100-2014 [Import]
Various Artists –
Begin Again [Import]
Various Artists –
Global Djs-The Las Vegas Sessions [Import]
Various Artists –
Samsara Compilation Vol.5 [Import]
Various Artists –
Nile Rogers Presents Disco Inferno [Import]
Various Artists –
Top DJ Compilation [Import]
Various Artists –
We Love Pop: Summer Anthems [Import]
Various Artists –
Capital Undercover [Import]
Various Artists –
Playlist: Kids Party [Import]
Various Artists –
Playlist: Driving Songs [Import]
Various Artists –
Playlist-Summer Beach Workout [Import]
Various Artists –
Kiss Kiss Summer Hits 2014 [Import]
Various Artists –
Playlist-Summer Bbq [Import]
Various Artists –
Luxury Collection-Tango [Import]
Various Artists –
Luxury Collection-Blues Greats [Import]
Various Artists –
Luxury Collection-Reggae [Import]
Various Artists –
Country Funk Volume II 1967-1974 [Original recording remastered]
Various Artists –
Latin Hits 2014 Summer Edition
Various Artists –
The Haumana
Various Artists –
Simplemente Trios
Various Artists –
Simplemente Rancheras
Various Artists –
Simplemente Tejano
Various Artists –
Simplemente Mariachi
Various Artists –
Simplemente Banda
Various Artists –
Blue Amazon: Interpretations Mixed by Ian Ossia [Import]
Various Artists –
The Story of Lenis Guess [Import]
Various Artists –
Studio Ibiza 2014 [Import]
Various Artists –
Ibiza Chilling Moods
Various Artists –
ZYX Italo Disco Spacesynth Collection
Various Artists –
Minimal Techno 15
Veiyadra –
Gehenna [Import]
Vera Lynn –
National Treasure: The Essential Collection
Volumes –
No Sleep
Warped –
Intorno a Me [Import]
Wax Witches –
Centre of Your Universe [Import]
Weather Report –
Live in Tokyo [Live]
Weird Al Yankovic –
Mandatory Fun
Wiener Philharmoniker –
Complete Orchestra Recordings [Import]
Wilhelm Furtwangler –
Beeethoven: Symphony No.7 & No.8 [Import]
Will Bates & Phil Mossman –
I, Origins (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Woman’s Hour –
Woolly & Tig –
Songs for Wobbly Moments [Import]
Wunder Wunder –
Everything Infinite
サーカ・ウェーヴス –
Ep [Import]
堀澤麻衣子 –
Kindred Spirits-Kakegae No Nai Mono [Import]
堀澤麻衣子 –
Kindred Spirits-Kakegae No Nai Mono [Import]
山下洋輔×スガダイロー –
Yamashita Yosuke Suga Dairo [Import]
服部克久 –
77-55 Past.Present&Future [Import]
東京キネマジャズ・トリオ –
Jazz Cinema Paradise [Import]
Yarbrough & Peoples –
Two of Us: Expanded Edition [Import]
Yellowjackets –
Yellowjackets [Import]
Yokotsuka Yuuya –
Return to Nature
Yves Montand –
Very Best/Le Meileur [Import]

3rd Bass – Cactus Album
49th Parallel – 49th Parallel [Limited Edition]
Alan Parsons – Time Machine
Alien Ensemble – Alien Ensemble
Amy Grant – In Concert: 2
Anand Wilder & Maxwell Kardon – Break Line The Musical
Andrea Vollenweider – Behind the Gardens Behind the Wall-Under the Tree [Import]
Andrea Vollenweider – Caverna Magica [Import]
Angist – Circle of Suffering [Import]
Anushka – Broken Circuit [Import]
Arthur Fiedler & Boston Pops Orchestra – Musical Theatre Classics
Audios Amigos – Ain’t That A Peach / Rip City Medley
Barbara Mandrell – Best of
Barbarossa – Elevator [EP]
B.B. King – Do the Boogie! Early 50’s Classics [Import]
