New Music Releases – 1/7/14


So here it is! Our first new release Tuesday! The plan is to give you all of the titles that we’re interested in covering here, followed by a complete list of everything released. Next week, we’ll follow up with what we thought about the ones that we listened to.

Ariel Pink – Early Live Recordings: Gorilla / Appleasians
Childish Gambino – Because the Internet
Considering he is leaving Community to focus more on this album, it better be good. 
Peter Gabriel – And I’ll Scratch Yours
This follows his 2010 album “Scratch My Back”, which consisted of him covering various artists. This album is other artists covering his work. 
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Wig Out at Jagbags
New album from for the former Pavement singer. 


Actress – Hazyville [Import]
Aevangelist – Omen Ex Simulacra
Agnes – Collection [Import]
Airborne – Songs for a City
Akkord – Akkord
Alasdair Roberts & Robin Robertson – Hirta Songs
Alec Seward – Late One Saturday Night
Alleycat Scratch – Greatest Licks & Nasty Tricks
Anberlin – Icon
Andrea Enlers Johnson – Can U See Me
Andrea Enlers Johnson (Performer) – I Need You
Andrea Kauten – Beethoven/Brahms/Sch… Piano Works [Import]
Andy Griffith – Icon
Ariel Pink – Early Live Recordings: Gorilla / Appleasians
Asaf Shapira – Because of Tom [Box set]
Asleep at the Wheel – Snapshot: Asleep at the Wheel
Astarium – Atenvx
Auris & Gino – Rub
Bae In-Sook – Sunday Loneliness
Bae In-Sook – 1st
Banks – London EP [EP]
Batteaux – Batteaux
Benny Goodman and His Orchestra – AFRS Benny Goodman Show, Volume 19
Ben Sidran – Doctor Is in [Import]
Ben Trickey – Rising Waters
Bettye Swann – The Complete Atlantic Recordings
Big Daddy EK & Fuzzy 2Face – Let Us In
Big Daddy EK & Fuzzy 2Face – Fire It Up
Big Pokey – Hardest Pit in the Litter
Blow Up Hollywood – Blue Sky Blond [Single]
Blut Aus Nord – What Once Was – Liber Ill
B.o.B – Underground Luxury [Import]
Brief Candles – Newhouse Ep
Casper – Hinterland [Import]
Cedar – Human/Nature
Charlie Siem – Title Tba [Import]
Childish Gambino – Because the Internet
Chris Dedrick – Wishes
Chris Garcia – Las Vegas Underground [Import]
Chuck Perrin – Life Is Stream [Import]
Chuck Perrin & May – Unreleased
Chuck Perrin & May – Live
Clark Sisters – Icon
Classical Music of Snowcrystals – Classical Music of Snowcrystals [Import]
Colton Dixon – A Messenger (Expanded Edition)
Crosswind – Crosswind
Dan Baraszu & Dave Ellington – Organ Trio
Daughtry – Baptized [Import]
David Essex – Collection [Import]
David Zinman – Schubert: Symphony No. 8 Tonhalle Orchester Zurich [Import]
Dillards – Decade Waltz
Donn Tarris – Party
Eagles – Music Among Friends
Mutual Understanding – In Wonderland (Lp Miniauture)
n/a (Conductor) – Martynas
Nausea – Condemned to the System
Nigromante – Black Magic Night
Nikolaus Harnoncourt – March in D Major K 335 / Serenade in D Major K 320
Nymb – Breathing Out Vapors Single [Single]
Oliver Coates – Towards the Blessed Islands
Omar & The Howlers – Essential Collection
Paavo Jarvi – Schumann Symphony No.4. Overture. Scherzo & Finale [Super Audio CD – DSD] [Import]
Pam Davis – Ancient of Days
Pan – Pan [Import]
Percy Mays – Shine Your Love
Peter Gabriel – And I’ll Scratch Yours
Peter Gabriel – Scratch My Back & I’ll Scratch Yours [Limited Edition]
Peter Mccann – One on One [Import]
Peter Ulrich Collaboration – The Painted Caravan
Phillip Francis Stumpo – One Man Circus [Import]
Phoenix – Bankrupt! [Import]
Player – Spies of Life
