ASFAD: The Centrifuge Brain Project (2012)


A Short Film A Day
The Centrifuge Brain Project
directed by Till Nowak

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Some things are better seen without knowing anything about it, and 2012’s short film The Centrifuge Brain Project is definitely one of them.

Watch this 6-minute short film, and then meet me below to talk about it.

Pretty great, huh? I know fake documentaries are kind of passe, but I couldn’t get enough of this short. Leslie Barany’s delivery is perfect, selling the lie so well.

While The Centrifuge Brain Project could just be seen as a commercial for director Till Nowak’s fantastic low-budget special effects, I think it also does a great job showing his fantastic directorial choices here. At the start, with just the interviews, it just seems like something is just a little bit off (“did he say 6 Gs?”), and it takes one-third of the  running time until the first effect comes in, and the jig is up.

The Centrifuge Brain Project has played at nearly 100 festivals (their faux-website for the actual Institute For Centrifugal Research, is a little out of date), and won dozens of awards. Here’s hoping we see more films from director Till Nowak soon.


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