Comics: New #1s – 1/14/15


First issues of a comic, like first episodes of a TV show, have a difficult task in front of them. They need to introduce characters, tone and story. Usually they might need to build up an interesting world, and they should end at just the right point to pique your interest. I’ve seen some truly great ones in the last year, so I’ve decided that I’ll review as many first issues this year as I can.

There was only one new #1 that I was interested in last week: Star Wars.


Well, here it is, the best selling comic book of the last twenty years. Or maybe of all time. When Disney bought Star Wars, they handed the reigns of Star Wars comic books to Marvel, who they also own. After declaring that all the previous comics that came before never really happened, they have started releasing their own brand new Star Wars comics.

And so this first series, simply titled Star Wars, is set after A New Hope, and features all of your favorite old characters. It is written by Jason Aaron, and features our rebel heroes posing as Hutt negotiators, infiltrating an Empire weapons manufacturing planet.

I don’t think I need to say much about this book. If you’re interested in Star Wars, you’ve probably already bought this and read it twice. I found it a very interesting read and hopefully a good omen for the massive amount of Star Wars media coming out in 2015.

4 Stars: Will definitely continue the series.

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