ASFAD: La vie d’un chien (2005)


A Short Film A Day
La vie d’un chien
by John Harden


Short Films are extremely important to us, which is why one of our top priorities this year is covering a short film every day. While we’re starting the first thirty days on the site with fairly well known short films, we would like to get as many submissions as possible quickly. If you or someone you know has made a short film, please contact us at 

Good artists copy; great artists homage. We’re probably a month away from covering Chris Marker‘s amazing short film, La Jetée, a post-apocalyptic (mostly) photo-montage about time travel, which was loosely adapted by Terry Gilliam as the film 12 Monkeys.

John Harden has created an homage to La Jetée, in his short film La vie d’un chien. Like Chris Marker’s film, it is made up almost entirely of still photos (they both have one video clip, see if you can find it!) with voice-over in French. They both have science-fiction elements. Unlike La Jetée, this film is about a man who turns himself into a dog.

La vie d’un chien premiered at Slamdance 2005, and went on to play dozens of festivals, including Sidewalk, Nashville, Ann Arbor, LA Film Festival and the touring collection ResFest.

John Harden also wrote and directed a hilarious short film called The Story Of Sputnik, and is currently hard at work on a short film called New, which I am anxiously awaiting.


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