“Breakfast” By Tiger (Kiss It All Goodbye) – Imperial Drag (1MS#000005)


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“Breakfast” By Tiger (Kiss It All Goodbye) – Imperial Drag

I fell in love with this song because it sounds like some glammed up Led Zeppelin outtake (“Houses Of The Holy“, if that earworm is really bothering you), with a great hook and a drum beat that I can’t stop drumming along to.

Its lyrical content is just as catchy, as the song title comes from a book called Why Cats Paint. Inside the book you’ll find a painting called “Breakfast“, painted by Tiger.




Written By: Eric Dover & Roger Joseph Manning, Jr.
Vocals, Guitar: Eric Dover
Keyboards, Vocals: Roger Joseph Manning, Jr.
Bass, Vocals: Joseph Karnes
Drums, Vocals: Eric Skodis
Producer: Brad Jones & Roger Joseph Manning, Jr.
Studio: House Of Blues Studios – Hollywood, CA
Record Label: The Work Group


Original Release: Imperial Drag – Imperial Drag
Original Release Date: 1996.05.07

Additional Releases:

2005 – Demos


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