Bell Towers – Remixed [EP]
Benjamin Herman – Trouble
Beyonce – Beyonce
Big D and the Kid’s Table – Good Luck
Big D and the Kid’s Table – Shot By Lammi
Bill Evans – You Must Believe in Spring [Import]
Black Nasty – Talking to the People
Blind Uncle Gaspard-Delma Lachney – On the Waters Edge [Limited Edition]
Bob Lind – Elusive Bob Lind
Bonnie Raitt – Nick of Time – 25th Anniversary Edition
Braid – No Coast
Bright Light Bright Light – Life Is Easy [Import]
Brillstein – Back to Bed
Brother Jack Mcduff Quartet – New Boss Guitar
Buddy Miles – Them Changes [Import]
Bury Tomorrow – Runes [Import]
Candy Hearts – All the Ways You Let Me Down
Capital Cities – In a Tidal Wave of Mystery
Carbo Flex – Trifolium [Import]
Castles – Fiction Or Truth? [Import]
Charles Mingus – East Coasting
Charley Pride – Back to the Country
Charley Pride – Power of Love
Charley Pride – Charley Pride Live
Charley Pride – Night Games
Charley Pride – Charley Sings Everybody’s Choice
Chris Connor – This Is Chris
Circulatory System – Mosaics Within Mosaics
Cocteau Twins – Blue Bell Knoll (LP+MP3)
Country Gals – Lynn Anderson / Tammy Wynette / Barbara Mandrell
Crystal Gayle – What If We Fall in Love
Culpeper’s Orchard – Culpeper’s Orchard
Cyclobe – Sulphur-Tarot-Garden
Dave Alvin – Common Ground: Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin Play & Sing
Davina and The Vagabonds – Sunshine
Dead End Path – Seance & Other Songs [Import]
Deep Fried Boogie Band – Doughnut Make My Brown Eyes Blue / (Return of the) Tokyo Cowboy
Deru – 1979 [Import]
Dezurik Sisters – Yodel & Sing Their Greatest Hits [Limited Edition]
Diana Trask – Miss Country Soul
Die Form – Rayvon X
Dillon – Matter of Time Remixes
Disgrace – Songs of Suffering [Import]
Divided & United – Divided & United: The Songs of the Civil War
Doobie Brothers – Looking to the East [Import]
Driver Friendly – Unimagined Bridges
Duck Sauce – NRG (180 Gram Vinyl)
Duke Diggs – Upper Hand & Other Grand Illusions
Ed Sheeran – x (2LP 180 Gram Vinyl)
Emperor – Emperor [Import]
Etta James – Sings for Lovers [Import]
Etta Jones – Don’t Go to Strangers
Eugene Mcguinness – Chroma [Import]
Eula – Orderly
Every Time I Die – From Parts Unknown [Import]
Exodus – Pleasures of the Flesh [Import]
Expire – Pretty Low
Fanajana-A Collection of Recordings & Photography – Fanajana: A Collection of Recordings and Photography From Madagasikara
Fela Kuti – Expensive Shit
Fela Kuti – He Miss Road
Fela Kuti – Fela Live With Ginger Baker [Live]
F. F. F. – F F F [Import]
F.F.F. – Free for Fever [Import]
Fhloston Paradigm – Phoenix
Foreigner – Acoustic Evening With Foreigner [Import]
Frankie Cosmos – Zentropy [Limited Edition] [Single]
Freddy Fender – Your Cheatin’ Heart
Freddy King – Sings [Import]
Freddy King – Bossa Nova & Blues [Import]
Funky Destination – Mama Used To Tell Me / Feel This Song
Glen Campbell – Southern Nights
Hank Williams Jr – Five-O-Five: I’m for Love Ain’t Misbehavin’
Hank Williams Jr – Pressure Is on
Hank Williams Jr – Greatest Hits 2: All My Rowdy Friends
Hank Williams Jr. – Live at Cobo Hall Detroit: Songs of Hank Sr.
