Comics: New #1s – 1/21/15


First issues of a comic, like first episodes of a TV show, have a difficult task in front of them. They need to introduce characters, tone and story. Usually they might need to build up an interesting world, and they should end at just the right point to pique your interest. I’ve seen some truly great ones in the last year, so I’ve decided that I’ll review as many first issues this year as I can.

Neither of this week’s #1s are actually completely new. Both of them had other books released, and both of them have film adaptations in the works.

This week’s new releases are Powers and Zombies vs. Robots.


Powers #1 (2015)

2015 marks fifteen years since Powers was first published. Written by Brian Michael Bendis, Powers is about two homicide detectives who work cases involving people with superpowers.

I’ve read a couple issues of various Powers series before, and enjoyed them, but not enough to catch up on all of them, or even stay current on the most recent series.

Powers is a moderately interesting premise, but I have a tendency to get worn out on “cop” material. The artwork is distinctive and stylized, which can sometimes be a positive or negative for me.

Powers’ newest series is a tie-in to a  new television series based on the comic, which will start airing in March.

Overall I found this book interesting, and will probably continue reading.

3 Stars: Will probably continue reading.

Zombies vs. Robots #1

Similarly, Zombies vs. Robots published their first comic ten years ago, followed by several additional spin-off titles. At one point, Steven Spielberg was in pre-production on a film version.

With sparse dialogue, Zombies vs. Robots tells of a post-apocalyptic world where there are only zombies and robots left. A flying drone surveys the surroundings and gets us up to speed on the events that caused this war torn land.

With an interesting premise, I’ll almost certainly be reading more of ZvR

3 Stars: Will probably continue reading. 

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