Psychegaelic – Psychegaelic: French Freakbeat
Quartonal – Another Way [Import]
Randy Edelman – You’re the One
Rebecca St. James – Icon
Robert Kraft – Retro Active
Rob Galbraith – Nashville Dirt
Robots Don’t Sleep – Mirror [Import]
Roosevelt Sykes – Music Is My Business
Rosetta – The Anaesthete
Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra (Orchestra) – Tchaikovsky: Pathetique
Rudolf Buchbinder – Piano Concertos
Run After to – Gjinn & Djinn
Samuel Jonathan Johnson – My Music [Original recording remastered]
Satin Pierce – Acoustic Soul – Wonderful Feeling
Self Defense Family – Try Me
Serge Gainsbourg – Histoire De Melody Nelson [Import]
Sheds – I’ll Be Fine
Sheri Jones-Moffett – Power & Authority – Live In Memphis
Singularis – Dopamine Dream
Slayer – Seasons in the Abyss [Import]
Snowapple – Snowapple
Soft Soul Transition – Soft Soul Transition
Son of God – Son of God: Music Inspired By Epic Motion Picture
Southern Cross – Don’t Care No More
Stairsteps – 2nd Resurrection
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Wig Out at Jagbags
Steve Davis – For Real
Stillwell – Last Ditch Effort/Stillwell Split
Strictly the Best 48 – Strictly the Best 48
Strictly the Best 49 – Strictly the Best 49
Stryper – Icon
Sweat & Tears – The Complete Columbia Singles
Teddy Powell and His Orchestra – I Got Rhythm
The Canterbury Music Festival – Rain & Shine [Import] [Special Edition]
The Christian Woods Brothers – Wake Up In The Morning
The Flexible Orchestra (Orchestra) – Daniel Goode: Annbling
The Four Seasons – Valli’s Peaks – 1962 The Incredible First Year [Import]
The Mckee Choir – What Shall It Take
The Miller Singers – The Miller Greatest Part 1
The Ray-O-Vacs – Riding High 1949-1957 – 44 R&B Nuggets [Import]
Tim Bendzko – Programmiert [Import]
Tim Bendzko – Wenn Worte Meine Sprache Waren [Import]
Tombstones – Red Skies & Dead Eyes
Tom Der Trommler – Tba [Import]
Tom Jans – Eyes of An Only Child
Tony Sharper – Gospel – In The Beginning [Single]
Toy – Toy [Import]
Tunnels of Ah – Lost Corridors
Underoath – Icon
V.A. – Classical Now 2014 [Import]
Valorie Belk – Closet Woman
Variety (Orchestra) – Classical Music Masterpieces [Box set]
Various – iWorship Now/Next 2014
Various – One Chance: True Story of Paul Potts
Various Artists – August: Osage County
Various Artists – Vara Barns Favoriter 2 [Import]
Various Artists – Jazz Now 2014 [Import]
Various Artists – Les Hits De Gulli 2014 [Import]
Various Artists – Pure Deep House: Very Best of Deep House [Import]
Various Artists – This Is Dance 2014 [Import]
Various Artists – I, Frankenstein (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Soundtrack]
Various Artists – Wolf of Wall Street
Various Artists – Detroit Special – Motor City Roots – The Original Various Artists LP + 36 Bonus Tracks {ORIGINAL RECORDINGS REMASTERED] [Import]
Various Artists – Doo Wop Across America – Good News – R&B Vocal Groups In New Orleans [Import]
Various Artists – The Supremes & The Evolution Of The Girl Group Sound [Import]
Various Artists – This Magic Moment – The Sound Of The Brill Building [Import]
Various Artists – Blues From A Smoky Bar
Various Artists – Jazz From A Smoky Bar
Voices in Latin Featuring Barbara Moore – Something Cool
Willie Nelson – To All the Girls [Import]
Will Stratton – Post Empire
ジノ・クニコ – Gino Cunico
Year of No Light – Tocsin
Yes – BBC Sessions 1969 – 1970: Something’s [Import]
Yung Ro – Self-Titled
Z’Ev – Handful of Elements
Zvika Amit – Married Woman [Box set]


