New Music Releases – 01/28/14


Actress – Ghettoville
Amy Ray – Goodnight Tender
Angelique Kidjo – Eve
Autumn Defense – Fifth
Bohren & der Club of Gore – Piano Nights
David Crosby – Croz
Districts – Districts
Drowners – Drowners
Dum Dum Girls – Too True – [Vinyl]
Eddie Roberts – Burn!
Eleni Mandell – Let’s Fly a Kite
Etienne Mbappe – Pater Noster
F*ckin’ Bollocks – International Bikini Allstars
Gangstagrass – Broken Hearts & Stolen Money
Gaslight Anthem – B-Sides – [Vinyl]
Habibi – Habibi
Hadouk Quartet – Hadouky Yours
Herv – Snap Hands
Laura Cantrell – No Way There From Here
The Lawrence Arms – Metropole
Leif Vollebekk – North Americana
MC Yogi – Mantras, Beats & Meditations
New War – New War
No Means Go – Swampass CD
Pontiak – Innocence
Uncle Tupelo – No Depression (Legacy Edition)


Aa – Voyaager
Abd Al-Havy Hilmi – An Anthology (1857-1912)
Above & Beyond – Acoustic
A. Bruckner – Symphony No. 9
A. Bruckner – Complete Symphonies
Absurd Minds – The Focus [Import]
Absurd Minds – Noumenon
Absurd Minds – Deception
Absurd Minds – Damn The Lie
Absurd Minds – Serve Or Suffer
A. Catalani – Ero E Leandro Scherzo Andantino Contemplazione Il
Actress – Ghettoville
Adam Gussow – Kick & Stomp [Import]
Adam Pieronczyk – Planet of Eternal Life
Adolar – Schwörende Seen, Ihr Schicksalsjahre (Reissue)
Against Me – Transgender Dysphoria Blues [Import]
Age CD – Age CD [Import]
Agora’ – Ichinen [Import]
Ahmad Jamal – Happy Moods + Listen to the Ahmad Jamal Quintet [Import]
Aidan Baker – Lost In The Rat Maze
Aie Ca Gicle – Speak Easy [Import]
A King Also – Infamously Unpopular
Alabama – Box Set Series
Alarmsignal – Nazis Nehmen Uns Die Arbeitsplätze Weg [Import]
Alarmsignal – Revolutionäre Sterben Nie
Alessandro Casillo – Ale [Import]
Alexandrov – Piano Music 1
Algebra Blessett – Recovery
Alice Cooper – Eyes of + Dirty Diamonds [Import]
Al Johnson – Back for More [Limited Edition] [Import]
Alkerdeel – Morinde
Almah – Unfold [Import]
Amadeus Quartet – Beethoven String Quartet / Smetana String 1 [Hybrid SACD – DSD] [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Amalthea – In The Woods
Amnistia – Neophyte
Amnistia – Blackguard
Amnistia – Egotrap
Amnistia – Antiversus
Amy Ray – Goodnight Tender
Anacostia – Anacostia [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Andi Deris – Million Dollar Haircuts on Ten Cent [Import]
Andrew Hill – Grass Roots [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Android Spirit – Synthetic Organism [Import]
Angelique Kidjo – Eve
Angelique Kidjo – Eve (B&N Exclusive)
Angels – Talk the Talk [Import]
Anna Polonsky (Performer) – Dvorak
Anne Janelle – So Long at the Fair [Import]
Antillectual – Perspectives & Objectives
Antiworld – Still Outcast
Antonio Florio (Conductor) – Veneziano: La Santissima Trinita
Antonio Fogliani (Conductor) – Donizetti: Ugo, Conte di Parigi
Anton Schwartz – Flash Mob
Apollo Chamber Players – European Folkscapes [Enhanced]
Aretha Franklin – Aretha Franklin-Love Songs [Import]
Arild Andersen – Mira
Aron Quartett (Orchestra) – Korngold: Sextet op. 10; Suite op. 23
Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers – Witch Doctor [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Arthur Grumiaux – Bach Chaconne / Brahms Violin Son 1 [Hybrid SACD – DSD] [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Art Pepper & Ted Brown – Complete Free Wheeling Sessions [Import]
A Spell Inside – Essential – A Collection
Astrovamps – Amerikan Gothick [Import]
Astrovamps – Gods And Monsters
Autodafeh – Act Of Faith
Autumn Defense – Fifth
Avi Avital – Between Worlds [Import]
A. Vivaldi – Concertos 2
Avril Lavigne – Avril Lavigne [Import]
Axel Rudi Pell – Into the Storm: Boxset [Import]
Bach – Schnurr Plays for Otjikondo
Bach – Friend of the Lute
Bach – Bach Partita 1 / English Ste 3 / French Ste 2 [Import]
Bach (Composer) – C.P.E. Bach Edition [Box set]
Bad Yoga – Low Fat Getting High 7 [Single]
Barbra Streisand – Back to Brooklyn [Import]
Barney Wilen – New York Romance [Super Audio CD – DSD] [Import]
Barokksolistene (Orchestra) – Image of Melancholy [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Barraque – Soli for Soprano With Percussion Orchestra [Enhanced]
Barry Altschul – It Takes All Kinds
Barry Manilow – Box Set Series [Box set]
Battlecat – South Central Funktion [Import]
Battlecat – Gumbo Roots [Import]
Bayreuth Festival Orchestra & Chorus (Orchestra) – Wagner: Der Ring des Nibelungen (USB Flash Drive) [Import]
Beata Hlavenkova – Theodoros
Beat Follmi – Hans Hassler
Beethoven – Beethoven Piano Sonata 13 & 14 [Import]
Beethoven – Beethoven Symphony 5 & 6 [Import]
Beethoven – Beethoven Symphony 9 [Import]
Beethoven – Beethoven Complete Violin Sonatas [Import]
Beethoven – Beethoven Symphony 1 & 2 [Import]
Beethoven – Beethoven Symphony 7 & 8 [Import]
Ben E King – Classic Years [Import]
Benny Goodman – Complete Benny Goodman in Moscow [Import]
Beny More – Serie Platino
Beres Hammond – Soul Reggae & More [Import]
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra (Orchestra) – Delius in Norway [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Berserker – Für Das Leben Bereit
Beth Nielsen Chapman – Uncovered [Import]
Betterment – Caves Cassette
Bettibarsantini – Betti Barsantini [Import]
Big John Patton – That Certain Feeling [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Billie Holiday – Billie Holiday-Love Songs [Import]
Bing Ji Ling – Sunshine for Your Mind [Import]
Birdy – Fire Within [Import]
Black Heaven – Kunstwerk
Black Magic – Wizard’s Spell [Import]
Blitz Kids – Good Youth [Import]
Bloody Dead And Sexy – Narcotic Room
Bloody Dead And Sexy – Liquid Grey (Lim.Ed.)
Blue – Roulette [Import]
Blue Mitchell – Bring It Home to Me [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Blue Oyster Cult – Box Set Series
Bobbi Humphrey – Flute in [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Bobby Hutcherson – San Francisco [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Bobby Vee – Bobby Vee + Bobby Vee Meets the Crickets [Import]
Bohren & der Club of Gore – Piano Nights
Bo Ningen – Line the Wall/Bo Ningen [Import]
Borup-Jorgensen – Recorder Music By Axel Borup-Jorgensen
Bossa Nova – 70 Classic Hits [Import]
Bostock (Conductor) – Swiss Aspects – Orchestral Music from Argovia 1945-1970
Box Set Series – Box Set Series: the Joy of Christmas
Brahms – Brahms Piano Trios 1 & 2 [Import]
Brahms – Brahms: Violin Sonatas [Import]
Brahms – Brahms Symphony 2 & 3 [Import]
Brass Ensemble of the English Chamber Orchestra (Orchestra) – Veil of the Temple
Brown. Clifford & Max Roach – Clifford Brown & Max Roach [Import]
Brubeck – New World Quartets
Bruce Springsteen – High Hopes [Import]
Bums – Die Geschichte Ist Noch Nicht Zu Ende
Cabaret Voltaire – Drinking Gasoline [Import]
Capella Cracoviensis (Orchestra) – Charpentier; Lully: Te Deum
Capella Hilaria (Orchestra) – Bach: Furchte dich nicht!
