Another year, another relaunch.


2015 is finally over, so it’s once again time to start working on this website. For those that don’t know me personally, I work in the wedding industry, so usually half of my year is too busy to keep up on the site, and the other half of the year I’ve got plenty of time to try to write as much as possible.

Last year was particularly rough, because we sold our house, lived in a hotel for two months, (with two toddlers and a dog), bought a new house, and moved in. It looks like I dropped the site at the end of February, and just never had time to pick it up again.

One new thing I’ve already done is get a new logo, courtesy of www.artconist. I’m currently working on an update to the layout, so things might look weird the next couple of days.

Another is that I’ve got a new writer, named Elizabeth, who will hopefully be contributing soon.

Hopefully we will get on track shortly and have lots of content in the new year.


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