5 Years Hohenregler – 5 Years Hohenregler
Active Child – Rapor [EP]
Agora – Live in Montreux
Alland Byallo – Crepuscular [Single]
Alphataurus – Alphataurus
Alphataurus – Attosecondo
Alusa Fallax – Intorno Alla Mia Cattiva Educazione
An-2 – Sunset Stories
Analogy – Same
Analogy – Konzert
Andrew Pekler – Holiday for Sampler
Andriano Celentano – Peppermint Twist
Arcturus – Aspera Hiems Symfonia [Limited Edition]
Area – Tic & Tac
Area – 1978 Gli Dei Se Ne Vanno
Army of Pharoahs – Army of the Pharaohs: Ritual of Battle [Original recording remastered]
Army of the Pharaohs – Army of the Pharaohs: The Torture Papers [Limited Edition] [Original recording remastered]
Arve Henriksen – Places of Worship
Ash – Complete a-Z Series triple twelve inch recording
Baldo – Choosing Time [EP] [Single]
Balletto Di Bronzo – On the Road to Ys
Bambibanda E Melodie – Same
Baris Manco – Yeni Bir Gun
Battiato – Foetus
Biglietto Per L’Inferno.Folk – Tra L’Assurdo E La Ragione
Biglietto per l’Inferno – Il Tempo Della Semina
Biglietto Per L’inferno – Same
Biglietto Per L’Inferno – Live 1974
Bizarre Uproar – Split
Blacklisters – Blklstrs
Blocco Mentale – Poa
Bobby Bare Jr. – Shame on Me [Single]
Camisasca – La Finestra Dentro
Campo Di Marte – Campo Di Marte
Cannibal Ox – Cold Vein
Capsicum Red – Appunti Per Un’Idea Fissa
Caravan – If I’d Do It All Again I’d Do It All Over You [Import]
Celeste – Principe Di Un Giorno
Cesar Merveille – Dea / Kraftone [Single]
Challenger’s – Challenger’s
Chambermaids – Whatever Happened Tomorrow
Cincinnato – Same
Circus 2000 – Circus 2000
Citta Frontale – Tor
Cold Warps – Don’t Haunt Me Ok? seven inch recording [Single]
Construction & Destruction – Cousins/Construction & Destruction Split twelve inch recording
D’Julz – Dive [EP] [Single]
Dalton – Riflessioni: Idea D’Infinito
Dave Nuss – Bruxelles
Delirium – Lo Scemo E Il Villaggio
Delirium – III
Delirium – Dolce Acqua
Demac & Tom Will Samson – It Grows Again [EP] [Single]
Der Dritte Raum – Mokka [Single]
Disclosure Sasha Keable – Voices [Import]
DJ Koze – Amygdala Remixes 1 [Single]
Doug Mason – Boogazi seven inch recording [Single]
Dreems – In the Desert [Single]
Duello Madre – Duello Madre
E.A. Poe – Generazioni
Electrelane – The Power Out
E.L.O. – Mr Blue Sky: Very Best of [Limited Edition]
E.L.O. – Zoom [Limited Edition]
End – Intropsective [Import]
Enslaved – Masquerade Infernale [Limited Edition]
Faust’o – Suicidio
Felix Kubin – Zemsta Plutona
Flea – Topi O Uomini
Folk Studio a – Same
Franco Cerri – Sera a Casa Con Te
Funn City – All-Night People [Single]
Garybaldi – Note Perdute
Garybaldi – Live in Bloom
Garybaldi – Astrolabio
Garybaldi – Nuda
Gateway – Evening Colours [Limited Edition] [Original recording remastered]
Genfuoco – Dentro L’Invisibile
Ghedalia Tazartes – Alpes
Gianni…(Ibis) Nico – Canti D’Innocenza, Canti D’Esperienza
Giganta – Force Ep [Import]
Gleemen – Gleemen
Harm Wulf – There’s Honey in the Soil So We Wait for the Till
Hero – Same
Homo Duplex – On Or on & on seven inch recording [Single]
Hostsonaten – Winterthrough
Hunka Munka – Dedicato a Giovanna G
Huxley – Inkwell [EP] [Single]
Hvob – Lion [Single]
I Califfi – Fiore Di Metallo
I Pooh – Contrasto
Iris Dement – My Life (180 Gram Vinyl)
I Teoremi – Same
Ivano Alberto Fossati – Il Grande Mare Che Avremmo Traversato
Ivvvo – Light Moving [Single]
Jan Duindam – Thoughts
Jay Reatard – Watch Me Fall (120 Gram Vinyl+MP3)
Jay Reatard – Matador Singles ’08 (120 Gram Vinyl+MP3)
Jedi Mind Tricks – Animal Rap [EP] [Original recording remastered]