Cape Philharmonic Orchestra (Orchestra) – Spohr: Complete Clarinet Concertos
Capricornus Consort Basel (Orchestra) – Graupner: Himmlische Stunden, seelige Zeiten
Carducci Quartet (Orchestra) – Into the Ravine
Carl A. Bunte (Conductor) – Berlioz & Strauss
Carl A. Bunte (Conductor) – Beethoven & Tchaikovsky
Carl A. Bunte (Conductor) – Schubert & Beethoven
Carlos Giffoni & Pruriant – Heavy Rain Returns
Carsten / Zeitkratzer Nicolai – Electronics (1)
Casting Crowns – Thrive
Celebrity Internment Camp – Celebrity Internment Camp CD
Center – Piano Music
Chainreactor – The Silence & The Noise
Chamber Orchestra of London – Davis: The Freshman
Champion Jack Dupree etc – Blues from a Smoky Bar
Cheap Trick – Box Set Series
Chihiro Yamanaka – My Favorite Blue Note [Import]
Choir and Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera (Orchestra) – Verdi: Ernani
Choir of New College Oxford (Orchestra) – Mozart: Music for Salzburg Cathedral
Chopin – Chopin Piano Concerto 1 [Import]
Chopin – Chopin Piano Concerto 2 Prelude [Import]
Chopin – Chopin Piano Sonata 3 [Import]
Chopin – Chopin Nocturnes [Import]
Chor und Orchester der Bayreuther Festipiele (Orchestra) – Wagner: Parsifal [Box set] [Import]
Chor und Orchester der Bayreuther Festipiele (Orchestra) – Wagner: Tannhauser
Chor und Orchester der Bayreuther Festipiele (Orchestra) – Wagner: Lohengrin
Chor und Orchester der Bayreuther Festipiele (Orchestra) – Wagner: Parsifal [Box set]
Chris Standring – Collector’s Series Chris Standring [Import]
Christ (Conductor) – Bach: Hamburger Sinfonien Wq. 182
Christopher Lennertz – Ride Along [Soundtrack]
Chrome Division – Infernal Rock Eternal [Import]
Cjarlie Rouse – Bossa Nova Bacchanal + Yeah! [Import]
Claudel Callender – Presence CD [Import]
Clayton, Granelli, Lindberg – NAXOS OF AMERICA, INC.:As Tears Go By
Cliff Richard & The Shadows – Listen to Cliff! + 21 Today [Import]
Clouded Slum – Atlas Grammar
Collections of Colonies of Bees – Set [Import]
__ (Conductor) – Play
__ (Conductor) – Luminance – Solo & Duo Works for Flute & Piano
__ (Conductor) – Schubert/Liszt
__ (Conductor) – Liszt Recital
__ (Conductor) – Odyssey
__ (Conductor) – Chopin Recital
__ (Conductor) – Rothschild’s fiddle
__ (Conductor) – Cello Solo
__ (Conductor) – Carmina Helvetica
__ (Conductor) – Beethoven: Piano Sonatas, Vol. 5
__ (Conductor) – Greatest Cello Concertos [Box set]
__ (Conductor) – Witold Malcuzynski [Box set]
__ (Conductor) – Rachmaninov: Heritage
__ (Conductor) – Oscar Bianchi
__ (Conductor) – Grammont Selection 7
__ (Conductor) – Ligeti: Metamorphoses nocturnes
__ (Conductor) – Sanz; Murcia; Scarlatti; Kapsberger: Colores del Sur
__ (Conductor) – Portus Felicitatis – Motets & Arias by Johann Georg Reutter
__ (Conductor) – Dukas: Complete Piano Works
__ (Conductor) – Emmanuel: Complete Songs
__ (Conductor) – Feasts of Fear & Agony
__ (Conductor) – Wolff: Love Novels
__ (Conductor) – Arpeggione
__ (Conductor) – Pejacevic: Works for Violin & Piano
__ (Conductor) – Jacobean Lute Music [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
__ (Conductor) – Ruzicka: Works for Cello
__ (Conductor) – Bach: The Sonatas and Partitas for Violin
__ (Conductor) – Vivaldi: The Four Seasons
__ (Conductor) – Britten: Complete Music for Cello Solo and Cello & Piano
__ (Conductor) – Brahms: Piano Trios Nos. 1 & 3
__ (Conductor) – Foerster: Dreams, Memories, & Impressions [Box set]
__ (Conductor) – Feldman: Patterns In A Chromatic Field
__ (Conductor) – Respighi: Violin Sonatas
__ (Conductor) – Koechlin; Emmanuel: Music For Flute, Clarinet And Piano
__ (Conductor) – Muffat: Complete Apparatus Musico-Organisticus
__ (Conductor) – Einuadi: Waves: Piano Collection [Box set] [Import]
__ (Conductor) – Bach: Six Sonatas Op.5
__ (Conductor) – Schumann: Noveletten; Gesange der Fruhe; Fantasiestucke Op. 111; Allegro Op.8
__ (Conductor) – Sojourn: Very Best of Xuefei Yang [Import]
__ (Conductor) – Tracing Lines: Robert Fokkens Chamber Music
__ (Conductor) – Satie: Klaviermusik (Piano Music)
__ (Conductor) – Belakowitsch sings Jurmann
__ (Conductor) – Klaviertrios
__ (Conductor) – SchauSpiel [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
__ (Conductor) – Musical Highlights for Soprano, Trumpet & Organ
__ (Conductor) – L’univers de Marin Marais
__ (Conductor) – Pomegranate Tree
__ (Conductor) – Talking Microtonal Blues
__ (Conductor) – Beethoven; Liszt: Symphonies Nos. 3 & 8
__ (Conductor) – Nielsen: Complete Chamber Works for Winds
__ (Conductor) – Complete Organ Works of Jean Titelouze
__ (Conductor) – Works & Duos for Clarinet & Bassoon
__ (Conductor) – Tansman: Piano Music
__ (Conductor) – Beethoven Piano Sonatas, Vol. 2
__ (Conductor) – Sarasate: Transcriptions
__ (Conductor) – Il Violino Boemo
__ (Conductor) – How Sweet the Sound [Box set]
__ (Conductor) – Liszt all’Opera
__ (Conductor) – Locatelli: The Masters of Violin, Vol. 1
__ (Conductor) – Viotti: Masters of Violin, Vol. 2
__ (Conductor) – Irmgard Seefried [Box set]
__ (Conductor) – Darr: German Romantic Guitar Duets
__ (Conductor) – Bolero
__ (Conductor) – Cilea: Acque Correnti
__ (Conductor) – Bach: Six Suites for Violoncello Solo
__ (Conductor) – Solitary Changes
__ (Conductor) – Fritz: Violin Sonatas
__ (Conductor) – Schubert: Works for Violin & Piano
__ (Conductor) – Schubert: Piano Works, Vol. 11
__ (Conductor) – Russian Treasures
__ (Conductor) – Virtuoso Sonatas for Recorder
__ (Conductor) – Trios: Beethoven & Schubert
__ (Conductor) – Locatelli; Vivaldi: Concertos
__ (Conductor) – Bach: Works for Violin & Pianoforte
__ (Conductor) – Sleepsongs
__ (Conductor) – Anda-Louise Bogza: Songs
__ (Conductor) – In My Memory: American Songs and Song Cycles
__ (Conductor) – Candela: Spanish Two Piano Music
__ (Conductor) – The Bassoon Abroad
__ (Conductor) – Telemann: Chamber Music
__ (Conductor) – Letters from the Garden
__ (Conductor) – Couperin: Pieces de clavecin
__ (Conductor) – Glistening Pianos
__ (Conductor) – The Harlequin
__ (Conductor) – Violin & Mandolin: Accomplices & Rivals
__ (Conductor) – Vadym Kholodenko plays Rachmaninoff & Medtner
__ (Conductor) – Life According to Chopin
__ (Conductor) – Bach: Six Suites for Solo Violoncello Without Bass
__ (Conductor) – Intersecting Lines
__ (Conductor) – Abhanden
__ (Conductor) – American Vernacular: New Music for Solo Piano
__ (Conductor) – Panorama Argentino
__ (Conductor) – Baritone
__ (Conductor) – KornGOLDmark
Crimson Projekct – Official Bootleg Live [Import]
Cryo – Retropia
Cyan Inc. – Better Leave Me Dying
Czech National Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra) – Fibich: Symphony No. 2 in E flat major; At Twilight; Clarinet Idyll
Dan Fogelberg – Box Set Series
Danish National Chamber Orchestra (Orchestra) – 45 Symphonies [Box set]
Daryl Hall & John Oates – Box Set Series [Box set]
Das Präparat – THX LD50
Das Präparat – Unschuldsblicke
Dave Brubeck – Dave Brubeck-Love Songs [Import]
David Crosby – Croz
David Frizzell – Family’s Fine But This One’s / On My Own Again [Import]
David Ian – Valentine’s Day
David Porcelijn (Conductor) – Andriessen: Symphonic Works, Vol. 2
Dawn of Tears – Act III: Dying Eve [Import]
Dead End – Season of Withering [Import]
Dean Martin – Essential Love Songs
Deep Purple – Now What: Gold Edition [Import]
Deftrio – Bushwick’d
Del Amitri – Change Everything [Import]
Del Amitri – Twisted [Import]
Del Amitri – Waking Hours [Import]
Del Shannon – Runaway + Hats Off to Del Shannon [Import]
Dembow 2014 – Dembow 2014
Dessau (Composer) – Paul Dessau Edition [Box set]
Destroid – Loudspeaker [Import]
Dezi Phillips – Kickin It [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Dick Schory – Dick Schory’s New Perc [Import]
Die Sektor – (-)existence(+) (Limited Edition 2CD)
Die Strafe – Schwarz
Die Strafe – Strafe Muss Sein
Die Strafe – Henry Mit Dem Spaten
Die Tom Toxic/Holstein Rockets – Auf In’s Nächste Gefecht
Dionne Warwick – Here I Am & Live in Paris & Here Where There Is Lo [Import]
Dionne Warwick – Presenting Dw & Anyone Who Had a Heart & Make Way [Import]
Dionne Warwick – Windows of the World & In the Valley of the Dolls [Import]
Dionne Warwick – Never Fall in Love & Very Dionne & Dionne & Just B [Import]
Di*Ove – Di*ode
Districts – Districts
Diva Destruction – Exposing The Sickness
Diva Destruction – Run Cold
Divine Matrix – Hydrosphere [Import]
Divinio Sospiro (Orchestra) – Mazzoni: Antigono
D.O.A. – Northern Avenger
D.O.A. – Talk – Action = 0
Dokken – Breaking the Chains [Collector’s Edition] [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Dokken – Tooth & Nail [Collector’s Edition] [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Dokken – Under Lock & Key [Collector’s Edition] [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Dolly Parton – Box Set Series [Box set]
Donald Byrd – Fancy Free [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Donald Byrd – Mustang+2 [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Don Cherry – Where Is Brooklyn [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Don’t Look Back In Anger – Atlas Shrugged CD
Dorfrocker – Dorfkind Und Stolz Drauf! [Import]
Doris Day – Jazz Divas Juke Box
Doug Tuttle – Doug Tuttle
Drake University Wind Symphony (Orchestra) – Mosaic
Drape – Canicular Days [Import]
Dream the Electric Sleep – Heretics
Drifters – Special Edition
Drowners – Drowners
Duke Ellington – Will Big Bands Ever Come Back? + Recollections of [Import]
Duke Miller – Best Of Swing
Duke Pearson – Now Hear This [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Dum Dum Girls – Too True
Earth, Wind & Fire – Box Set Series
Eddie Higgins & Scott Hamilton – Smoke Gets in Your Eyes [Super Audio CD – DSD] [Import]
Eddie Higgins Trio – Haunted Heart [Super Audio CD – DSD] [Import]
Eddie Higgins Trio – Bewitched [Super Audio CD – DSD] [Import]
Eddie Projex & Zar The Dip – Undadogs
Eddie Roberts – Burn!
