ASFAD: Multi-Facial (1995)


A Short Film a Day
by Vin Diesel


Short Films are extremely important to us, which is why one of our top priorities this year is covering a short film every day. While we’re starting the first thirty days on the site with fairly well known short films, we would like to get as many submissions as possible quickly. If you or someone you know has made a short film, please contact us at 

It’s Saturday, dear viewer, so hopefully you’ve got time for a longer short film; this is one of my favorites.

To me, few artists have failed to live up to their starts the way Vin Diesel has. After being frustrated trying to find work as an actor, he wrote, directed, produced, acted, and even did the music for this 20-minute short film, Multi-Facial.

The strength of Multi-Facial got the film into The Cannes Film Festival, as well as landing him a role in one of my favorite war films, Saving Private Ryan, in a role written specifically for him by request from Steven Spielberg. It also helped get him get cast as a voice in one of my favorite animated films, The Iron Giant.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel like he lived up to such auspicious beginnings. His filmography is filled with mediocre to bad films, bottoming out at the one-two punch of The Chronicles of Riddick and The Pacifier. Still, I have a huge soft spot in my heart for him, and I hope once the offers for massive action movies (Hello Guardians of the Galaxy) slow down he’ll do work as personal as this one.

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