Jeff Lynne – Armchair Theatre [Limited Edition]
Jenny Sorrenti – Sospiro
John Emg – Don’t Want It [Single]
Julie of the Wolves – Create/Destroy
J – Magneto / Tvr [Single]
Keziah Jones – Captain Rugged
Kundalini Shakti Devi – Kundalini Shakti Devi
L’Estate Di San Martino – Talsete Di Marsantino
L’Uovo Di Colombo – L’Uovo Di Colombo
Laser – Vita Sul Pianeta
Leonero – Vero
Le Orme – L’Aurora
Le Orme – Ad Gloriam
Linda Hoyle – Pieces of Me
Luciano Basso – Voci
Lucy – 201 Phasing [Single]
Marco Resmann – Life About to Change [EP] [Single]
Mauro Pagani – Mauro Pagani
Max Eilbacher – Red Anxiety Tracers
Maxophone – Maxophone
Mayday Parade – Tales Told By Dead Friends
Metamorfosi – Fu Il Sesto Giorno
Metamorfosi – Inferno
Metronomy – I’m Aquarius [Single]
Mike Shannon – Gravitron [EP] [Single]
Mine – Disappear [Single] [Import]
Motorama – Eyes seven inch recording [Single]
Mr. Statik – Roll Down the Shutters [Single]
Mutual Benefit – Love’s Crushing Diamond
Nascita Della Sfera – Per Una Scultura Di Ceschia
New Trolls – New Trolls
New Trolls – Ut
New Trolls – Senza Orario Senza Bandiera
New Trolls – Searching for a Land
New Trolls – Concerto Grosso
Nico – Le Bataclan Paris Jan 29 72
Odissea – Odissea
Osage Tribe – Hypnosis
Osanna & David Jackson – Prog Family
Osanna – Milano Calibro Nove
Osanna – L’Uomo
Osanna – Landscape of Life
Osanna – Palepoli
Paese Dei Balocchi – Paese Dei Balocchi
Panama – Always [EP] [Single]
Panna Fredda – Uno
Peg Leg Howell – The Legendary Peg Leg Howell (180 Gram Vinyl)
Pete Seeger & Lorre Wyatt – More Perfect Union [Limited Edition]
Pete Seeger – Where Have All the Flowers Gone Pt 1 [Limited Edition]
Pete Seeger – Pete Remembers Woody Pt 1 [Limited Edition]
Pete Seeger – Pete Remembers Woody Pt 2 [Limited Edition]
Philip Corner – Piano Activities
Philippe Petit – Needles in Pain twelve inch picture disc recording [Single]
Pooh – Per Quelli Come Noi
Procession – Frontiera
Procession – Fiaba
Psyk – Eclipse [Single]
Quella Vecchia Locanda – Quella Vecchia Locanda
Raccomandata Ricevuta Ritorno – Per Un Mondo Di Cristallo
Reale Impero Britannico – Perche Si Uccidono
Ricordi D’Infanzia – Io Uomo
Rough Hands – Rough Hands seven inch recording [Single]
Saint Just – Saint Just
Samadhi – Samadhi
Sandrose – Sandrose
Sasse – Soul Sounds [Single]
Savoy Brown – Shake Down [Import]
Savoy Brown – Blue Matter [Import]
Sei a – Make It Work [EP] [Single]
Semiramis – Dedicato a Frazz
Se?Or Flavio – Nada Especial
Spasm/Terror In The Woods – Strange in Stereo [Limited Edition]
Steve Hillage – Live Herald [Limited Edition] [Import]
Steve Moore – Pangaea Ultima
Steven Bernstein – Omaha Diner
Stone Garden – Stone Garden
Stormy Six – Un Biglietto Del Tram
Straight A’s – Humility the Hard Way
Sugarcult – Start Static
Teeth – Brennschluss
Tellusian – Karnival seven inch recording [Single]
Tempelhof – Frozen Dancers
Temperance Movement – Pride [EP]
Thank You Freaks (Part 3) – Thank You Freaks [Single]
The Alluminogeni – Scolopendra
The Belle Game – Ritual Tradition Habit
The World of Oz – World of Oz [Import]
Tito Schipa – Orfeo 9
Tn Starlings – All the Good Times
Tonight Alive – Other Side
Toy – Join the Dots
Triade – 1998: Storia Di Sabazio
Tugs – Europa Minor
Uno – Same
Veneers – Similar Stories twelve inch recording
Vinyl Vic’s #12 Rare Answer – Vinyl Vic’s #12 Rare Answer
Voices From the Lake – Silent Drops [EP] [Single]
Wanting – Say the Words (180 Gram LP+MP3)

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