Eden Synthetic Corps – Breathing Salt
Eichner – Harp Concertos
Eightbomb – Daytona Dynamite
Eläkeläiset – Humppakalmisto [Import]
El Donero&#34 – El Donero
Eleni Karaindrou – Medea
Eleni Mandell – Let’s Fly a Kite
Eli Degibri – Twelve
Ella Jenkins – 123s & ABCs
Elvin Jones – Poly-Currents [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Elvin Jones – Genesis [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Elvis Presley – Box Set Series [Box set]
Emmanuel – Serie Platino
Emmanuel Bex – Now or Never
Ensemble Arcomelo (Orchestra) – Benda: Chamber Music & Songs [Box set]
Ensemble Mare Nostrum (Orchestra) – Marazzoli: Occhi belli, Occhi neri (Roman cantatas)
Ensemble Nota Velata (Orchestra) – Vivaldi: Cantatas
Epinephrin – Alles Auf Anfang
Equitant – Retrospekt 2008 / 2013
Eroding Forces – Utter Failure LP
Estela Nunez – Serie Platino
Etienne Mbappe – Pater Noster
Eva O – Damnation – Salvation
Exxasens – Satellites
Exxasens – Beyond The Universe [Import]
Fabio Ciofini (Conductor) – Steffani: Lagrime Dolorose – Secular Cantatas
Fabrik C – Impulsgeber
Fall Out Boy – Save Rock & Roll: Pax Am Edition [Limited Edition] [Import]
Farewell Drifters – Tomorrow Forever
F. Beck – 9 Symphonies
F. Chopin – Helene Tysman Chopin Ballades 3
F*ckin’ Bollocks – International Bikini Allstars
Fii – Fiiling
Fira Fem – Fira Fem
Fliehende Stürme – Lunaire Spielt Mit Dem Licht
F. Liszt – Transcriptions of Pieces By Handel Gounod Raff
Fly With The Unkindness – Murmurs LP
F. Mendelssohn – Bernd Glemser Plays Mendelssohn
F. Nowowiejski – Roses of St. Therese
FORM Orchestra Filharmonica Marchigiana (Orchestra) – French Opera Arias
For Victory – Rations LP
Fra – Britannic Organ 8
Framework – Untold Stories
Franchi Renato & Orch. Del Suonatore Jones – Le Stagioni Di Anna Frank [Import]
Frank Sinatra – Sinatra, With Love
Frank Sinatra – Frank Sinatra-Love Songs [Import]
Freddie King – Freddie King Is a Blues Master: The Deluxe Edition [Limited Edition]
Frederic D’Ora-Nicolas (Performer) – Grieg: Sonata in C minor No. 3, Op. 45 / Medtner: Sonata in E minor No. 3, Op. 57- Epica [Import]
Friends of Rock & Roll – Easy Action LP
Frode Gjerstad & Lasse Marhaug – Red Edge
Gamba (Conductor) – Overtures from the British Isles
Gamma Ray – Master of Confusion [Import]
Gangstagrass – Broken Hearts & Stolen Money
Gangstagrass – Rappalachia
Gaslight Anthem – B-Sides
Gem Club – In Roses
George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band – News Reel Matters
George Jones – Box Set Series [Box set]
Get the Blessing – Lope & Antilope [Import]
G. Facco – Pensieri Adriarmonici 1
Ghedalia Tazartes – Voyage A L Ombre
Gilberto Santa Rosa – Serie Platino
Gilles Peterson – Brunswick Bubblers [Import]
Giuliani – Birth of Classical Guitar
Gizelle/Mighty Mocambos, The Smith – This Is Gizelle Smith & The Mighty Mocambos [Import]
Gladys Knight & The Pips – Box Set Series [Box set]
Gloaming – Gloaming [Import]
G.O.D. – Lord Of The Drinks
Gold Standard – Church Bells
Good Friday Experiment – Spread Out Inside
Good Friday Experiment – Bottom of a Pail Breaking Through
Good Night Sellout – Plow United LP
Gorath – The Chronicles Of Khiliasmos [Import]
Gorefield – As Dawn Bleeds the Sky [Import]
Got7 – Got It [Import]
G.P. Telemann – Complete Recorder Sonatas
Grey – The Grey
Grieg – Grieg Violin Sonatas [Import]
Grudule (Conductor) – Cossoni: Il Sacrificio d’Abramo
Guardian Alien – Spiritual Emergency
Guardian Angel – Into Lightenin
Guenter Neuhold (Conductor) – Schoenberg: Gurre-Lieder
Guillaume de Chassy – Traversees
Gunar Letzbor (Conductor) – Biber: Karneval in Kremsier
Gustavo Bulgach – Klezmer Juice
Gustavo Scarpa – Samba Fever
Habibi – Habibi
Hadouk Quartet – Hadouky Yours
Haiti Direct! – Haiti Direct
Hank Mobley – Flip [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Hanne Kolsto – Riot Break [Import]
Hanne Kolsto – Flashblack [Import]
Hansi Hinterseer – Heut’ Ist Dein Tag-Jubilaums-Edition [Import]
Hardouin – Complete Four-Part a Cappella Masses 1
Hatesex – Unwant
Hattler – Gotham City Beach Club Suite
Hattler – Bass Cuts
Hattler – The Big Flow
Hattler – Live Cuts
Hayley – I [Import]
Hazell Dean – Sound of Bacharach & David [Import]
Head Hits Concrete – Thy Kingdom Come Undone
Heart Collectors – Sangrael [Import]
Hecate Enthroned – Virulent Rapture [Import]
Helen Mccookerybook – Take One [Import]
Helen Sung – Anthem for a New Day
Helen & The Horns – Footsteps at My Door
H. Eller – Complete Piano Music 4
Henry Mancini – Combo! + The Blues & The Beat [Import]
Herbert Von Karajan – Karajan Cantabile [Import]
Herv – Snap Hands
H. Gorecki – Goreki
Hidden Cameras – Age [Import]
Higgenbottom (Conductor) – Glory of New College Choir [Box set]
Hilary Kole – Self Portrait [Import]
Hip Flask Life – Bear Trade Cassette
Hollies – Sing the Hollies [Limited Edition] [Import]
Hollies – Romany [Limited Edition] [Import]
Hollies – Sing Dylan [Limited Edition] [Import]
Hollies – Confessions of the Mind [Limited Edition] [Import]
Hollies – Distant Light [Limited Edition] [Import]
Holy Wave – Relax
Honningbarna – La Alarmane Ga
Hospitality – Trouble
Hossam Ramzy – Qanun el Tarab
Hostages Of Ayatollah – AntHOAlogy (+DVD)
Hugo Race – Fatalists [Import]
Iain Matthews – Art of Obscurity
Iced Earth – Plagues of Babylon [Import]
Il Giardino Armonico (Orchestra) – Music for the Tempest & Battalia
Il Giardino Armonico (Orchestra) – Viaggio Musicale
Il Giardino Armonico (Orchestra) – Handel: Arias & Recits from Agrippina, Armida & Lucrezia
Il Giardino Armonico (Orchestra) – Musica Barocca; Baroque Masterpieces
Il Giardino Armonico (Orchestra) – Vivaldi : Double & Triple Concertos
Imaginarium Ensemble (Orchestra) – Corelli: Violinsonatas opus V, Vol. 1
Inkubus Sukkubus – Science & Nature
Inkubus Sukkubus – The Goat
Irina Voloshina (Performer) – Music of Bevan Manson
Irmin Schmidt – Villa Wunderbar
Isley Brothers – Box Set Series [Box set]
Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra – Best of Glykeria (Voice of Greece)
It’s Not Over – It’s Now Over
I Won’t Hold This Against You – Light Years CD
Jack/Bandits, The Baymoore – Let’s Drag
Jacky 0 – Psiconautica Volume 1
Jacobi – Praise the Lord
Jalme Munoz – Como la Luna y el Sol
Jamie Grace – Ready to Fly
Janine Jansen – J.S. Bach Concertos [Import]
Jaune Toujours – Routes
Jaws/Luxury – Multicult 7 [Single]
Jefferson Airplane – Box Set Series [Box set]
Jeff Finlin – My Moby Dick [Import]
Jennifer Gelinas – Ta Bonne Etoile CD [Import]
Jennifer Rostock – Schlaflos [Import]
JetTricks – All One Word [Import]
J. Haydn – Complete Wind Concertos 1
J. Haydn – Haydn: Piano Trios 4
J Holiday – Guilty Conscience
Jim Murple Memorial – A La Recherche D’un Son Perdu
Jimmy Rushing – Jazz Odyssey of James Rushing Esq + Jinny Rushing [Import]
John Coltrane – Giant Steps-The Best of the Early Years 1956-60 [Import]
John Coltrane – Ole Coltrane-The Complete Session [Import]
John Denver – Box Set Series
John Lenon Mccullagh – North South Divide [Import]
Johnny Cash – Box Set Series
John Stein, Matias Mingote German, Evan Harlan, John Lockwood, Rebecca Kleinmann – NAXOS OF AMERICA, INC.:Emotion
John Stubblefield – Bushman Song
Jordan Sramek (Conductor) – A Toast to Prohibition: All-American Songs of Temperance and Temptation
José José – Serie Platino
Jose Alfredo Jimenez – Serie Platino
Joseph Capriati – Self Portrait
Jose Serebrier (Conductor) – Dvorak: Symphony No. 2 & 3 Slavonic Dances
Jr. Johann Strauss (Composer) – Die Fledermaus
Judas Priest – Box Set Series [Box set]
Juliette Greco – Jacques Brel Wo Utau [Import]
Julion Alvarez Y Su Norteno Banda – Soy Lo Que Quiero… Indispensable
Jun Sato – Aya [Import]
Jun Sato – Chaos [Import]
Justin Timberlake – 20/20 Experience: Complete Experience [Import]
