ASFAD: A Ninja Pays Half My Rent (2003)


A Short Film a Day
The A Ninja Pays Half My Rent
by Steven K. Tsuchida


Short Films are extremely important to us, which is why one of our top priorities this year is covering a short film every day. While we’re starting the first thirty days on the site with fairly well known short films, we would like to get as many submissions as possible quickly. If you or someone you know has made a short film, please contact us at 

Yes, that’s two days, two different Ninja short films.

A Ninja Pays Half My Rent is a very funny short film that stars Timm Sharp as a man who gets a ninja for a roommate, and all of the quirks and problems that are to be expected.

This short was all over in 2003, playing Sundance, SXSW, RESFest and Sidewalk (Audience Award).

Timm Sharp has since appeared in Enlightened, as well as ‘Til Death. Director Steven K. Tsuchida is currently directing Inside Amy Schumer.

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