Hank Williams Jr. – Man of Steel
Hank Williams Jr. – High Notes
Hank Williams Jr. – Strong Stuff
Henry Butler & Steven Bernstein & The Hot 9 – Viper’s Drag
Holger Czukay – Der Osten 1st Rot / Rome Remains
Hound Scales – Pinky Violence Ep [Import]
Hundred Waters – Moon Rang Like a Bell
Ian Karmel / Nathan Brannon – The Comedy Split
John Cale – Academy in Peril
Jon Hopkins – Collider Remixes
Jon Hopkins – We Disappear
Joo Kraus & Tales in Tones Trio – Songs From Neverland [Import]
Kalabrese – Remixes [EP]
Kitty Finer – Lobby Star [EP]
La Hell Gang – Thru Me Again
Lakker – Containing a Thousand
Larry Gatlin – Pilgrim
Larry Gatlin – Alive and Well Livin in the Land of Dreams
Larry Wilder / The Dickel Brothers – The Americana Split
Le Onde del Cielo – Melancholic Neopolitan/ Il Collezionista
Liars – Pro Anti Anti
Lincoln Durham – Exodus of the Deemed Unrighteous
Linval Thompson – Boss Man S Dub: Lost 1979 Dub Album [Import]
Little Daylight – Hello Memory
Loretta Lynn – We’ve Come a Long Way Baby
Los Issifu & His Moslems – Tanga Beat [Single]
Lunar Aurora – Ars Moriendi [Import]
Marco Shuttle – Fanfara [EP]
Marshall Tucker Band – Tuckererized
Matt Mcnerney & Kimmo Helen – World Is Burning [Import]
Megadeth – Killing Is My Business [Import]
Mfsb – Love Is the Message [Import]
Mike Sempert – Mid Dream
Miles Davis – Musings of Miles
Moebius – Snowghost Pieces
My Brightest Diamond – None More Than You
My Fictions – Stranger Songs
Format: Vinyl]

Black Hippies B00KB499WU
Format: Vinyl]
The Rats B001OPQIJ2
Format: Vinyl]
Autobahn B00KQQMZ9C
Nest –
Nicolett Larson –
Rose of My Heart
Nightingales –
Pigs on Purpose
Nihill –
Nikki Sudden and the Jacobites –
Orlando Julius –
James Brown Ride On/Psychedelic Afro Shop [Import]
Pale Seas –
Places to Haunt Ep [Import]
Palomino –
Town South of Bakersfield 2
Paul Peter & Mary –
In the Wind
Paul Peter & Mary –
Paul Peter & Mary
Pennywise –
Pink Boxxes –
It Ain’t No Cupcake (Workin’ at Voodoo Doughnut) / Cheap Bastard
Poison Idea –
Triple Chocolate Penetration / Hypnoptic
Pong –
Rage –
Soundchaser Archives Boxset [Import]
Randy Travis –
Storms of Life
Ra –
Collateral Damage
Reba McEntire –
Just a Little Love
Rippikoula –
Ulvaia [Import]
Rippikoula –
Ulvaia-Limited Grey [Import]
Rippikoula –
Musta Seremonia [Import]
Roberto Clementi –
Bonton Pt 1
Roman Ruins –
Source of Pride
Roy Clark –
Greatest Hits
Run on Sentence –
Sage Francis –
Copper Gone (Vinyl)
Saturday Night Live –
Original Cast: Beluchi / Aykroyd / Gilda Radner
Session –
Unikuva [Limited Edition]
Shift Work –
Scaled to Fit [EP]
Shivers –
Slim Whitman –
Best of Slim Whitman
Soda Eaves –
Like Drapes [Import]
Sounds From the Ground –
Alchemy [Import]
Spiritualized –
Let It Come Down [Limited Edition]
Spiritualized –
Fucked Up Inside [Limited Edition]
Squeeze –
Steve Adamyk –
Dial Tone
Sweet Baboo –
Marc Riley BBC Sessions [Import]
Talco –
10 Years – Live In Iruna
Technotronic –
Body to Body
Temples –
Shelter Song [Import]
The Acid –
Liminal (2xLP)
The Clean –
Anthology (4xLP) [Box set]
Thelonious Monk –
Monk’s Music
The Man Comes Around (7 ) –
Johnny Cash
The Outfield –
The Prodigy –
Their Law: The Singles 1990-2005 (2xLP+MP3)
The Shapes –
Songs for Sensible People [Import]
Thot –
City That Disappears: [Import]
Time Attendant –
Bloodhounds [Import]
Ulli Bomans –
Upsessions –
Shake It [Import]
Vangelis –
Heaven & Hell [Import]
Various Artists –
Keb Darge 4 [Import]
Various Artists –
Will Saul DJ-Kicks Ep [Import]
Various Artists –
Cassette [Import]
Various Artists –
John Morales Presents Motown Divas [Import]
Various Artists –
Jahtarian Dubbers 4 [Import]
Various Artists –
My Intention Is War-Trinidad Calypsos 28-48 [Limited Edition]
Various Artists –
Seven Skeletons Found in the Yard [Limited Edition]
Vince Guaraldi –
Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus
Walkabouts –
Virgin Years [Box set]
Walter Trout –
Positively Beale Street-25th Anniversary [Import]
Wes Montgomery –
Full House
William Shatner –
Transformed Man [Limited Edition]
Woman’s Hour –
Xeno & Oaklander –
Par Avion
Yagya –
Yury Morozov –
The Cherry Garden Of Jimi Hendrix [Limited Edition]
Zongo Junction –
No Discount
Zu –
Goodnight Civilization

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