Justin Timberlake – 20/20 Experience 2/2 [Import]
Kai-Uwe Kohlschmidt – Exodus Namib
Kansas – SONY LEGACY:Box Set Series [Box set]
Kapnorth – Thunder Lightning Storm
Kathy Mathis – Woman’s Touch [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra) – Power Players: Russia Arias for Bass
Keiji / Zeitkratzer Haino – Electronics (3)
Keith Brion (Conductor) – Sousa: Music for Wind Band, Vol. 13
Kenny G – Box Set Series [Box set]
Kenny Hakansson – Psychedelic Dream [Import]
Kerry Livgren – Seeds of Change [Collector’s Edition] [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Keziah Jones – Captain Ragged [Import]
Khere – Her Breath on Glass/Khere
Kidz Bop Kids – Kidz Bop 25 [Import]
Kirk Trevor (Conductor) – Florencio Asenjo: El Gran Teatro del Mundo
Klotzs – Schwarzer Planet
Kodaly Quartet (Orchestra) – Kuhlau: Flute Quintets
Koelner Akademie (Orchestra) – Cherubini: Cantatas
Korn – Box Set Series [Box set]
Kraan – Diamonds
Kraan – Tournee (Remastered)
Kreisler – Mister Paganini
L’Arte del Mondo (Orchestra) – Mozart: Arias
Labirinto / Thisquietarmy – Labirinto / Thisquietarmy (Split)
Labor Day – Labor Day: Music From the Motion Picture
Lacy – Monks Mood
Lahti Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra) – Aho: Symphony No.15 [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Larry Young – Of Love & Peace [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Latice Crawford – Latice Crawford
Latvian National Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra) – Vahi: Maria Magdalena [Super Audio CD – DSD]
Laura Cantrell – No Way There From Here
Lawrence Renes (Conductor) – The Ring: Orchestral Adventure [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Le Concert Spirituel (Orchestra) – Vogel: La Toison d’or
Lee Morgan – Last Album [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Leif Vollebekk – North Americana
Leistungsgruppe Maulich – Stimulierter Wahnsinn Und Wohlkalkuliertes Chaos
Le musiche da Camera (Orchestra) – Si suona, a Napoli! – 18th Century Neapolitan Flute Concertos
Leoncavallo – Pace Mio Dio
Lienas – Early World Music in Latin America
Life As A Monument – Go White Bronco 7 [Single]
Linda L. Tedford (Conductor) – Sojourn – Live in Concert
L. Madetoja – Symphonies Nos. 1 & 3 / Okon Fuoko Suite
Loleatta Holloway – Queen of the Night [Import]
London Philharmonic Orchestra (Orchestra) – Wolfgang Sawallisch [Box set]
London Symphony Orchestra and Chorus (Orchestra) – Mahler: Symphony No. 3
Long Tall Texans – The Devil Made Us Do It [Import]
Lou Donaldson – Cosmos [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Lou Donaldson – Say It Loud [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Louis Armstrong – Louis Armstrong-Love Songs [Import]
Louise Gibbs & The Deadly 7 – 7 Deadly Sings [Import]
Lowell Pye – Transformed
Lubomyr Melnyk – Windmills
Lucas – Odyssey-Part 1 [Import]
Ludwig Van Beethoven (Composer) – Beethoven Piano Sonatas Vol. 4
Luna – Luna [Import]
Luther Vandross – Box Set Series [Box set]
Lydia Lunch – Retrovirus
Magic Sam – Out of Bad Luck: Cobra Chief & Crash Session 57-66 [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Major Lazer – Free the Universe: Australasian Tour Edition [Import]
Manchester Sinfonia (Orchestra) – A Clockwork Operetta
Manchester Sinfonia (Orchestra) – Music of 9/11, Vol. 2
Manfred Mann – Five Faces of Manfred Mann [Limited Edition] [Import]
Manfred Mann – Five Faces of Manfred Mann [Limited Edition] [Import]
Manfred Mann – Manfred Mann [Limited Edition] [Import]
Manfredo Fest – Manifestations [Import]
Manifesto – Core [Import]
Manupuma – Manupuma [Import]
Marc Carroll – All Wrongs Reversed [Import]
Marc Carroll – Dust of a Rumour [Import]
Marc Carroll – Ten of Swords [Import]
Marc Carroll – World on a Wire [Import]
Marco Antonio Solis – Antologia [Box set]
Marcus Bosch (Conductor) – Bruckner: Sinfonies No. 0 & 00 [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Marcus Bosch (Conductor) – Dvorak: Sinfonie No. 6; The Water Goblin [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Margita – Melancholie
Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan – Serie Platino
Maria Joao Pires – Franck / Debussy / Ravel [Import]
Mariee Sioux – Gift For The End [Import]
Marijuana Deathsquads – Oh My Sexy Lord [Import]
Mark Lowry – WORD ENTERTAINMENT:Unforgettable Classics
Mark Spiro – Care of My 1 [Import]
Marshall Band Tucker – Live at Raceway Park 9/3/77
Marteria – Kids [Single] [Import]
Martyrs and Prisoners – Rations 7 [Single]
Mary Davis – Separate Ways [Import]
Mary Wells – One Who Really Loves You [Import]
Massimo Farao Trio – Luiza [Import]
Matt (Conductor) – Mozart: Secular Canons
Maulbronn Chamber Choir (Orchestra) – Handel: Oratorio Jephtha
Max Gilkes – Walk in This Direction [Import]
Maxophone – Live in Tokyo [Import]
McCoy Tyner – Expansions [Original recording remastered] [Import]
MC Yogi – Mantras, Beats & Meditations
Mechanical Moth – Torment
Mechanical Moth – The Sad Machina
Mechanical Moth – Rebirth [Import]
Mendelssohn – Cello Variations
Merle Haggard – Box Set Series
Michael J Wright – Waterway
Michael Wendler – Unser Zelt Auf Westerland [Single] [Import]
Miguel Aceves Mejia – Serie Platino
Mike Farris – Salvation In Lights [Single]
Mike Farris – SHOUT! Live
Mike & The Mechanics – Living Years [Import]
Miles Davis – Miles Davis-Love Songs [Import]
Miles Davis – Box Set Series
Miles Quintet Davis – Manchester Concert [Import]
Mills Brothers – Cab Driver: Dot & Paramount Years 1958 – 1972 [Import]
Misantrophe – Als Das Denken Den Menschen Erbrach
Mississippi John Hurt – Classic Years [Import]
Mocedades – Serie Platino
Mode Moderne – Occult Delight [Import]
Mogwai – Kicking a Dead Pig [Import]
Mogwai – Rave Tapes [Import]
Mogwai – Young Team [Import]
Mogwai – Come on Die Young [Import]
Mogwai – Ep+6 [Import]
Molly Warburton – What the Night May Bring [Single] [Import]
Mona Mur – Into Your Eye
Mondsucht – Für Die Nacht Gemacht
Mondsucht – Allein Unter Schatten
Monica Richards – Infrawarrior
Morgan Delt – Morgan Delt
Moriarty – Esperanza
Mortis – Der Goldene Kafig [Import]
Mothers of Invention – Lost Broadcasts [Import]
Moutin Factory Quintet – Lucky People
Mozart – Mozart Piano Concertos 14 & 26 [Import]
Mozart – Mozart Piano Concertos 17 & 21 [Import]
Mozart – Mozart Piano Sonatas Kv279 280 31 [Import]
Mozart – Mozart Piano Sonatas Kv281 282 53 [Import]
Mozart – Mozart Piano Sonatas Kv283 284 33 [Import]
Mozart – Mozart Piano Sonatas Kv309 332 57 [Import]
Mozart – Mozart Piano Sonatas Kv310 333 54 [Import]
Mozart – Mozart Piano Sonatas Kv331 457 [Import]
Mozart – Mozart Piano Trios Kv254 496 502 [Import]
Mozart – Mozart Sonatas for Piano & Violin [Import]
Ms Sharon Ridley – Full Moon [Import]
Munchener Kammerorchester (Orchestra) – C.P.E. Bach.: Cello Concertos
Musica Dominicana 2014 – Musica Dominicana 2014
Mustasch – Thank You for the Demon [Import]
Mystical Communication Service – Gypsy Spirit
n/a (Conductor) – The Carnegie Recital
n/a (Conductor) – La Vallee Des Cloches
Nanne – Drama Queen [Import]
NDR Radiophilharmonie Hannover (Orchestra) – Kabalewsky: Cello Concertos 1 & 2
NDR Radiophilharmonie Hannover (Orchestra) – Paganini: Violin Concertos Nos. 1 & 2
Neil Young – Live at the Cellar Door [Import]
Nelson Carrera – Love Is A Trap
NEVERMIND – Es Lebe Der Punk 8
NEVERMIND – Es Lebe Der Punk 11
New Days Delay – Splitterelastisch
New Mendicants – Into the Lime
New Town Kings – M.O.J.O [Import]
New War – New War
New York Trio – Things Did Last Summer [Super Audio CD – DSD] [Import]
Nicholas – Think Big [Import]
Nicola Rescigno (Conductor) – Verdi: Nabucco
Nina Fan – Things You Already Know
Noisuf-X – Antipode
Noisuf-X – The Beauty Of Destruction (New Edition)
Noisuf-X – Voodoo Ritual (Lim. Ed.)
No Means Go – Swampass CD
none (Conductor) – Collected Songs of Alva Henderson
none (Conductor) – American Masterpieces for Solo Percussion
Non Voglio Che Clara – L’Amore Finche’ Dura [Import]
Noon – Ballads [Import]
Norma Winstone – Edge of Time [Import]
No Sinner – Boo Hoo Hoo [Import]
Nova Ensemble (Orchestra) – Improbable Encounters (CD & DVD)
Ocean Colour Scene – Ocean Colour Scene [Import]
Ocean Colour Scene – Marchin’ Already [Import]
Of Mice & Men – Restoring Force
Oi Polloi – Duisg! [Import]
Ola – Carelessly Yours [Import]
Olga Scheps – Chopin: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 2 [Import]
One Of Them – Smooth Brain 7 [Single]
Opium String Quartet (Orchestra) – Chagall for Strings
Orchestre Revolutionnaire et Romantique (Orchestra) – Beethoven: Missa Solemnis
Orgel – Best of Sakura Orgel [Import]
Ornette Coleman – New York Is Now [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Ornette Coleman – Change of the Century-The Complete Session [Import]
Orquesta Sinfonica de Castilla y Leon (Orchestra) – Fairy Lady Meng Jiang
Orquesta Sinfonica de Venezuela (Orchestra) – Beethoven; Rachmaninov: Piano Concertos
Oscar G – Beats Vol 2
Oshrat – 20 Best Folk Songs from Israel
Owlle – France [Import]
Paint By Numbers – Siren Songs Cassette
Pascow – Geschichten, Die Einer Schrieb (Re-Issue)
Pascow – Nächster Halt Gefliester Boden
Pat Green – SMITH MUSIC GROUP:Dancehall Dreamer
Pat Green – Carry On
Paul Potts – Greatest Hits
P. Cornelius – Complete Songs 3
Pedro Vargas – Serie Platino
Peggy Sue – Choir of Echoes
Pentimento – Pentimento CD
Periphery – Clear
Peter Gibson & Tom Newman – Celebrated Artists Band [Import]
Peter Maffay – Wenn Das So Ist [Import]
Peter Schubert (Conductor) – Scenes from the Gospels – Motets from Josquin to Palestrina
Peter/Shake Set, The Berry – Berry-Go-Round
Peter Sheppard Skaerved (Performer) – Tartini: Violin Sonatas, Vol. 2
Phil Curtis (Performer) – Floodsongs
Philipp von Steinaecker (Conductor) – Bruckner: Sinfonie No. 1
P. Hindemith – Resolve [Enhanced]
Phrasenmäher – 9 Hits 3 Evergreens [Import]
Pitch & Scratch – Hamburg Hustle [Import]
Poisonblack – Lyijy [Import]
Pontiak – Innocence
Popperklopper – Was Lange Gärt, Wird Endlich Wut!
Premiata Forneria Marconi – Pfm Da Mozart a Celebration in Classic [Import]
Primal Fear – Delivering the Black
Project Komakino – The Struggle For Utopia
Prokofiev – Prokofiev Violin Concertos 1 & 2 [Import]
Promises – Evergreen [Import]
Proviant Audio – Drift Days & Disco Nights [Import]
Purgatory – 20 Years Underground [Import]
Ql – Wauthit [Import]
Queen For A Day – Extra Feeler Cassette
Quilt – Held in Splendor
Ramin Djawadi – Person Of Interest: Season 2 [Soundtrack]
Random Hand – Inhale / Exhale [Import]
Random Hand – Seething Is Believing [Import]
Raul Di Blasio – Serie Platino
Ray Conniff – Masterworks-The 1955-62 Albums [Import]
Real McKenzies – Clash Of The Tartans
Real McKenzies – The Real McKenzies
Rebekka Karijord – Music for Film & Theatre [Import]
Recollected – Small Brown Bike LPx2 + CDx2 [Box set]
Red Dragon Cartel – Red Dragon Cartel
Relatives Menschsein – Thanatos
Renaissance – De Lane Lea Studios 1973 [Import]
Reuben Wilson – On Broadway [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Rey Ruiz – Serie Platino
Rhonda Vincent – Only Me
Rhythm River Trio – Just Honky Tonkin’ Around!
Ricky Fabian – Big Bang Boogie
Rinaldo Alessandrini (Conductor) – Vivaldi: Concerti per archi, Vol. 2
Ring of Fire – Battle of Leningrad
Rino Zurzolo – Live in Concert [Import]
Rivera Rotation – Sunrise & Rainbow [Import]
Rodolphe / Cadiot, Olivier Burger – Psychopharmaka
Rogash – Supremacy Undone [Import]
Roger Norrington (Conductor) – Roger Norrington: The Romantics [Box set]
Rolando Villazon London Symphony Orchestra Antonio – Mozart: Concert Arias [Import]
Ronnie Milsap – Box Set Series [Box set]
Rough Guide – Rough Guide To The Best African Music You’ve Never Heard
Rough Guide – Rough Guide To Arabic Cafe (2nd Edition)
Royal Talons – Royal Talons [Import]
Roy Rogers – King of Cowboys [Import]
R. Schubert – Winterreise
R. Schubert – Schubert Recordings
Ruben – Ruben [Import]
Ruben Blades – Serie Platino
Rules For Making Up Words – ExFriends CD
Run-Dmc – Box Set Series [Box set]
Rüdiger / Global Strings, The Oppermann – Live In Concert – Klangwelten 2012 (+ DVD)
Rüdiger Mund – Kommen Und Gehen
Sabu – Sabu [Import]
Saechsisches Barockorchester (Orchestra) – Telemann: Luther Cantatas
Sam Rivers – New Conception [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Samson Francois – Liszt Hungarian Rhapsodies / Piano Cto [Hybrid SACD – DSD] [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Sannhet – Known Flood
Sarah Hakenberg – Der Fleischhauerball
Saxofourte – Tango Affairs [Import]
Say – Free Fall
Sc – In Dance and Song
Scaremeister – 31 Spirits
Scarlet’S Remains – The Palest Grey
Schubert – Piano Quintets
Schubert – Schubert Impromptus D899 & 935 [Import]
Schubert – Schubert Piano Sonata 13 14 [Import]
Schubert – Schubert Piano Sonata 14 [Import]
Schumann – Schumann Fantasiestucke [Import]
Schumann – Schumann Faschingsschwank Aus Wien [Import]
Schumann – Schumann Piano Concerto / Piano Quintet [Import]
Schweizer – Live in Zurich
Scottish Chamber Orchestra (Orchestra) – Maxwell Davies: Strathclyde Concerto No. 9 and 10
Sean Costello – Call the Cops
Shadow Project – The Original Shadow Project EP
Shadows – Shadows + Out of the Shadows [Import]
Shanren – Left Foot Dance Of the Yi
Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings – Give the People What They Want [Import]
Shauli Einav – A Truth About Me
Shelly West – West By West / Red Hot [Import]
Shelly West – Carryin on Family Names / Frizzell & West Album [Import]
Shirley Bassey – Let’s Face the Music + Born to Sing the Blues [Import]
Shnarph! – Atmen [Import]
S.I.K. – Hältst Du Still?!
Silent Temple – Ruins [Single]
Simcock & Goloubev – Reverie at Schloss Elmau [Import]
Simone Dinnerstein – Bach [Import]
Simon Nicol – Before Your Time [Import]
Simon Nicol – Consonant Please Carol [Import]
Simon/Roadmasters, The Crashly – It’s Only Rock’n’Roll
Sirens And Shelter – Through The War
Sir Mark Elder (Conductor) – Britten to America
Skull Fist – Chasing the Dream [Import]
Sky Ferreira – Night Time, My Time [Limited Edition]
Sleepy Sun – Maui Tears
S. Moniuszko – Bajka Opera Overtures Paria
Snailking – Samsara [Import]
Sniffing Glue – I’m Not Alright
Soloists of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel (Orchestra) – Saint-Saens: Complete Works for Violin & Orchestra, Cello & Orchestra
Sona Eact – Chrome Injected Car Crash Rhythm Boxx
Sonora Santanera – Grandes Exitos De Las Sonoras Con La Mas Grandes
Sons of the Pioneers – Cigareet [Import]
Sorensen – Through the Looking Glass
Soundtrack of Our Lives – Rest in Piece 1994-12 [Import]
Soweto Gospel Choir – Divine Decade
Space Kelly – My Favourite Songbook Vol.2 [Import]
Space Kelly – 3 Ecken 1 Elfer [Import]
Space Kelly – Bist Du Dabei? [Import]
Speedway Blvd – Speedway Blvd [Collector’s Edition] [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Spooky Action – Iron Chic Cassette
Spratley – Orchestral Music 2
Stahlfrequenz – Coma Themes
Stanley Turrentine – Easy Walker [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Stanley Turrentine – Look of Love [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Status Quo – Bula Quo [Import]
Stefano Gervasoni – Dir-In Dir [Import]
Steffens – Madrigale & Balletti
Steve Clisby – Soul Story [Import]
Steve Kuhn – Love Walked in [Super Audio CD – DSD] [Import]
Stillste Stund – Blendwerk Antikunst
Stoa – Zal
Stock Characters – Dead Uncles LP
Straftanz – Forward Ever, Backward Never
Straftanz – Mainstream Sellout Overground
Stratovarius – Polaris & Polaris Live [Import]
Stuttgart Opera (Orchestra) – Wagner: Rienzi
Suicidal Angels – Divide & Conquer [Import]
Supreme Cuts – Divine Ecstasy
S. Veress – Complete Music for String Quartet
Swim Deep – Where the Heaven Are We [Limited Edition] [Import]
Swinging Blue Jeans – Don’t Make Me Over [Limited Edition] [Import]
Swinging Blue Jeans – Blue Jeans a Swingings [Limited Edition] [Import]
Sydney Hodkinson (Composer) – Hodkinson: Woodwind Odyssey
Sylvain Carel – Time & Tide [Import]
Talisman – Humanimal [Import]
Talisman – Genesis [Import]
Talisman – Live in Japan [Import]
Talisman – Talisman [Import]
Talisman – Life [Import]
Talisman – Truth [Import]
Tara Jane O’Neil – Where Shine New Lights
Tavener (Composer) – Tavener: Essential John Tavener [Box set]
Tchaikowsky – Music for Piano 1
Teddy Pendergrass – Box Set Series [Box set]
Ted Nugent – Motor City Mayhem + Sweden Rocks [Import]
Ted Nugent – SONY LEGACY:Box Set Series [Box set]
Tennessee Ernie Ford – Essential Recordings [Import]
//Tense// – Memory
Terre / Zeitkratzer Thaemlitz – Electronics (2)
Tex Ritter – Essential Recordings [Import]
The 1975 – 1975 [Limited Edition] [Import]
The Bermones – Punk EP
The Capaces – Whatever It Is, I’m Against It
The Crüxshadows – Birthday EP
The Crüxshadows – Dreamcypher
The Crüxshadows – The Mystery Of The Whisper (The Deluxe Edition)
The Crüxshadows – Sophia EP
The Daredevil Christopher Wright – The Nature Of Things
The Detonators – My World
The Devil In Miss Jones – 20 Hits From Hell!
The Eternal Afflict – Realict Or Requiem
The Firebirds – Back To The 50s & 60s
The Firebirds – Stars In Stripes
The Firebirds – Live! 20 Jahre Firebirds – Die Jubiläumsshow
The Gaslight Anthem – Sink Or Swim
The Henry Girls – Louder than Words
The Last 3 Lines – New Songs For Old Rites
The Lawrence Arms – Metropole
The Mighty Mocambos – The Future Is Here
The Offenders – Generation Nowhere
The Pack A.D. – Do Not Engage
The Pepper Pots – We Must Fight [Import]
The Pinstripes – Still Kickin’
The Power Station – Power Station [Import]
The Present Moment – Loyal To A Fault [Import]
The Real Mckenzies – Pissed Tae Th’ Gills (Live)
The Ripple Effect – Hybrids
The Salsoul Orchestra – Cuchi-Cuchi [Import]
The Shanghai Restoration Project – The Classics
The Toten Crackhuren Im Kofferraum (Tchik) – Mama, Ich Blute [Import]
The Volunteered Slaves – Day After
Throwdown – Intolerance [Import]
Tilman Finckh – ‘s Bächle-Lied
Tim Harmston – The Most Bees Ever
Tina Teubner – Maenner Brauchen Grenzen Lieder Kabarett Unfug Liv [Import]
Titles – Red City Radio CD
Tokyo Sym Orch – Johann Strauss I & 2 Danube Waves [Hybrid SACD – DSD] [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Tokyo Sym Orch – Dvorak Symphony 9 From the New World [Hybrid SACD – DSD] [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Tom Colletti – Yoga Is Love
Tommy Shaw – Ambition [Collector’s Edition] [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Tommy Tornado – Sunrise
Tony Bennett – The Classics
Tony Bennett – The Classics (Deluxe Edition)
Transatlantic – Kaleidoscope
Transvaal Diamond Syndicate – Estranged Blues [Import]
Travis Caudle – It’s Just You [Import]
Trend – Das Produkt [Import]
Trevor Warren & Abelardo Oquendo Heraud – Migrations [Import]
Tricia Evy – Meet Me
Tripping the Light Fantastic – Is Tripping the Light Fantastic
Tubby Quartet Hayes – Complete Tubby’s Groove [Import]
Turin Brakes – We Were Here [Import]
U.G.F. – Underground Groove Front [Import]
Ulster Orchestra (Orchestra) – Moeran: In the Mountain Country; Rhapsodies; Overture for a Masque
Uncle Tupelo – No Depression (Legacy Edition)
United Continuo Ensemble (Orchestra) – Dolci Sospiri
University of Kentucky Saxophone Ensemble (Orchestra) – Mega Mega
Uschi – Ein Resume
Uto Ughi – Vivaldi: The Four Seasons [Import]
V/A – Wax Packs 7×5 [Single]
Vamps – Wild Heart [Import]
Van Der Roost (Composer, Conductor) – Van Der Roost: Sinfonia Hungarica; From Ancient Times
VARIOUS – Dirty Jeans: The Rise of Australian Alternative Ro [Import]
Various Artists – Sofia the First: Songs From Enchancia
Various Artists – Francoise Hardy & Her Contemporaries [Import]
Various Artists – World Cinema in the 60’s 1 [Import]
Various Artists – One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer [Import]
Various Artists – Matzz Presents Afro-Cuban Blue Compilation [Import]
Various Artists – Mi Scappa La Pipi’ Papa’ [Import]
Various Artists – Charttoppers of the 40s [Import]
Various Artists – Forces Sweethearts [Import]
Various Artists – Melodifestivalen 1958-13 [Import]
Various Artists – Deep Intentions: Deep House Discerning Dance [Import]
Various Artists – Here’s the Answer [Import]
Various Artists – Rush Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Import]
Various Artists – Inside Llewyn Davis [Import]
Various Artists – Fado: Heritage of Humanity 2 [Import]
Various Artists – Where Blues Meets Rock 9 [Import]
Various Artists – Luxury Soul 2014 [Import]
Various Artists – Doing Lines [Import]
Various Artists – Black Orpheus [Import]
Various Artists – Ultra Dance 15 [Import]
Various Artists – Hip Hop-The Collection [Import]
Various Artists – Rock Ballads-The Collection [Import]
Various Artists – Un Boss in Salotto [Import]
Various Artists – Nighttime Lovers 20 [Import]
Various Artists – IMPORTS:80 From Australia [Import]
Various Artists – IMPORTS:
Casa Chic 11-Dancing in the Sun
Various Artists – IMPORTS:Lugna Favoriter 2014
Various Artists – Rough Trade Shops: Counter Culture 13 [Import]
Various Artists – Brass Band Best [Import]
Various Artists – The Motel Life
Various Artists – Tears in R&B [Import]
Various Artists – The Wizard of Oz: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Soundtrack]
Various Artists – All About the British Beat [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Various Artists – Pagan Love Songs Vol. 2
Various Artists – Klangwelten – Festival Der Weltmusik 2013
Various Artists – Come On Soul! Vol. 2 [Import]
Various Artists – Music For Modern Living Vol. 7 [Import]
Various Artists – Indian Dream: Spirit Of Manitou [Box set]
Various Artists – Es Lebe Der Punk 5
Various Artists – Es Lebe Der Punk 6
Various Artists – Wir Lassen Uns Das Dagegensein Nicht Verbieten
Various Artists – Deutschpunkgewitter 2
Various Artists – Es Lebe Der Punk 7
Various Artists – Es Lebe Der Punk 9 [Import]
Various Artists – Es Lebe Der Punk 10 [Import]
Various Artists – Skinheads Gegen Rassismus
Various Artists – Schlachtrufe BRD Vol.9
Various Artists – Deutschpunk Balladen Vol.2 [Import]
Various Artists – Rockabilly Nationals – 20 Svenska Rockabilly-Hits!
Various Artists – Dubstep
Various (Conductor) – Early Years [Box set]
Various (Conductor) – Claudio Arrau: Rarities (1929 – 1951)
Various (Conductor) – The Radio Legacy – Limited Edition [Box set]
Vassily Petrenko (Conductor) – Rachmaninov: Symphony No. 2
Vendemmian – One More Time
Venice Baroque Orchestra (Orchestra) – Porpora & Farinelli – His Masters Voice [Import]
Victor Manuelle – Serie Platino
Vidyamala Burch – Mindfulness Meditaion for Pain Relief [Import]
Vienna Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra) – Piano Concertos
Vladimir Lande (Conductor) – Weinberg: Symphony No.12 ‘In Memory of Dmitry Shostakovich’; The Golden Key – Ballet Suite No. 4
VocaalLab Nederland (Orchestra) – Say I am You (Mevlana)
Vogtland Philharmonie (Orchestra) – Amor [Hybrid SACD – DSD]
Voivod – Warriors of Ice [Import]
W.A. Mozart – Haydn Quartets K. 387 & K. 422
W.A. Mozart – Youn Plays Mozart Sonatas
Wand (Conductor) – Classical Dreams
Warpaint – Warpaint [Import]
Watoo Watoo – Un Si Longue Attente
Waylon Jennings – Box Set Series [Box set]
Wayne Shorter – Odyssey of Iska [Original recording remastered] [Import]
Wayne Shorter – All Seeing Eye [Original recording remastered] [Import]
WDR Sinfonieorchester Koeln (Orchestra) – Ries: Die Raeuberbraut
Welcome To The West Coast – Lionheart CD
Werner Andreas Albert (Conductor) – Graener: Orchestral Works, Vol. 2
Westminster Choir (Orchestra) – Beethoven: Symphonies 9, 1 & 5
Where You Are and Where You Want to Be (Reissue) – On The Might Of Princes CD
Whispers in the Shadow – A Cold Night – Live
Whispers in the Shadow – Laudanum
Whispers in the Shadow – November
Wiebusch – La Cathedrale Engloutie
Wilde Zeiten – Atomparty
Willie Colon – Serie Platino
Willie Nelson – Farther Along
Willie Nelson – Box Set Series [Box set]
Willy Chirino – SONY U.S. LATIN:Serie Platino
Within Temptation – Hydra [Limited Edition] [Import]
W. Kilar – Kilar
Woods Empire – Universal Love [Import]
Woog Riots – From Lo-Fi To Disco! [Import]
Wyatt Funderburk – Aru Natsu No Kioku: Novel & Profane [Import]
ロンダ・クラーク – Between Friends [Original recording remastered] [Import]
今 剛 – Studio Cat Tsuyoshi Kon [Import]
X-Fusion – Beyond The Pale (Lim. Ed.)
X-Fusion – Demons Of Hate
X-Fusion – Vast Abysm
X-Fusion – Ultima Ratio
X. Montsalvatge – Manfred Bric a Brac Simfonia De Requiem
X-Rx – Unmöglich Erregend
X-Rx – Stage 2
Ya Ya Ya – Your Pest Band Cassette
You Me at Six – Cavalier Youth
Young Fathers – Dead [Import]
You Should Be Dead/Can’t Do A Thing – Cutthroats 9 7 [Single]
Youth Brigade – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (live)
Zanko El Arabe Blanco – Powerpopuli [Import]
Zeitkratzer – John Cage (old school)
Zeitkratzer – Whitehouse Electronics [Import] [Limited Edition]
Zeitkratzer – Alvin Lucier
Zeitkratzer – Grand Orchestra [Import]
Zen Circus – Canzoni Contro La Natura [Import]
Zielinski – V Symphony
Zwakkelmann – Zwakkelmania (Live) [Import]

206 – Ein Freundlicher Geist EP (lim.Ed. + Download)
A Day to Remember – Common Courtesy [Import]
Afrobuddha – Zone [Import]
Alan Sport/Kiesgroup/Potato Fritz/Metzger – 20/7″” (Split EP)
Alexander Ebert – All Is Lost Ost
Americo – Americo De America [Import]
Angelo Tinsley – Get Down With Me [Import]
Animic – Hannibal
Apes – Apes-Two Thousand Six/Cold Love [Import]
Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers – Art Blakey & His Jazz Messengers [Limited Edition]
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers – IMPORTS:Caravan [Import]
Ausser Ich – Punkmonium (+CD)
A Wilhelm Scream – Career Suicide
Bad Drugs – I Like EP (+ Download)
Bad Drugs – Old Men Young Blood
Bad Yoga – Low Fat Getting High
Baron Rojo –
Volumen Brutal [Import]
Bar – Nothing Is Going To Be Okay (+ Download)
Beat Spacek – Alone in Da Sun [Single]
Betunizer – Gran Veta
Bibio – Green
Bill Evans – How My Heart Sings [Limited Edition]
Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit [Limited Edition]
Billie Holiday – Commodore Days [Limited Edition]
Black Feet – Back On This Road Again [Import]
Black Raven – Rock In Threes!
Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space – Toxic Terror Trax (lim.Ed. + Download)
Bloodtypes – Just Your Type
Bob Dylan – Desire [Limited Edition]
Born Losers – Born Losers
Boy & Bear – Harlequin Dream [Special Edition]
Boy Division – Pet Sounds Ep [Import] [Single]
Bridget Cooper – (Get Into) The Love Groove (Original Version Pt. 1 [Single]
Bug Attack! – Bug Attack! EP (+ Download)
Bum Khun Cha Youth / Abbau West – Cliquenedition #4 (Split-Single-Reihe)
Bum Khun Cha Youth / Amen 81 – Cliquenedition #5 (Split-Single-Reihe)
Bum Khun Cha Youth / Donkey Princess – Cliquenedition #3 (Split-Single-Reihe) [Import]
Bum Khun Cha Youth/Quasi Zombie – Cliquenedition #1 (Split-Single-Reihe)
Business – Suburban Rebels [Import]
Cannonball Sextet Adderley – Jazz Workshop Revisited [Import]
Capsule / Furnace – Capsule / Furnace (Split-7″”)
Captain Capa – Tote Tiere (Split-Single)
Carsten/Gehirn.Implosion Serene Fall/Vollmer – Major Label Split Serie Vol. 1 (Stern)
Case Conrad – Leikko (+ Download)
Ceres – Luck [Import]
Charlie Parker – Bird and Diz + Charlie Parker + Charlie Parker Wit [Import]
Chet Baker – Chet [Limited Edition]
Chet Baker – Sings & Plays [Limited Edition]
Christopher Komeda – Rosemary’s Baby (Original Score) [Soundtrack]
Cicciolina Holocaust – Vaseline Race [Import]
Clickclickdecker – Den Umständen Entsprechend (Reissue + Download) [Import]
Clickclickdecker – Ich Glaub Dir Gar Nichts Und Irgendwie Doch Alles
ClickClickDecker – Nichts Für Ungut (Reissue + Download) [Import]
ClickClickDecker – Ich Habe Keine Angst Vor… (Reissue + Download)
Clifford Brown – Memorial Album [Import]
__ (Conductor) – Things You Already Know
Cooly G – Hold Me [Single]
Creative Adult – Deep End / Momentary Lapse [Single]
Dagger Eyes – Ii
David Gates – First [Import]
Diane Parker’S Little Accidents – You Can’t Fix Everything [Import]
Die Aeronauten – Hallo Liebe EP
Disrupt – Dub Matrix With Stereo Sound [Import]
Donald Byrd – Royal Flush [Limited Edition]
Dota Und Die Stadtpiraten – Bis Auf Den Grund
Dum Dum Girls – Too True
Dyse – Sag Hans Zu Mir (+ Download)
Eastcolors – Toys/Creeper [Import]
Eazycon – Fear & Pleasure-Retrospective 1980-89
El Bosso & Die Ping Pongs – Tag Vor Dem Abend (lim.Ed.)
Elvis Presley – That’s the Way It Is [Limited Edition]
Emerson Lake & Palmer – Trilogy
Entombed – Wolverine Blues: Limited Green Vinyl [Import]
Eric Bogle – Live In Person
Ernst Molden – Ohne Di
Eroding Forces – Utter Failure
Escalator –
Let There Be Lie
Fai Baba – She’s My Guru (+ Download) [Import]
Falty Dl – Danger [Single]
Feathered Arms – Feathered Arms
Finitribe – Destimony Remixes [Import]
Fleischlego – Die Schweiz 2.0 (+ Download) [Import]
Fly With The Unkindness – Murmurs
For Victory –
Friends of Rock & Roll –
Easy Action
From Monument To Masses –
Beyond God & Elvis [Single]
Front – Front
Fuck Art Let’S Dance!/Tubbe – Maze / Mess (Split-Single)
Gaslight Anthem – B-Sides (LP+MP3)
Geppetto & The Whales – Heads of Woe [Import]
Get to the Chopper – Get to the Chopper [Single]
G.F. Handel – Piano Concertos Op. 4
Gg King – Esoteric Love
Ghost Bikini – Ghost Bikini [Single]
Gnaw Their Tongues & Alkerdeel – Dyodyo Asema (+CD)
Gnaw Their Tongues – Per Flagellum Sanguemque, Tenebras Veneramus
Goddamn Rattlesnake – Be Mine [Single]
Gold-Bears – Something to Think About [Single]
Gone to Croatoan – They [Single]
Good Night Sellout – Plow United
Good Wife –
Good Wife [Single]
Gorath – Apokalypsis -Unveiling The Age That Is Not To Come [Limited Edition] [Import]
Gordan Gano’s Army – Gordan Gano’s Army
Grafzahl – Shaker (+ Download)
Graham Central Station – Mirror [Import]
Grant Green – Born to Be Blue [Import]
Grant Green – Remembering [Import]
Grids – Suits [Single]
Gringo Star – Wish You Well [Single]
Halves – It Goes, It Goes (Forever & Ever) [Import]
Happy Grindcore – Grindcore Swing EP
Hawkwind – Zones [Import]
Hawkwind – Xenon Codex [Import]
Heated Land – The Heated Land (+Download)
Heaven In Her Arms / Cohol – Heaven In Her Arms / Cohol (Split-12″”)
Held Hostage – Get It Today/Held Hostage Split [Single]
Henric De La Cour – Grenade (Lim.Ed./Clear Vinyl) [Import]
Holy Wave – Relax
Hospitality – Trouble (LP+MP3)
I Break Horses – Chiaroscuro
Idjut Boys – Going Down [Import]
Ilvibe – Christopher Rumble Gods Command
Imperial Surfers – 3 Shot EP (lim.Ed.)
Imperial Surfers – 4 Shot EP (lim.Ed.)
IQ – Ever [Import]
Jaws/Luxury – Multicult
Jaya the Cat –
The New International Sound Of Hedonism
Jay W. McGee – Turn Me On 12 [Import]
Jeff/Heartbeats, The Hershey – Soul Music Vol. 1
Jeff/Heartbeats, The Hershey – Santa Claus Is A Monster
Jeremy Enigk – Vale Oso [Import]
Jet Tricks – Daddy Loves A Dancer [Import]
Jj Doom – Butter Ep
Jj & the Acoustic Machine – Somewhere Between Saturday and Sunday
Johann Johannsson – McCanick
john Coltrane Kenny Burrell – Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane [Limited Edition]
John Coltrane – Africa [Limited Edition]
John Coltrane – Wells Fargo [Limited Edition]
John Coltrane – Art Blakey’s Big Band & Quintet [Limited Edition]
John Coltrane – Africa / Brass [Limited Edition]
John Coltrane – Coltrane Plays the Blues [Limited Edition]
John Coltrane – Bahia [Limited Edition]
Jonas Reinhardt – Ganymede [Limited Edition]
Jr. – Ahj
Julie London – Your Number Please [Import]
Julie London – Calendar Girl [Import]
Karizma – Hear & Now [Import]
Kat Frankie – Please Don’t Give Me What I Want (Lim.Ed.)
Kenny Burrell – Cats [Limited Edition]
Kerbside Collection – Cat Whip / Red Stripe (lim.Ed.) [Limited Edition] [Import]
Kirmes – Kirmes (+ Download)
Lambchop – Nixon (LP+MP3)
Last Resort – Way of Life: Skinhead Anthems [Import]
Lauren Desberg – Sideway [Import]
Laurent De Schepper Trio – Kryptos / The Crypt (Kammerflimmer Kollektief RMX)
Les Kitschenette’S – Soundflat DJ Series Vol. 2
Life As A Monument – Go White Bronco
Little Richard –
Here’s Little Richard [Original recording remastered]
Los Retrovisores – Alma Y Pisoton EP [EP] [Import]
Louis Armstrong – Plays W.C. Hardy [Import]
Ludger – Monsignore Krusenotto
Luke Abbott – Modern Driveway [Import]
Major Leagues – Weird Season [Import]
Mama Rosin – A Negro Loco
Manhattan Transfer – Vocalese [Original recording remastered]
Martyrs and Prisoners – Rations
Michael Prophet –
You Are No Good [Import]
Mikrokosmos23 – Als Wir Jung Waren Ist Jetzt [Import]
Miles Davis – Miles Davis Quartet [Limited Edition]
Miles Davis – Lift to the Scaffold [Limited Edition]
Miles Davis – Miles Davis at Carnegie Hall 1 [Limited Edition]
Miles Davis – Miles Davis at Carnegie Hall 2 [Limited Edition]
Mir – Shock Your Moneymaker (+ Download)
Misses Next Match / Keine Zähne Im Maul… – Split
Modern Jazz Quartet – Modern Jazz Quartet [Limited Edition]
Modern Pets – Deformed Kids seven inch recording [Single]
Moop Mama – König Der Stadtmitte
Morrissey – Satellite Of Love (180 Gram 12″ Vinyl Single) [Single]
Morton Subotnick – Silver Apples Of The Moon
Muddy Waters – King Bee [Import]
Muddy Waters – At Newport 1960 [Import]
Mystic Brew – Your Reality [EP] [Import]
Naram – March of the Gremlins [Import]
Nazareth – 2xs [Import]
Nazareth – Fool Circle [Import]
Nazareth – Malice in Wonderland [Import]
Neil Young – Cow Palace 1986 Part 2 [Import]
Neonschwarz/Kobito – In Deiner Stadt / Fangen Spielen (Split-Single) [Import]
Nervosas – Nervosas
Nick/Pimptones, The Pride – Take Care Of My Love [Import]
Nicole Saboune – Must Exist [Import]
One Of Them – Smooth Brain
Oscar Peterson & Stephane Grappelli –
We Get Requests [Limited Edition]
Pink Wine – Pink Wine
Potato Fritz – Propeller EP (+ Flugzeugmodell)
Potato Fritz – Mehrtürer EP
Prong – Beg to Differ [Import]
Puta Madre Brothers – Three Men No Mission
Puta Madre Brothers – Todo El Asunto (incl. Download) [Import]
Pyro One – Ausgezogen Aus Nimmerland
Rampue/Joney – Sonne Park Und Sterni / Elbillharmonie (Split-Sing [Single]
Rampue – Let’s Be Kids Again 12 [EP] [Single]
Rats – C’Est Disco
Ray Charles – Dedicated to You [Limited Edition]
Ray Charles – Ray Charles at Newport [Limited Edition]
Recollected – Small Brown Bike
Ritchie Valens –
Ritchie Valens [Import]
Ronny Trettmann – Gute Alte Zeit (+Tipanic Remix by L.U.K.E. Rich) [Import]
Saiko – Trapecio [Import]
Savages Y Suefo – Remix Ep [Import]
Shall I Say Quoi’s – Shall I Say Quoi
Sicker Man – Vicca Tantrum
Simon/Off – Molecules [Import]
Skambankt – Sirene [Import]
Skinny Puppy – Greater Wrong of the Right
Solemn League – The Beach / The Burden [Import]
Solemn League – Different Lives [Import]
Sonny Rollins – Bridge [Limited Edition]
Sonny Rollins – Moving Out [Limited Edition]
Sonny Rollins – Saxophone Colossus [Limited Edition]
Space Kelly – Bist Du Dabei? / Ich Brauche Freizeit (lim.Ed.) [Import]
Speedtrap – Raw Deal [Import]
Steven R. Smith & Ulaan Khol – Ending/Returning
Steve Strong – Three Hands Tall [Import]
Stevie Wonder – Tribute to Uncle Ray [Import]
Stevie Wonder – Jazz Soul of Little Stevie [Import]
Stock Characters – Dead Uncles
St. Thomas/Schreng Schreng & Lala –
The Cool Song (Split 7-Inch)
Superpunk – Neue Zähne Für Meinen Bruder Und Mich / New Teeth [Import]
Supremes – I Hear a Symphony [Import]
Supremes – Meet the Supremes [Import]
Sushi Boy – Why Not? EP (+ Download)
Syn Error/Adorno – Syn Error/Adorno [Import] [Single]
Tackleberry – Tackleberry
Tackleberry – Additional Time EP
Take Berlin – Lionize EP
Tapper Zukie – M.P.L.A Sessions
Thanatos – Justified Genocide [Import]
The/Caroline Mighty Mocambos – Où Tu M’Emmènes [Import]
The Colourist – Lido
The Confidents – The Confidents
The Detonators – My World
The Dirty Robbers – I Told You So
The Felines – A Man Stuck In Your Mind EP
The Gentlemen’S Agreements – All Good Things EP
The Impellers – Do What I Wanna Do [Import]
The Inchtabokatables – Inchtomanie
The Inchtabokatables – White Sheep
The King Salami/Cumberland 3 – Camel Hop EP
The Last Generation – Just A Chance In Life [Single]
The Lawrence Arms – Metropole (LP+CD)
The Lil’ Mo/Unholy 4 – I’ve Got A Dollar/Save It (lim.Ed.)
Thelonious Monk – Solo Monk
The Montgomery Brothers – Groove Yard [Limited Edition]
The Neatbeats – Dance Room Racket
The Offenders – Sounds From Underground
The Offenders – Berlin Will Resist (Riot 87 in SO36)
The Panic Beats – Rest In Pieces
The Pepper Pots – Now! [Import]
The Pepper Pots – Train To Your Lover
The/Reed, Eli “”Paperboy Pepper Pots – Time And Place EP (+ DVD) [Import]
The Royal Rhythmaires – Shuck And Jive (lim.Ed. EP)
The Skatalites – Walk With Me (lim.Ed.) [Limited Edition] [Import]
The/Smith, Gizelle/Mighty Mocamb New Mastersounds – 102% / Hold Fast [Import]
The Toten Crackhuren Im Kofferraum (Tchik) – Jung, Talentlos & Gecastet (Reissue)
The Unity Sextet – The Unity Sextet [Import]
The/Wasted Youth Oppressed – TRUE REBEL RECORDS (BROKEN SILENCE):2 Generations – 1 Message (Split) [Import]
Tigers Of The Temple – Mental Walks / Lion’s Cape [Import]
Tim & Puma Mimi – Don’t Mess Around With (+ Download) [Import]
Tocotronic – Ich will Für Dich Nüchtern Bleiben [Import]
Torpedo Holiday – Torpedo Holiday (incl. Download) [Import]
Toundra – i
Toundra – IIi
Trouble Orchestra – Graupausen (+ Download)
United Sons Of Toil/Lars Bang Larsen – United Sons Of Toil Vs. Lars Bang Larsen
V/A – Wax Packs
Vanna Inget –
Ingen Botten
Various Artists – Carry on Oi [Import]
Various Artists – Audiolith – Ten Years From Now
Visage – Never Enough [Import]
Wailing Souls – Firehouse Rock [Import]
Wes Montgomery – Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery [Limited Edition]
Where You Are and Where You Want to Be (Reissue) – On The Might Of Princes
Wilko Johnson –
Red Hot Rocking Blues [Import]
Wilko Johnson – Back in the Night [Import]
Yachten / Eklat – Split EP (+ Download)
You Should Be Dead/Can’t Do A Thing – Cutthroats 9

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